Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leonard Cohen Doesn't Have A Problem Writing About Penises - He & The LA City Attorney Think Exposing One's Penis To A Female Personal Manager Is Perfectly Acceptable Conduct In La La Land

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Date: Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 6:07 PM
Subject: Leonard Cohen's The Favorite Game
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Leonard Cohen obviously doesn't find writing about someone holding a penis obscene.  He and the City Attorney merely think sexual harassment, and exposing me to his penis, is annoying to him.  I cannot tell you how pathetic that is.  Isn't exposing yourself to someone illegal?  Of course, Streeter concealed the context of this insanity.  Do you think someone would be annoyed by this?  I think exposing your penis to me, looking at people defecating on people on the internet (and I told people about this at the time and was concerned about what my children could view on the internet), and hearing absolute insanity about Lorca Cohen's comments that her father molested her (as TOLD by Freda Guttman to Ann Diamond), and sex with a 16-year old nanny, etc. deeply disturbing.  I started my card company to get away from this man and, at a certain point in time, refused to be alone with him.  He grew increasingly unhinged and the presciption meth (he discussed with Sylvie Simmons) didn't help.  How was that my common plan and scheme?  I just spoke to an attorney who asked me to send him the evidence I have, understood I wasn't served, and Cohen has concealed the fact that I own the IP.  He seemed to understand the reality of this situation.  So, what was the City Attorney doing and why was Streeter copied in on so many emails from Gianelli to me and my sister.  It is unconscionable.  It is criminal harassment, witness tampering, witness intimidation, an attempt to obstruct justice, etc.  

The City Attorney spoke to Gianelli on March 13th?  Did the City Attorney speak to Gianelli about me.  I want that investigated. This situation is now insane and that is the word being used. People are alarmed by the City Attorney and calling them crazy.  Do you know why?  Because they are.

All the best,

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One of the most horrifying moments in Leonard Cohen's oeuvre occurs in his novel The Favourite Game, when the young protagonist, Lawrence Breavman hypnotises Heather, the house maid. He has her undress and hold his penis, exulting in his magical prowess, then has her dress and forget everything. Excitedly, he rushes through the de-hypnosis process, but in his haste, he fails to completely release her suspended psyche.

Three hours later he heard laughter from the basement and thought that Heather must be entertaining friends down there. Then he listened more carefully to the laughter and realised that it wasn't social.

"He raced down the stairs. Thank God his mother was out. Heather was standing in the center of the floor, legs apart, convulsed with frightened hysterical laughter. Her eyes were rolled up in her head and shone white. Her head was thrown back and she looked as if she was about to fall over."

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