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Leonard Cohen And The IRS

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To the IRS Commissioner's Staff,

Please review Gianelli's latest post.  It is all about the IRS and Leonard Cohen.

All the best,

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 10:01 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello Francisco,

Would you kindly read Gianelli's utterly inane and absurd public posts below.  One thing I want to speak to you about - the outrageous breach of attorney/client privilege with respect to one of my trial lawyers.  Gianelli is posting about this and bragging essentially. I want that addressed with the appellate court and have brought it to the attention of Judge Vanderet as well.  Vanderet ran the Stalinesque Show Trial and may be used to LA Confidential.  

All the best,

Blogger Blogonaut said...
Kelley Lynch writes:

“Francisco and I agree - my trial is really an IRS case that demands an investigation. I wonder why Gianelli is now lying online about Francisco Suarez. My trial lawyer was clear - the prosecutor is attempting to sabotage you and the IRS and the DA doesn't want the Spector verdict overturned.”

1. As to the latter assertion, I spoke to your “trial lawyer” Ms. Lynch and he believes no such thing. Your defenders made a judgment call that it would be in your interests to humor you on this subject and attempt to gently steer the defense focus to more realistic theories rather than bluntly trying to disabuse you of these foolish ideas – which are quite frankly the product of mental illness. There was a perception that you are in “total denial” of the state of your mental health. I agree completely.
The fact that one of my trial attorneys violated attorney client privilege (which I did NOT waive) and spoke to Gianelli is a legal outrage.  It shocked Joel Lofton, Supervisor LA Public Defenders office.  Really?  One of my trial lawyers - who wanted to tie Cohen to Gianelli in this trial (and we discussed the email Streeter/Cohen raised that did NOT related to Cohen but was used against me) made a judgment to humor me by telling me that the City Attorney attempted to sabotage the IRS and me and the DA had an investigator in the courtroom - while Cohen testified about Phil Spector and a gun (NOTE - the City Attorney continues to conceal the email she received from Cohen that impeaches his Phil Spector gun testimony) - in order to humor me.  Gianelli is a completely out of control and dangerously unstable individual who will lie about anything.  

2. Francisco Suarez no more believes that your criminal prosecution in 2012 for harassing Leonard Cohen “is really an IRS case” than Judge Enichen believed your 2009 Colorado civil harassment trial was an “IRS case” – as she told you point blank during that hearing. (See linked transcript of the 2009 Colorado hearing, page 6, lines 16-25: “THE COURT: You went to the IRS. I want this to be very important for you to hear. MS. LYNCH: Yea, I’m listening. THE COURT: This hearing—MS. LYNCH: Yea. THE COURT: --is only about the safety of the Plaintiff. It isn’t about the IRS for example.” .) No lawyer or judge could ever believe that a court proceedings related to a state court protection order or related to the alleged violation of that order, including state court misdemeanor proceeding, is really “an IRS case”, because its wacky shit that only a mentally ill person could ever believe.
Stephen Gianelli has never heard from Francisco Suarez but repeatedly emailed him and, I believe, attempted to infiltrate my appeal.  That's his M.O. - he attempts to infiltrate and tries to sabotage matters.  Francisco Suarez believes that my trial was an IRS case that demands an investigation and wrote me an email regarding that issue.  Judge Enichen did tell me she would be distressed if she were me and I disagree on that issue - that matter was an IRS matter.  Sure.  Leonard Cohen flew in from Europe where he was on tour and flew back to pick up his tour because he feared for his safety.  He testified at my intent to annoy trial that it was due to a concert he was giving in Denver.  That concert was 10 months later and I do not believe I was anywhere near Boulder at the time.  Leonard Cohen's lawyer, Robert Kory, had just threatened Ann Diamond over her article for Rolling Stone and THAT is what led to his outrageous and preposterous flight from Europe to perjure himself in another court of law.  See my Motion to Quash that Streeter understood was served on Cohen's lawyers.  Evidence was attached thereto.  

3. When you reported Leonard Cohen for alleged tax fraud in 2007 you were hoping that the IRS would step in and Cohen would be vanquished, and that all present and future disputes related to you and Leonard Cohen would be converted to “IRS matters” that only the IRS could adjudicate – hopefully in your favor. But that was a product of mental illness, not anything tethered in reality. And the reality that some people you imposed your wacky theories on appeared to go along with you to get you off the phone, or to avoid a crazy scene, or to manage you at trial, as a client, or as a jail inmate does not change that fundamental truth.
Leonard Cohen appears to have another cover story going now.  I reported Cohen to the IRS because my lawyers advised me that the corporate returns had to be amended (which they cannot - these are shell companues and the fraud on the companies and returns is outrageous) or I had to go to the IRS.  I was used horrendously and provided the IRS with an abundance of evidence.  Vanquished?  Cohen cannot live in Canada because of his tax and residence problems.  He had a 1977 tax memo advising him that he did not have to pay taxes wherever he had residences (U.S., Canada, and Greece).  It cautioned him NOT to have a green card and I believe that's why he abandoned his green card after Marty Machat's death in 1988 and began abandoning off-shore accounts, advising Sony that a contract was inadvertently assigned to a corporation, requesting his accountant (hired while a client of Marty Machat's) resolve the issues with his numerous social security numbers, etc.  As Cohen told me - he re-obtained a green card a few years after abandoning his because the IRS doesn't ask where you paid your prior year's taxes and Canada Revenue does.  As Steven Machat advised my public defenders (and it is in my attorney notes) - Cohen uses corporations to evade taxes.  
Gianelli is a stark raving lunatic, aligned with Leonard Cohen, and someone Investigator Frayeh/DA's office viewed as a "shady character" who may have found a sympathetic ear with Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson about me.  He has relentlessly targeted me, members of my family and others, since hearing from Cohen's lawyer - Michelle Rice - in 2009.  Leonard Cohen uses operatives like this.  See Susanne Walsh who is pals with Gianelli/Blogonaut on his blog, has relentlessly slandered me on the internet, and also targeted me and my family.  It's how Cohen functions.  Speak to Ann Diamond.  
March 25, 2013 at 8:39 PM