Monday, May 23, 2011

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Varinsky also assisted the government with the Spector trial. He would not say whether Trials & Tribulations would be considered when putting to­gether the retrial, but he acknowledges that most of the blogs are pro-prosecution. Still, he describes true crime bloggers, with no relation to the cases they write about, as “nutcases with no lives.”

Regardless, Varinsky believes that prosecutors gen­erally don’t read blogs about the cases they’re prose­cuting and doubts a prosecutor would ever blog about an ongoing case.

NOTE: Paul Huebl, Crime File News, informed me that the LA District Attorney's Office was all over his blog during the Phil Spector trials. Read "Alan Jackson Is A Jackass" -


Caroline said...

Jackson a jackass? You bet he is!
He needs to convict Spector and add another notch to his belt and blossoming DA career. It seems there is no level too low for Alan Jackson to stoop.

This past Wed., 7/18/07, Mr. Jackson misled the witness with false statements trying to discredit evidence that Ms. Clarkson shot herself.

Judge Fidler should have already called a mistrial or been removed for his BIAS!

The Spector trial is a travesty of justice and I fear Phil Spector, an innocent man, will go down as compensation for the unpunished crimes of OJ and Robert Blake.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson Vs Mike Nifong

"prosecutorial misconduct" and violated the civil rights, THE CALIFORNIA_ STATE BAR INVESTIGATION AGAINST ALAN JACKSON