Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Email To Jon Weisman, Variety

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From: Kelley Lynch
Date: Tue, May 24, 2011 at 8:55 AM
Subject: Phil Spector
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Hi Jon,

Should be an interesting film. Phil Spector is a friend of mine and I also worked for him from 1988 through approximately 2002. I saw him after
the Clarkson incident and he described what happened that evening: Clarkson, high on booze and alcohol, was dancing around in his foyer, waving
a gun, and singing "Da Doo Run Run," prior to shooting herself. This was clearly the same conclusion that five major forensic scientists concluded
but the Los Angeles DA (embarrassed over their OJ/Blake losses) had to nail a celebrity. It is my belief that Phil Spector was set up. I am happy
to note that David Mamet concluded that Phillip was innocent. I also happen to believe that Leonard Cohen may have perjured himself in Phillip's
grand jury and definitely made an appearance in the prosecutors' motion - although they left out the fact that he has a serious history of mental illness,
drug and alcohol abuse, and felt vindictive towards Phillip for drowning his vocals and refusing to remix the album. That's partly why I believe
Cohen embellished the tired yet "de riguer" gun stories (many never reported at the time but what appear to be groupies and gold diggers who
crawled out of the gutter for Phillip's sham set up trials). I managed Cohen for approximately 17 years. He retaliated against me, by filing an utterly
vindictive and entirely fraudulent, lawsuit against me because I reported his egregious criminal tax fraud to the IRS and others. I have now learned
that the DA's office may have lost or concealed a complaint I filed with their Major Fraud Unit with respect to Cohen's theft of millions from me and
his tax fraud. Perhaps they want to keep this narcissistic fraud and thief credible. Leonard Cohen has also stolen from Phil Spector, Marty Machat,
Steven Machat, and probably record producer Bob Johnston. If you're interested in the gory details, please read the attached draft article for
Rolling Stone. Cohen threatened the journalist over this story.

Glad to see such interesting actors are on board for the HBO film about Phil Spector. The rotten Lifetime gangsters from the DA's office have
used slander, bully tactics, and malicious gossip to render Mr. Spector unrecognizable. This is how the thugs at the LA DA's office leveled the
playing field against Phil Spector. Judge Larry Fidler played a large role in that - as Phillip's appeal clearly addresses. I was dragged into Phillip's
matter, told I was probably a witness, and have never experienced such thugs as I have encountered at the DA's office. They have literally
threatened to arrest me for requesting that they return a letter Phil Spector wrote me after Clarkson shot herself at his house. They were very keen
to conceal the fact that Baby Doll Gibson noted that Clarkson was a prostitute who played kinky games with guns and Steve Cooley's buddies
may make an appearance in Baby Doll Gibson's little black book that Larry Fidler successfully prevented from being entered into evidence. I
think it's safe to assume that Gibson knows Clarkson worked for her.

All the best,
Kelley Lynch

Bette Midler joins HBO Films' Spector project

In-development pic adds Tambor to Pacino-led cast, Mamet directing

Bette Midler has signed on for a lead role on HBO Films' in-development Phil Spector film, which stars Al Pacino and is being written and directed by David Mamet.

Jeffrey Tambor has also joined the cast of the film, which will explore the relationship between music producer Spector and defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden (Midler), who represented Spector during his first trial for murder.

Tambor, returning to the network where he played Hank Kingsley on "The Larry Sanders Show," will play Bruce Cutler, also an attorney on Spector's defense team.

Mamet and Pacino are exec producing with Barry Levinson, who directed Pacino in 2010's "You Don't Know Jack," which won two Emmys (including lead actor in a miniseries or movie for Pacino) and was nominated for 13 others.

Assuming the project gets a greenlight, this would be Midler's most high-profile TV movie appearance since CBS' "Gypsy" (1993), for which she was Emmy nominated.

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Attached Ann Diamond's draft article and transcript of my conversation with Steven Machat re. Cohen's theft, etc.