Monday, May 23, 2011

Justice! LA Confidential Style - Concealment, Witness Tampering, Judicial Misconduct, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Probable Juror Misconduct

Anonymous said...

Regarding Psychological Mechanisms and an Illusive Critter - The Truth.

If you were in Punkin Pie's shoes and if the Lana Clarkson family lawyer and others tampered with you in a criminal investigation by telling you to withhold information about Lana Clarkson’s suicidal thoughts heard a few days before she died. What would you do in that situation that is if you were able to throw off this oppression later?

If it is true that Punkin Pie had initially been oppressed by others into keeping Lana Clarkson's suicidal thoughts to herself then Pie may have initially gone along with the story of Spector's alleged guilt for a year or more.

But once Pie set herself free of her oppression in having to keep silent and cover up what her best friend Lana Clarkson had said to Pie days before Lana Clarkson died - then it is possible that at the trial Pie was too embarrased to admit that she initiallly had made disparaging remarks against Spector in front of him.