Saturday, March 26, 2011

Leonard Cohen's Good Rock 'N Roll Comments About Phil Spector

Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On

Leonard Cohen

"That happened at a very curious time in my life because I was at a very low point, my family was breaking up, I was living in Los Angeles which was a foreign city to me, and I'd lost control, as I say, of my family, of my work, and my life, and it was a very very dark period ... so you were slipping over bullets, and you were biting into revolvers in your hamburger."

Cohen's comments about Phil Spector have become increasingly embellished over the years. See one of Cohen's original interviews re. working with Phil Spector - Stephen Holden, Rolling Stone 1978.

"I say these things not to hurt him. Incidentally, beyond all this, I liked him. Just man to man he's delightful, and with children he's very kind. But I would also like him to pick up ROLLING STONE one day and see that he was urged to reconsider his approach to recording by a man who knows him well and who has suffered because of his failure to allow things to breathe."

NOTE: Leonard Cohen did not and does not know Phil Spector well. He worked with him for approximately 3 weeks in 1977. Phil Spector found the entire ordeal utterly depressing.