Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hunt For Dr. Henry Lee - Dr. Michael Baden & Bill Pavelic


"....After years of grabbing negative headlines for losing the OJ Simpson double homicide case and other celebrity trials, involving the same three participants, it was inevitable and predictable that the Los Angeles criminal injustice system via Robbery Homicide Division would administer their personal vendettas against me, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael Baden. That moment arrived in 2007 when music mogul Phil Spector was charged with the murder of Lana Clarkson. Revenge by the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division against three former members of the O.J.Simpson's "Dream Team" would be a "MF"and "MF" didn't stand for Mark Fuhrman...."

"....Exposing the truth is never in the interest of those who suppress it and eliminating three members of the O.J. Simpson's "Dream Team" would have to be executed with precision by the Los Angeles Police Robbery Homicide Division and their protectorate, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office...."

"....The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division in the Phil Spector's (2007) murder trial embarked on a mission to intentionally frame me, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael Baden, in a manufactured and bogus "obstruction of justice" crime. The architects of this conspiracy involved Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon and Robbery Homicide Detective Victor Pietrantoni...."

".... Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon, got the judge to creatively, albeit injudiciously, grant the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division authority to "investigate" the circumstances of the missing evidence and assigned this case to Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) investigator Victor Pietrantoni, a friend of Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon and Anthony Pellicano...."

"....What a "happy coincidence" that this case would end up in the lap of Detective Victor Pietrantoni a RHD STUD who was nicknamed "Casanova" because of his steamy relationship with a high ranking Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney. Detective Victor Pietrantoni is just one of many LAPD officers who are incestuously connected and or married to members of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, The City Attorney's Office and or to the jurists assigned to the Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts. Consequently, allowing Victor Pietrantoni to conduct an impartial obstruction of justice investigation was tantamount to allowing the fox to investigate who broke into the hen house...."

"....Instead of convening the Grand Jury to investigate the false allegations manufactured by the District Attorney prosecutors, which were revolting, contemptible and based on perjurious witnesses, the Judge relied on a page from the "Spanish Inquisition" and used his black robe, minus the hood, to lunch a personal, vicious, unethical, and unrelenting televised smear campaign against Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Michael Baden, and Investigative Consultant Bill Pavelic. The judicial objective (payback) had one purpose in mind; to publicly humiliate and destroy the professional reputation of the "Dream Team" participants....knowing it could be accomplished with impunity while hiding behind judicial immunity...."

"....It should come as no shock to anyone in Los Angeles, especially the judiciary, that dishonesty was compulsory in much of Robbery Homicide Division (under Chief Daryl Gates) and that my old colleagues at the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles District Attorneys Office have shown an affinity of using the grotesque Robbery Homicide Division to dispense their own form of perverted justice through patently rigged and self serving investigations...."