Friday, March 25, 2011

Leonard Cohen Pathetically & Shamelessly Threatens Ann Diamond

Leonard Cohen, who appeared to grow increasing disturbed by the truth - including over fact that I reported his criminal tax fraud to the IRS and over Freda Guttman's allegations that he molested his daughter, legally threatened Ann Diamond over a truthful accounting of the facts between the two of us (and as they relate to his shameless appearance in Phil Spector's matter). At this precise moment in time, he took the extraordinary step of flying into Boulder, Colorado - falsely accusing me of numerous things, which caused people to assume that he was insane. It certainly seemed that way to me. That's why I personally asked the judge to make the fraudulent restraining order permanent. I viewed it as just one more attempt, on Cohen's part, to prevent me from successfully communicating with him about the forensic accounting I've requested consistently since 2005 as well as amending my federal tax returns that he fraudulently and - no doubt - illegally altered with his fraud lawsuit, perjury, and highly problematic default judgment. I suppose that's why he then had to employ others to slander me on the internet, target me, my sons, family, attempt to blackmail my sister and her husband, and it goes on and on ad nauseum. His threats with respect to me continue as well.

Kelley Lynch