Monday, September 5, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to DOJ & Senate Judiciary Re. the Perjury Used to Support Cohen's Order in Colorado & The Appeal Brief

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 10:02 AM
Subject: Cohen's Fraud Domestic Violence Order
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DOJ and Senate Judiciary,

I am working on my Opening Brief re. Cohen's fraud domestic violence order and LA Superior Court's novel legal theory that I was obligated to confront it when I was unaware of it.  I wasn't served or notified of the new order.  It's problematic as is the VAWA fraud, etc.  I'm reviewing the documents Cohen submitted to the Boulder Combined Court.  He felt I should be excluded from the "family home."  What is this individual talking about and how extensive are his fantasies about me?  He believes sexual harassment and indecent exposure are dating and thinks we had a "family" home together?

Cohen's declaration is filled with perjured statements which I will now address in a schedule I am preparing for DOJ and Senator Grassley.  Cohen testified that he was concerned I would attend his concert.  That is so far out that I really have nothing to say.  The concert was scheduled for a year after this man's extraordinary flight into Boulder in the midst of his European tour.  Cohen did raise the SWAT incident but testified that he knew nothing about it and mentioned some reference to it that he read my alleged emails. 

Did I call Leonard Cohen "deranged" and a "fraud?"  Well, he thinks we were in a dating relationship and believes he is entitled to steal from me and corporate entities.  What should I call him?  A religious sage?  He lied about sitting Sabbath the entire time I knew him.  I recall it once when Leon Wieseltier visited.  Maybe he's developed new habits since attending Temple with the justices from LA Superior Court, etc.  My friend did run into him there and he tried to dazzle her and her sisters with his stories about the "Yom Kippur" war.  His giving the Sieg Heil on stage in Germany does undermine the "Yom Kippur" war stories a bit.  My friend from Germany just freaked out about it and noted that he should have been arrested.  For some reason the incident "charms" journalists.  

I have said that I reported allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud to IRS.  He submitted evidence to the City Attorney that proved that fact.  See IRS Binder.  

Did Cohen want to address the FBI's investigations into the Aryan Nation?  So did the City Attorney evidently.  I view it as interference with an investigation and witness statements, including very serious statements from a "witness," and criminal witness tampering.  Of course, Cohen testified that my alleged emails to FBI about the Aryan Nation situation didn't involve him.  He just perceived it as a threat.  Leonard Cohen is a professional liar.

My email to Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, hearsay entirely and unauthenticated, stating that my behavior is well-tempered is a threat.  On what planet?  I know what reasonable parents have told me and think about this situation.  Is that a crime for people to express their opinions to me?  

What does Phil Spector have to do with all of this?  I suppose it involves the co-conspirators' insertion of extraneous materials into emails terrorizing my sons; posting slanderous statements online; and the DA and City Attorney's alignment with Cohen (during my trial) and interest in eliciting statements about Phil Spector and a gun.  That's why Cohen now has three versions of his Spector gun story before LA Superior Court.  He fantasizes about men holding guns on him and that includes Castro's forces.  In reality, people don't believe Castro's forces arrested, interrogated, and then HUGGED Cohen.  

I took an interest in articles slandering me.  That's because people sent them to me.  Perhaps Cohen should cease and desist.  Cohen's statements about why I went to Colorado are utterly preposterous and outrageous.  It had to do with Rutger's horrifying Whole Foods accident and my friends inviting me to visit.  These people will say anything.  

I have utter disdain for LA Superior Court and their reliance upon fraud and perjury to enter judgments, orders, and verdicts.  Do they want to be glorified over that situation?  How revolting.

Did Cali and Colorado law enforcement advise Cohen to threaten Ann Diamond over her article and then make a desperate trip to Boulder in the midst of his European tour because he feared I might attend his concert a year later?  How positively enlightening.  Did they also advise Cohen to provide me with the IRS required tax and corporate information and stop slandering me everywhere?  

I am now preparing a schedule that I will submit to DOJ and Senator Grassley addressing all of Cohen's perjury in this declaration vis a vis the VAWA fraud.  I can assure you that I didn't advise Boulder Combined Court that entering a judgment based on fraud and perjury was acceptable.  I told the judge that I thought Cohen and his lawyers were insane.  I stand by those words.  


P.S.  I'll focus on my "headings" in this AOB.  I will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court re. any adverse decision and that includes with respect to "headings"  They should hear my cases.  Cali's out of control.