Monday, September 5, 2016

According to the California State Bar, Judge Bryant-Deason IS A Judge, Not A Paralegal, Who Ordered Us To File Our Case Management Statements Last Week

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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

Let's look at the Criminal Stalker's latest attempt to elicit information about his client, Karina Von Watteville.  I have countless emails from this criminal advising me that he represented her in the "defamation" case.  Gianelli is referring to the following post on my evidence blog.  I think the criminal stalker wants to talk about "Alan Jackson.

We filed our case management statements last week because Judge Susan Bryant-Deason ordered us to.  I was a personal manager for 17 years but this individual is a judge.  I double checked with the California State Bar.  See below.  I've also sent you the notes of the hearing.  KVW's case management statement does not address what the case is about.  It, as is true for Gianelli & Co., attempts to insert extraneous, slanderous matters into the case.  If Paulette Brandt and my case management statements do not aid the court at this time, why did the judge order us to file them last week?

The criminal stalker has been advised to cease and desist, yet again.

NameStatusNumberCityAdmission Date
Bryant-Deason, SusanJudge93416Los AngelesOctober 1980



This person is currently serving as a Judge of a court of record and is not considered a member of the State Bar while in office. The only information provided for attorneys currently serving as judges is: (1) name (2) city (3) State Bar membership number (4) date of admission to The State Bar of California. (See Constitution of California, Article VI, Section 9)

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