Monday, May 16, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS Re. LA Confidential's Celebrity Justice Program, Due Process Violations & Fraudulent Judgments, Orders, Verdicts, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, May 16, 2016 at 2:54 PM
Subject: Re: B265753 - Cohen v. Lynch [ Trial Court Case No: BC338322 ]
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I have just received the augmented record from LA Superior Court re. the sealing of documents.  Would you like to explain why LA Superior Court - who does not have jurisdiction over the corporate entities at issue - continues to maintain that corporate records are the personal property of Leonard Cohen's?  That appears to be what the order represents to some degree.  The alter ego continues to argue that corporate assets are his; corporate documents are his personal property; and LA Superior Court issued a writ of possession that does not extend to the corporations.  It's very hard to follow this insanity but Cohen is a celebrity and he has been able to obtain a fraudulent default judgment, used that to commit further tax fraud and obtain fraudulent tax refunds, and the court provides fraud DMV orders with which to engage in witness tampering and discredit people.  LA Superior Court also has a rampant problem with service, fraud, perjury, and so forth.  I am now preparing my appeal in this case - including as it relates to the sealing of Pacer documents, etc. - and the motion for terminating sanctions  (fraud upon the court) that LA Superior Court has conveniently mischaractered as a motion to reconsider.

On another note, I am preparing state bar complaints, a letter to each member of the Senate Finance Committee re. the federal tax issues (including the use of a fraud DMV order to prevent me from requesting/obtaining IRS required tax and corporate information and the VAWA funding issues related to that matter) and will file a response to Karina Von Watteville's baseless, retaliatory lawsuit on Thursday.  I intend to send the Answer to her Complaint to ICE as well as LAPD's TMU and the Justice Integrity Unit of the DA's office.  I also intend to send my RICO Complaint against Leonard Cohen to the DA's Justice Integrity Unit.


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From: McClintock, Eva <>
Date: Mon, May 16, 2016 at 10:15 AM
Subject: B265753 - Cohen v. Lynch [ Trial Court Case No: BC338322 ]
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