Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to Alan Hootnick Re. The Stalker, Leonard Cohen, IRS, and Phil Spector

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 9:17 AM
Subject: The Stalker
To: alan hootnick <>

Alan Hootnick,

I sent a cease and desist letter to Stephen Gianelli, Robert Kory, and Michelle Rice.  I am of course being harassed over that as well as letters I’ve written to Senate Judiciary, IRS, FBI, and DOJ.  Some of those letters were posted on my blog.  Stephen Gianelli has taken it upon himself to harass me over my blog and posts.  I am enclosing the emails below.  Gianelli has copied you on a number of them.  He has written me that he copies you because you are his friend and it “pleases” him to do so.  This is a man who has relentlessly stalked and harassed me, my sons, family members, friends, and – of course – Paulette Brandt.  None of us know who he is.  I am aware that he had a blog dedicated to the Phil Spector case.  Michelle Blaine and Sprocket posted on that blog.  At some point, Blaine and Gianelli targeted my blogs and email accounts.  Blaine publicly thanked Gianelli for inspiring that incident.  After allegedly hearing from Kory & Rice (Leonard Cohen’s lawyers) in the Spring of 2009, Gianelli, Susanne Walsh (Cohen’s fan), and others have relentlessly targeted me, my family, and friends.  Gianelli also uses monikers to target us.  Some of those monikers are:  Kelly Green, Mongochili, Sydney, 14th Sheepdog, and 17th Shizu.  He creates monikers like this and finds his unconscionable activity amusing. 

I know Napa Valley relatively well.  I happen to believe it is entirely possible that Gianelli knew the Clarkson family.  That might explain his outrageous obsession with Phil Spector’s case, emails to Ed Lozzi and Gary Spector (with me copied in), connection to Michelle Blaine, and so forth.  Investigator William Frayeh concluded that Gianelli may have found a “sympathetic ear” about me with DDA Alan Jackson.  I do not know Alan Jackson and have been clear with DOJ and FBI that I personally believe the Spector prosecutors should be investigated.  This clearly caused DA Steve Cooley himself to retaliate against me.  He has a pattern and practice of retaliation.  I have no idea if Lana Clarkson was born in Long Beach or lived in Angwin, California.  I do know that Baby Doll Gibson has said that Lana Clarkson worked for her.  Baby Doll Gibson is a Madam and should know who worked for her.  I also know that Vanity Fair ran a piece on the Spector trial that raised disturbing issues about the Clarkson family.   That article noted that [Donna] Clarkson worked at a winery in Napa.  As you know, Gianelli has an interest in wine.  The Vanity Fair article goes onto address the fact that the Clarkson family lived on a commune, mentions huge amounts of LSD being consumed, and the fact that Lana Clarkson was accidentally served her childhood pony – as a meal – by commune members who decided to freeze the meat.   I personally find it shocking that members of the commune served this woman – as a child – her pony and she ate it.  In fact, I have never heard anything like that in my entire life.  I also know that Clarkson’s friend – who the DA didn’t feel was an appropriate friend (in keeping with their glorification scheme) – said the following in a Daily Beast interview: 

“She called me bawling her eyes out,” said Laughlin in a recent interview. “She was so downtrodden. This town was destroying her. She was crying and said, ‘I am getting a gun. I hate the town and I hate the people and I am going to blow my brains out.’”

Stephen Gianelli has harassed me relentlessly over matters related to the 9th Circuit Court, my appeal there, and the fee waiver application.  I will therefore address that with the 9th Circuit and copy IRS as they are a party to the Tax Court matter.  The Tax Court matter involves another “fraud upon the court” issue with Leonard Cohen.  Cohen views corporate assets as his own.  Many of Gianelli’s harassing emails are already before the 9th Circuit.  They may wonder why some regular guy, who doesn’t have motive, is utterly obsessed with issues related to Phil Spector, Leonard Cohen, IRS and federal tax matters, as well as my sons. 

I have nothing further to say about KVW.  She will be counter-sued and the situation has been well documented.  If the woman mentioned me in a lawsuit, I can assure you I have a counter-suit.

Kelley Lynch

 Excerpt of Vanity Fair Article – Lana Clarkson:

“Lana,” says Beardsley, “was a sweet girl who really loved that little foal, and she was totally devastated after it happened. Donna was so furious she refused to speak to the people who were responsible. She got a job at a winery in Napa after that.”

The Dead, Carlos Santana, the wild flamenco dancers from another commune down the road, and scores of day-trippers would stop by and ignite spontaneous parties. The area was then the world capital of LSD, and there was a lot of acid tripping going on. Hidden at the back of a kitchen shelf was a black jar holding a hockey-puck-size mass of the now-mythical concoction of LSD known as “Orange Sunshine”—all of which was eventually consumed.

W hen she turned 14, they mated her horse, Breeze, with one of the commune’s horses—a large, papered white Arabian stallion named Kief. Lana and the other local girls hung around the corral, looking on with fascination as the horses coupled. Not long after its birth the foal stepped into a posthole, snapped its leg, and had to be put down. Some of the commune members decided to freeze the meat and serve it at a party at a nearby ranch, where Lana accidentally ate her own horse.

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