Monday, January 4, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS, FBI & DOJ Re: The Criminal Stalker's Christmas Vacation

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I have compiled Gianelli’s criminally harassing emails since December 27, 2015.  He starts off by harassing me over his Mexican holiday.  Attached to the December 27, 2015 email is an alleged photograph of Gianelli in front of a plane  As I do not know this criminal, I have no idea if this is actually him or whether or not he is in Mexico.  What is on Leonard Cohen’s operative’s mind?  I think he is blatantly transparent but let me provide you with my thoughts on this ongoing unconscionable harassment, attempts to elicit information, witness tampering, etc.

On December 29, 2015, Gianelli forwarded a message that was sent to me and his email address.  This email relates to my Tax Court Petition.  That is now under appeal with the 9th Circuit.  What I plan to do at this point is to prepare documents, for the Appellate Division and 9th Circuit with respect to all emails harassing me over these respective matters.  I think the respective courts should review this evidence and draw their own conclusions.  The three supplemental filings with Tax Court will be part of my appeal.  Tax Court specifically referred to these supplemental filings in its decision.  I will address the jurisdiction issues directly with the 9th Circuit.  The 9th Circuit understands that Tax Court has jurisdiction over fraud upon the court.  Gianelli then moves onto harass me over my federal RICO suit.  These emails will be submitted to the federal court.  I will let federal court know that my appellate attorney, who was harassed by Gianelli for over a year, instructed me to forward these harassing emails to IRS, FBI, and DOJ.  I will also submit Francisco Suarez’s letter informing me that he views my trial as a federal tax case related to Leonard Cohen and believes IRS should investigate.  There was no reason to submit that to LA Superior Court or the Appellate Division as it relates to federal tax controversies.

On December 29, 2015, copying in Alan Hootnick, Gianelli wrote to advise me that several courts have “lifted language right out of” his emails to me.  That would include the “ticket to the tax court” court.  Judge Hess evidently “adopted an entire paragraph from one” of Gianelli’s emails when he addressed me orally at the June 2015 fraud upon the court motion hearing.  I have no  idea if that’s true.  If Judge Hess is quoting Gianelli, the situation is far worse than even I personally can imagine. I am being harassed and so are many others.  Please review my sons’ declarations, signed by them personally, and submitted to numerous courts.  They will be submitted to federal court together with the declarations Cohen accused me of forging and fabricating as well as the original pages signed by the declarants and their limited powers of attorney authorizing me to conform their signatures.

On December 29, 2015, Gianelli wrote to advise me that “these judges are adopting” his reasoning. 

On December 29, 2015, Gianelli wrote to advise me that I brought him into my affairs.  That is a blatant lie.  Please review the articles on his blog, my original comments and posts, and all of his slanderous articles, posts, online activity, and harassing emails.  People have gone to law enforcement about this criminal’s conduct, had their lawyers advise him to cease and desist, and my sons addressed his criminal harassment (which has gone on for approximately 6-1/2 years) in their declarations.  He has harassed and stalked my elderly parents, sister and brother-in-law, appellate attorney, friends, other family members, Scientist, and has harassed, stalked, slandered, threatened, and intimidated Paulette Brandt.  Gianelli has also engaged in egregious witness tampering with every witness who has submitted a declaration to various courts.

On December 31, 2015, the Scientist forwarded me a harassing email Gianelli sent him.  The Scientist was on Gianelli’s Blind Distribution list and received his December 29, 2015 email sent at 11:45:12 – 0800.  The Scientist asked me to inform Phil Spector’s attorneys that he would like to testify for him.  He has been targeted by gold diggers and one woman attempted to commit suicide at his home.  He recorded her threatening to “frame” him for murder.  That recording was sent to IRS, FBI, and DOJ.  The same woman pulled this with a member of the band Fishbone.  That is more likely Gianelli’s reason for harassing Scientist and, of course, he attempts to elicit information and infiltrate matters.

On January 2, 2016, Gianelli sent me an email advising me that “many psychiatric patients” accuse others of being crazy.  This was in response to a question I posed to members of his family asking if this man has serious psychiatric problems.  I have asked IRS, FBI, and DOJ to investigate the King Drew situation.  The file does not relate to me.  Gianelli enclosed a thread of his emails with Alan Hootnick.  He informed Hootnick that his brothers in law are a police chief and deputy U.S. Attorney.  I suppose he’s threatening me with these individuals.  The situation with Cooley and Streeter will be addressed in my RICO suit against the City and County.  I have been quite clear about that fact.  I didn’t attempt to link Gianelli to the Mafia, Gianelli has written me and others that he has Mafia connections and issued not so veiled threats about using his Italian connections to target me. 

On January 2, 2016, Gianelli wrote attempting to elicit information about King Drew.  The institution was shut down by the federal government and Social Security Administration felt the use of someone else’s SSN was criminal and advised me to bring it to the attention of law enforcement.  I brought it to the attention of IRS, FBI, and DOJ.  I was taken to UCLA because I was rear-ended on Mandeville Canyon Road, knocked unconscious, suffered head trauma, and my small dog later died after slamming into the console.  The man’s insurance company contacted me to ask if I would testify against him and informed me that he lied to the police about the accident.  The police visited me in the ER and advised me that they received a call that I was rear-ended.  When I attempted to address this with the DA’s office, Cooley’s investigator told me to advise FBI Denver “Merry Christmas” although I didn’t mention FBI.  Gianelli has now advised me to pass along the same message to FBI.  I have addressed the SWAT incident.  It was addressed extensively in Rutger’s declaration.  And, it will be addressed in my federal RICO suits.  No one asked me to come out of the house other than when LAPD “tricked” Rutger into asking me if I wanted a cigarette.  I did exit the house.  I also had my girlfriend, an expert witness, phone LAPD who never explained why they were at my house; advised her to ask me to come out of my house; and simply told her to have me call them if I wanted further details.  LAPD advised Rutger that my dog was my hostage and they were taking precautions.  There was no hostage and LAPD willfully disregarded that fact.  I’ve asked IRS, FBI, and DOJ to investigate.  Cohen perjured himself when he testified that I phoned the police and wrote that in a 2005 email.  No such email exists.  I have Lindsey’s declaration confirming that he phoned the police.  UCLA was 8 minutes from my house so nothing explains why I was taken to King Drew, three hours from my home in traffic, and questioned about Phil Spector en route.  The doctor didn’t agree with LAPD and promptly released me.  This issue was used to coordinate a custody matter.  Cohen and Kory provided a declaration filled with false and perjured statements.  I have forwarded IRS, and others, Daniel Scheid’s email confirming that he has evidence related to criminal witness and evidence tampering that involves Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, Steve Lindsey, and others.  I discussed this at length with Denver FBI.  The Duty Agent and I also discussed, when he phoned me, the fact that I should be careful with evidence.  That is why I would like IRS, FBI, and DOJ to obtain that evidence.

On December 31, 2015, Gianelli wrote to ask “What, no press release?” and harassed me over the Tax Court matter.  That matter does not relate to someone else’s settlement.  Leonard Cohen stole $1 million from a corporate entity and failed to inform IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office that, as of 2003, the Traditional Holdings, LLC transaction had closed.  He feels entitled to steal and/or embezzle corporate property.  The default judgment and fraudulent ledger are evident of that fact.  Cohen, who included me on federal tax returns re. TH, testified that my ownership interest in TH was a “mistake” that he and his personal tax and corporate lawyer secretly “rectified” in hindsight.  That is an issue being addressed in my federal RICO suit because it means the 2001, 2002, and 2003 federal tax returns, K-1s, etc. are evidence of fraud. 

On December 25, 2015, and these emails are not necessarily enclosed in chronological order, Gianelli continued to harass me over various legal issues related to me, Cohen, and federal tax controversies.  He enclosed my email to Mr. Fabian, IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office.  Gianelli was not copied on that email; is solely advised to cease and desist; and is obsessed with my blog.  He was “responding” to this blog post.   

On January 3, 2016, Gianelli wrote that the fraudulent default judgment, in a case where I was not served, will be recognized by every court of law in the U.S.  A legal judgment does not involve theft, suspended corporations, or wrongfully convert an individual’s property to another based on fabricated narrative, perjured statements, and fraudulent financial ledger.

On January 3, 2016, Gianelli responded to my cease and desist email of 5:05 PM.    He wanted to advise me that the federal district court won’t care about the harassment any more than Judge Hess or Tax Court did and referred to me as an “idiot.”  His conduct is growing increasingly deranged and aggressive. 

On December 25, 2015, Gianelli wrote to harass me about Phil Spector.  He wanted to discuss Spector’s trial and defense witnesses.  He also appeared interested in Leonard Cohen’s three bullshit versions of the Spector gun incident now before LA Superior Court.  Cohen’s testimony contradicts the version Spector’s prosecutors used in motions submitted to LA Superior Court and, if Mick Brown was correct, which were submitted to the Grand Jury – either as testimony or statements.  Gianelli descended on Truth Sentinel and argued that Clarkson’s DNA was not on the ammunition and the gun was Spector’s.  These are blatantly false statements.  Clarkson’s DNA was on the ammunition and the gun was not Spector’s.  Bruce Cutler was clear about that fact.  Gianelli, who used me to contact Cutler and infiltrate Spector’s legal matters, will now have to call Cutler and ask him to marry him if he wants to infiltrate further using me.  I have personally addressed Gianelli and this unconscionable conduct with Phil Spector.  I believe Gianelli is attempting to argue that Cohen’s statements were immaterial.  Leonard Cohen’s statements about Phil Spector are repeated in nearly every single article written about either of them.  Phil Spector cannot stand Leonard Cohen, refused to mix the album with him, and has sent me emails about Cohen’s relationship to “taxes” for years.  Leonard Cohen has now stolen from me, Machat & Machat, and Phil Spector (according to Machat who negotiated the original album contract with Sony/Columbia and confirmed with Sony not that long ago that Cohen sold Phil Spector’s master tapes to Sony).  I have no idea if Phillip had a cross bow but I know this for a fact – Leonard Cohen is an inveterate liar, fabulist, and embellishes stories for the media, jurors, in legal documents, etc.  Stephen Gianelli does not know Phil Spector, me, or the people he is criminally harassing. 

On December 27, 2015, Gianelli wrote to harass me over my emails to the Russian and Cuban governments.  I wrote the Cuban government, and specifically President Fidel Castro, because I would like to interview him for my book.  I want to know what he personally believes about Cohen’s Bay of Pigs stories that include statements that Cohen was arrested, taken to a Cuban jail, interrogated, and released after they confirmed that he was not part of the first landing party related  to Bay of Pigs.  Cohen’s statements include details about 12 or so men holding guns on him.  Cohen has fantasies about stumbling into revolutions, joining the Israeli military, and having guns pointed on him.  Does Mossad believe Cohen was joining the Israeli military?  Do they like a man who gave the Sieg Heil on stage in Germany?  That defies logic and reality.  Cohen also attempted to start a riot in Israel while he was high on acid.  Steven Machat owns that footage.  Cohen stole the film “Bird On A Wire” from Machat who was able to get it back after Frank Zappa’s manager saw it at Iron Mountain storage.  I think the point of view of various intelligence agencies is of interest.  That’s why I’ve asked CIA for an interview.  That would include with respect to Cohen’s own statements that he participated in CIA’s MK ULTRA program.  Who I write is none of this criminal’s business.  Steven Segal is permitted to meet with FSB, arrange for members of our Congress to meet with them, but it’s problematic if I write FSB?  I don’t believe that’s true and CIA is copied in so there is no confusion whatsoever.  I am dealing with chronic liars who will say and do anything.  Homeland Security advised me that they felt, as did my attorney in Colorado (a former Deputy District Attorney), that the DA of Los Angeles might conceivably be behind SWAT/King Drew.  Actually, David Moorhead was convinced that the DA had the power and motive to do this and didn’t think the cops acted on their own.  If FBI, CIA, or Homeland Security have anything to say to me, you know where to find me.  I am wondering why Leonard Cohen and Adriano De Souza have green cards based on their conduct.  After all, Cohen cannot reside in Canada due to tax and residence problems.

On December 26, 2015, Gianelli wrote in response to my letter to President Castro and wanted to discuss my friendship with Oliver Stone.  Gianelli does not know us but wants to know if I’ve heard from Oliver Stone.  Gianelli clearly wrote the “bloody stump” email, uses monikers such as Kelly Green and 17th Shitzu, and targeted Oliver Stone.  So did Leonard Cohen who falsely accused me, to my son’s father, of having sex with Oliver Stone to stir up a custody matter.  It’s no one’s business who I communicate with or see.  This is merely an attempt to elicit information.  Perhaps Cohen would like to know what movie studio executive I just discussed his insanity with and the fact that he thinks he is going to prevent me from writing a book.  Also, the fact that he stole intellectual property from me via default judgment, etc.

On December 29, 2015, Gianelli wrote to harass me over his vacation.  Evidently, his wife – a shopper – is tolerant of this conduct.  That would include her husband’s targeting of my sons, elderly parents, sister and brother-in-law, and others.  Therefore, one can assume her husband is being paid for his work. 

On December 29, 2015, Gianelli wrote in response to this blog post.  He wanted to inform me that my complaints are “time barred.”  He also wanted to address issues like res judicata, issue preclusion, lack of federal court jurisdiction to attack a state court judgment, lack of “fresh economic damage,” the litigation privilege.  Of course, Gianelli has no idea what my RICO suit will actually address so this is merely an attempt to elicit information and dissuade me.

On December 29, 2015, Gianelli wrote to harass me over Tax Court, my appeal to the 9th Circuit, and wanted to dissuade me from communicating with Mr. Fabian, IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office.  This situation has been addressed ad nauseum.

On December 30, 2015, Gianelli wrote in response to a blog post email that confirmed that I will wait to hear from the 9th Circuit.  Gianelli would like to insert “Bruce Cutler” into this situation because he wants to contact Cutler and infiltrate Phil Spector’s legal matters.  He should call Cutler and ask him to marry him.  I’ve been quite clear about that fact.  I don’t care about Cutler.  Gianelli would like to discuss IRS and State of Kentucky “opinions.”  He has publicly lied that Agent Tejeda exonerated Leonard Cohen.  I didn’t fail to respond to Cohen’s lawsuit.  Cohen failed to serve me.  He prefers to be unopposed.  That permits him to use fraud, perjured statements, and litigation misconduct to obtain judgments, verdicts, and orders while slandering me to the news media.  Leonard Cohen is clearly a desperate man.  Gianelli continues to argue and defend Leonard Cohen’s legal positions.  He is an unofficial member of Cohen’s legal team who has harassed, stalked, etc. me and others since hearing from Kory & Rice in May 2009.  Rice was clear – she gets “rich” off Gianelli’s criminal harassment and provocations.  My sons were clear – Rice was copied on emails terrorizing them. 

On December 30, 2015, Gianelli responded to a blog post stating that this situation with Cohen is far from over.  He wanted to insert extraneous information into his harassment.  That’s part of his M.O. and this was used against me during my alleged trial.  The fraud upon the court in the Colorado federal court case (Natural Wealth vs. Cohen and Kory) is being addressed in my RICO suit.

On December 30, 2015, Gianelli wrote in response to the following blog post.  The jurors were misled.  In fact, they were lied to and the prosecutor elicited perjured testimony.  I have no idea if the judges are star struck and could care less.  I was never served Cohen’s retaliatory lawsuit. Gianelli then threatened me for his client, Leonard Cohen, over my book and any potential “inheritance.”  I’ll throw the book online for free or just give it to a movie studio as I mentioned to a studio executive last night.  Somehow I don’t believe Cohen will target that individual.

On December 31, 2015, Gianelli wrote with respect to the following blog post.  He wanted to harass me over Tax Court, the appeals, and my RICO suits.  He also evidently wants to talk about Cohen, Bergman, Lindsey, Kory, Rice, and other issues.  He can speak to them as he has done for years. 

On December 30, 2015, Gianelli wrote that he is not arguing Cohen’s legal positions.  The statement is positively laughable. 

On January 1, 2016, Gianelli wrote to harass me over my emails to the Senate Judiciary.  He has previously lied to Senate Judiciary about me.  He routinely lies to IRS, FBI, and DOJ.   Gianelli’s email related to the following blog post.

On January 1, 2016, Gianelli and Von Watteville decided to criminally harass me over Tax Court and federal tax controversies related to Cohen.  After Von Watteville phoned Robert Kory, she ended up represented by Gianelli and together they defrauded Paulette Brandt of $6,700 in rental arrears.  I don’t know the woman but she is evidently spying on me for Gianelli.  Unfortunately for them, I don’t hang out where she does – at the food bank.  I stopped by one time when Paulette Brandt visited a friend who volunteered there.  Von Watteville believes the Tax Court matter involves money for me.  She informed me that she didn’t know Leonard Cohen.  She clearly smells cash.  Please see the legal documents in the Sam Menning case.  She appears to target elderly men. 

There are other harassing emails enclosed that I do not have time to review.  This criminal is desperate, appears unhinged, and out of control.

All the best,


Attached:  Criminal Stalker's Harassing Emails