Monday, September 21, 2015

The Criminal Harassment Over Leonard Cohen & His Lawyer, Michelle Rice, Continues. The City & County of Los Angeles Appear to be Running A Celebrity Justice Program.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 7:44 AM
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Mike  Feuer and Mayor Garcetti,

The criminal harassment with respect to Leonard Cohen and Michelle Rice continues.  I would like to point out, once again, that many residents of Los Angeles continue to be harassed.  That includes, but is not limited to, Rutger Penick.  Michelle Rice has used obscenities in her emails to Stephen Gianelli.  Those emails (see link) appear to be classic cover your ass letters.  I have been criminally harassed by Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh (Cohen's fan), and others, and I will note that Michelle Rice was copied in on many of those emails - including ones targeting both of my sons.  Stephen Gianelli has publicly stated that he heard from Michelle Rice in May 2009.  Since that time, his criminal harassment has been relentless.  In fact, it appears that Rice is very clear that Gianelli has intentionally provoked me.  That might explain the targeting of my sons for over six years.  As a parent I find that unconscionable - particularly as my younger son was a minor when this harassment began.  Please review Rutger and Ray's declarations if you have any questions.

Paulette Brandt has been relentlessly harassed as well.  Many witnesses, who have submitted authentic declarations, have been targeted, harassed, insulted, stalked, and intimidated.

I have no idea where Rice lives or how much her house is.  I did not purchase a $2 million house.  That was the value of my home when Cohen intentionally bankrupted me, stole from me, and withheld commissions due me.  I was under the impression that theft and embezzlement were crimes.  Anyone can go into court, lie, submit perjured documents, fail to serve someone, and obtain a fraudulent default judgment.  However, that judgment has been used to obtain fraudulent tax refunds from IRS and FTB and was used to defend Leonard Cohen re. the allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud.  I personally do not believe the City or County of Los Angeles is in a legal position - or has legal authority - to argue before jurors that any IRS matter is a "ruse."  The federal tax matters that have been implicated will be addressed in federal court.  I would like to advise you, and you may verify this with IRS (by reviewing my tax account statement submitted to LA Superior Court) that Cohen has willfully failed to provide me with IRS required 1099 for the year 2004 and other corporate, tax, and financial information.  I have no idea what Cohen rectified (secretly and in hindsight) with respect to my ownership interest in Traditional Holdings, LLC but it is illegal and his corporate/tax lawyer prepared the returns that included me as a partner.

Leonard Cohen has also stolen from Machat & Machat.  Steven Machat is quite clear about that and informed me that he planned to sue Leonard Cohen over that issue.  He also requested all evidence that belonged to Machat & Machat.  Some of that evidence was illegally seized when Leonard Cohen lied to LA Superior Court and the Sheriff's Department.  He abandoned his paperwork at my house for over a year; made no attempts to pick it up (and was advised by my lawyers to make arrangements to pick up his property), and seized it once he and his lawyers understood I planned to ship it to IRS in Washington, DC.  Please feel free to review the transcript of Steven Machat & my transcript.  This was part of the thread of the February 14, 2011 email Rice sent me.  She lied about many things in that email.  That would include her obscene statements that IRS requires me to use LA Superior Court's discovery process to obtain IRS required information from Leonard Cohen or the corporate entities I have an ownership interest in.  As with the April 18, 2011 email thread, that information was concealed from the jurors.  The jurors were lied to and that would include with respect to the assets owned by Traditional Holdings, LLC.  Leonard Cohen borrowed/caused to be expended approximately $6.7 million from TH alone.  He signed agreements promising to repay his loans within three years at 6 percent interest.  His decision to reneg on all agreements does not mean that his conduct is legal.

I'm not sure what the point about Rice's house and money actually is.  Does Leonard Cohen have a problem paying Rice now?  Your prosecutors would probably be impressed that Cohen, Rice, and Kory flew on a private jet to obtain the fraudulent Boulder, Colorado order, no?  That must sound fabulous to sycophants and celebrity adoring government employees.  You appear to be running a celebrity justice program.  I haven't identified a clause in the U.S. Constitution devoted to celebrity justice.  It must extend to protecting Leonard Cohen when he lies to agencies such as LAPD's TMU.  I personally was under the impression that was known as obstruction of justice.  

Anything goes with this crowd because they understand that their lies, perjury, fraud, theft, embezzlement, harassment, intimidation tactics, and other conduct work before LA Superior Court and with the local government of Los Angeles.  And they also understand that the local government of Los Angeles will lie for them and to jurors.  That'[s entirely clear.

Kelley Lynch

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From: Stephen R. Gianelli <>
Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 12:49 AM

Ms. Lynch,

I have no logical or legal need to “distance myself” from Michelle Rice – a woman BTW who has expressly stated, in writing, that she has literally gotten “f*&king rich” though opposing Kelley Lynch in court. We are already polar opposites.

Nor is Michelle Rice the kind of person I would have anything in common with whatsoever, or that I would ordinarily give the time of day to  (to put it mildly).

Ironically, would appear that she is the second female agent in Cohen’s life to live in a $2M Los Angeles home funded with his money.

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