Saturday, May 9, 2015

Criminal Stalker Stephen Gianelli's Vicious Ongoing Attack On Napa Valley Attorney Chuck Morse

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, May 9, 2015 at 4:09 PM
Subject: Fwd:
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Stephen Gianelli,

Cease and desist  I am uninterested in your psychotic rants and slander.  You have relentlessly targeted me, my sons, many others, and are now engaged in egregious criminal witness tampering with respect to nearly everyone who has provided me with a declaration in Case No. BC338322.

I've copied Chuck Morse on this email since you are slandering him to me.  You are now representing a woman who is attempting to defraud Paulette Brandt of $6,700 after a judge ruled in Paulette Brandt's favor.  You are arguing directly with the Small Claims Court which is unlawful.  Karina Von Watteville is attempting to obtain a house from the estate of an elderly man.  You have relentlessly lied about me and yet Leonard Cohen has stolen from me and embezzled approximately $6.7 million from at least one corporate entity.  He personally collected royalty income re. assets belonging to a corporate entity.  I find it insane that you would write about an elderly man and I think you are lying through your teeth.  I've suggested - to IRS, FBI, and DOJ - that they should investigate this Napa Valley case and your targeting of attorney Chuck Morse who is evidently a pillar of his community.  You, on the other hand, boast about your familial Mafioso connections.  You refuse to confirm whether or not your Mafia connections include Arthur Gianelli.  Does Arthur Gianelli like low life hoodlums?  I think the Mafia itself should issue a disclaimer about you.  I am, after all, Italian and have witnessed hoodlums like you in my life.  As I noted, your alleged wife looks like a mob moll.  I am not certain why you sent me her photograph but I assume it was just meant to annoy and harass me.  It must be interesting to be married to a hoodlum who spends 24/7 targeting another woman, her sons, elderly parents, sister, friends, and others.

I don't care about your yuppie scumbag interests or shopping habits.  It's terribly nouveau riche and embarrassing.  The Greek government should do themselves a favor and deport you.  I don't think Mr. Morse engaged in shoddy representation of anyone.  I think you're a proven and inveterate liar with motive.  As I've said, I believe you're moonlighting for the Spector prosecution, argue Spector prosecution theories online, and serving as an unofficial member of Leonard Cohen's so-called legal defense team.  I think any teenager could come up with one lie after another.  Most people put an end to that type of conduct but LA Superior Court seems to condone fraud and perjury.  

I am advising you to Cease and Desist, criminal.  As someone just noted - the energy you are putting into criminally harassing, stalking, intimidating, and threatening me and my witnesses proves that the stakes are highs and the lows are inconceivably vile.  

As I've said, call your buddy Cutler and threaten him with your so-called Mafia connections.  My roommate dated Dennis Lepore so we remain unimpressed.  

For the record, Linda Carol's You Tube account was taken down.  I have contacted Google's security team because you, Michelle Blaine (who stole $1 million from Phil Spector and publicly congratulated you for targeting my blog and email accounts), and Susanne Walsh (Leonard Cohen fan) targeted Phil Spector's Facebook page.  This is one of your M.O.s.  So is witness tampering, slander, intimidation tactics, and attempting to infiltrate people's defenses.  While you like Bruce Cutler, I am a friend of Phil Spector's and have heard from him.  I have been very clear that I believe you contacted Bruce Cutler (using me as a pretext) to infiltrate Spector's defense.  I stand by my three letters to Cutler and have been clear with Phil Spector about that.  I tend to doubt he would agree with you, a Crimnal Stalker, that he didn't have a right to know that Cohen publicly aligned himself with former DA Steve Cooley and, after the prosecutor elicited testimony based on Cohen's perjury that he was a recipient of my April 18, 2011 email to Dennis Riordan, a Phil Spector and a gun incident.  Since the Grand Jury legal adviser instructed me to contact Phil Spector's legal representatives about Cohen's three versions of the Spector gun story before LA Superior Court, and Judge Fidler's law clerk advised me to write the DA (and copy in Judge Fidler), I tend to doubt this matter can legally "annoy" Leonard Cohen.  Mick Brown, UK Telegraph, reviewed the Spector Grand Jury testimony and Cohen's statements/testimony were presented to the Grand Jury.  They were also used in prosecution motions available on LA Superior Court's website.

Do not contact me again, Criminal.

Kelley Lynch

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Date: Sat, May 9, 2015 at 12:16 PM
Subject: RE:
To: Kelley Lynch <>

PS: Since you presume to spout off about a court case you know nothing about, here is the 33 page statement of decision following a 10-day trial. I did not “target” Attorney Charles G. Morse, although he failed to protect his sick, disabled 93 year old client, and sold him out for a $2,500 fee paid by a disinherited heir who used her role a caregiver of a sick and dying man to coerce him into invalidating a 23 year old estate plan within months of his death. The heir, went so far as to make the decedent write bad checks on an account she knew was closed (he was legally blind) so the checks would bounce and she could then falsely accuse her own sister of “stealing” $300K in cash, when in fact not a penny was missing. Morse when so far as to tear up estate planning documents and quitclaim deeds in his client’s presence, only to tape them back together and record them without his clients knowledge to benefit the daughter who paid his fee.

Rather, Mr. Morse positioned himself between me and  the relief my client was seeking – restoring her rightful 100% title to $3M in real property. Not unsurprisingly, given his shoddy representation of the decedent, he got run over.

I proved all of this through hundreds of hours of depositions, subpoenaed documents, bank records, and highly skilled cross examination. And in so doing I righted a great injustice.

No Ms. Lynch, I have not “fallen”, I am simply reaping the rewards of my hard work and processional success and a life well managed.

You have fallen far, and a few years ago I was hoping you would get help and move on. Now I see that – although you suffer from personality disorders – you are not “crazy” at all, just sociopathic, angry, jealous, histrionic, narcissistic, entitled, vindictive and mean.

I therefore look forward to the next installment of your journey toward rock bottom. Trust me when I say that day is coming.

Date: Sat, May 9, 2015 at 10:24 AM
Subject: RE:
To: Kelley Lynch <>

In the case you reference, in a 33 page statement of decision and following a 10-day trial, a very experienced trial judge found that a 93 year old man was forced, shaking and crying, to sign probate documents that he did not want to sign and that his lawyer, Charles G. Morse, failed to represent him competently or loyally and then deceived him by tearing the trust documents in his presence but secretly taping them back together at the office.

Through my efforts a school teacher was restored to her rightful inheritance.

I was a San Francisco lawyer, as the Napa Register article clearly states.

And yes, the days of million dollar fees are behind me – I am retired, but hardly fallen.

I was fortunate enough to retire at a relatively young age and enjoy my waterfront home on Crete, travel extensively, and pursue whatever interests me – all without ever having to work again.

I fly business class, drive a new Mercedes Benz, and wear Armani and Louis Vuitton.

I would not call that “fallen” at all. You HAVE fallen a long way, however.

From: Kelley Lynch [] 
 Saturday, May 09, 2015 7:41 PM
 Stephen Gianelli; *irs. commissioner; Washington Field; ASKDOJ; : Division, Criminal; Doug.Davis; Dennis; MollyHale; nsapao; fsb; rbyucaipa; khuvane; blourd; Robert MacMillan; a; wennermedia; Mick Brown; glenn.greenwald; lrohter; Harriet Ryan; hailey.branson; stan.garnett;; Feedback;; mayor.garcetti;

Stephen Gianelli,

 Is the problem that your Mafia family connections have concluded that you're an arrogant idiot and might jeopardize the family?  You certainly have fallen from your lofty role as a Napa Valley lawyer who targeted Chuck Morse and attempted to destroy his reputation, no?  The case sounds beyond strange.  I would assume you've helped defraud numerous individuals.  After all, you're a pro here and proud of that.

Karina Von Watteville doesn't interest me in the least.  Tell her to file a lawsuit against me and tell it to the judge.  I don't want to be criminal harassed by you and think you are moonlighting for someone like Pat Dixon.  Didn't he have ties to Pellicano?  Perhaps that's how the connection was made with you coincidentally when Doron Weinberg, another Bay Area attorney, entered the picture.  

You're an agent provocateur/infiltrator, Gianelli.  Does Bruce Cutler love you and your alleged Mafia family connections.  Do they scare and intimidate him?  Why not harass Bruce Cutler?  How about LAPD's TMU?  Don't they love you and your alleged Mafia family connections?  Did your alleged Mafia family connections impress Sandra Jo Streeter?  I mean there's nothing like an Italian hoodlum.

Kelley Lynch

In defense of attorney Chuck Morse

October 26, 2011 12:00 am
I am writing in support of a pillar in our community, attorney Chuck Morse. Stephen Gianelli, who lives in San Francisco, continues to vehemently disparage Mr. Morse’s reputation in letters to the editor as well as comments on his own letters to the editor (“Judge Wick made proper decision,” Oct. 18). 
I have known Mr. Morse and worked with his staff for the past 15 years. He has a flawless reputation and the utmost integrity — fair, honest and above reproach in all matters. He has served honorably and ethically on the boards of directors of the following organizations: Big Brothers of Napa, Aldea Children and Family Services (19 years; president twice for a total of five years), Garden Haven Adult Day Center, Napa Valley Hospice (president), Napa Adult Day Health Care, New Technology High School Foundation, Napa County D.A.R.E. Foundation, Solano-Napa Area Agency on Aging, Matrix Parent Network, Napa ParentsCAN (founding president) and Community Resources for Children.
In addition, Mr. Morse has served on the Land Trust of Napa County Investment and Finance Committee and the Napa County Commission on Aging. He has awards and commendations for pro bono legal services from the State Bar of California, Napa County Superior Court Judges, Napa County Bar Association and Legal Aid of the North Bay. 
I would wager that Mr. Morse did exactly what his client, Mr. Fogerty, wanted him to do. We need more attorneys like him.
Methinks this Mr. Gianelli doth protest too much. 
Paula Belden / Napa