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The Moonlighting Stalker's Defense Of Michelle Blaine Certainly Lays Bare His Motive

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Good Morning Mr. Riordan,

How are you?  I'm finishing up my Tables of Authorities.  Stephen Gianelli, who obviously works in tandem with Michelle Blaine, has decided to threaten me and Paulette Brandt.

No, we are not "asserting" that Blaine placed a body on Spector's floor.  I think the individual who placed the body on the floor was Lana Clarkson who shot herself.  Frankly, I find the discussion about why she shot herself rather superfluous.  People should not play with guns when they are high on vicodin and tequilla.  That seems like a very obvious conclusion.

Cohen's judgment is then used against me.  That's quite rich given the fact that he is the thief who stole from me, Machat & Machat, and Phil Spector.  This is an ongoing 10-plus year conspiracy on Cohen's part to conceal his role in criminal tax fraud and obstruct justice.  His refund is simply astounding.  The man has benefited form his wrongdoing.  Leonard Cohen's greed got the best of him.

The Moonlighting Stalker has attempted to argue that Blaine received loans from Phillip.  Where are the loan documents?  Why should anyone believe her?  I have corporate books, records, stock certificates, signed agreements, non-revocable assignments, was included on federal tax returns, etc.  You will have an opportunity to review the evidence when I file my motion on Monday.  I have, in any event, provided this evidence to Phillip personally.  Steven Machat had me copy it as well.  

Michelle Blaine, a woman who stole $1 million from Phil Spector, would like to sue me for libel?  These people are certifiably insane.  Perhaps these people and their conduct is embraced in some hell realm.  Gianelli is defending Michelle Blaine.  He worked with Kelly Green of the Darwin Exception.  It was Gianelli's  posting buddy so I think that sums things up.  The man clearly argues the prosecution case and has targeted people relentlessly.  He engages in criminal witness tampering, witness intimidation, stalking, harassment, etc.  He, Blaine, and Escobar have similar tactics:  SLANDER.  

I think Phil Spector knows whether or not this woman stole from him or not.  Bruce Cutler, Gianelli's pal, called Blaine a bald-faced liar and a thief.  

I hid nothing from Leonard Cohen.  He has embezzled approximately $6.7 million from the so-called "retirement" account.  Cohen doesn't want to address that fact.  I wasn't served Leonard Cohen's lawsuit and LA Superior Court appears willing to condone this man's extensive fraud and perjury which is why I plan to file a lawsuit in federal court.  Well, at least Blaine paid her ill gotten monies back.  Cohen's a master mind.

I do wonder if, when Cohen met with the DA in 2005, they played a role in his decision to pursue a "default judgment."  It's worth pursuing as a "theory."  

I don't have an unpaid judgment because LA Superior Court is NOT extorting money from me and that will be a federal court issue:  extortion.  Paulette Brandt is not bitter.  Gianellil does not know her but Blaine is inconceivably hostile, vindictive, and vulgar..  Blaine appears to have moved in and isolated Phillip while getting rid of Paulette, Jay Romaine, and Morgan Martin.  Why would she replace Morgan Martin with DeSouza?  That's a question worth pondering.  How did Blaine come to know DeSouza.  There's more to this story than meets the eye.

The alleged deposit slip, which is not in my handwriting, relates to an "Alliance" check.  I do want Neal Greenberg to provide me with copies of all authorizations Leonard Cohen signed.  For instance, Cohen's gift of $100,000.  Why would Greenberg make checks out to me with f/b/o Leonard Cohen?  Because it involves some type of shenanigans.  I need all the royalty statements, etc. to prepare a proper accounting.  I stole nothing from Cohen and corporate accounts, such as Traditional Holdings, LLC, are not this alter ego's personal piggy bank.

Gianelli ends by confirming that he and Blaine targeted my Phil Spector is Innocent blog.  Why?  Did it bother Cooley and Jackson?  Cohen?  Whose payroll is Gianelli on?

Gianelli, Blaine, Walsh, et al. have engaged in cyber-terrorism and this Criminal Stalker continues to engage in his antics.  This matter is being brought to the attention of Judge Hess and I will work on State Bar Complaints next.  I have attached my State Bar Complaints against Cooley to my motion as well as the State Bar's response.  It relates to the Complaint I filed with Cooley's Major Fraud Unit which I believe was headed by Alan Jackson.  Cohen appears to have a role in the Spector matter and I think Cooley's joining forces with Cohen publicly (while Streeter elicited testimony about Phil Spector) is about as blatant as one can get.

Gianelli is amused and copying DOJ and FBI in on his emails.  They should, of course, arrest him.

All the best,

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