Monday, March 16, 2015

Kelley's Email To IRS Re. Moonlighting Stalker's Comments About The Information Provided To The District Court In Colorado, Etc.

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Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 1:40 PM
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Reviewing Michelle Rice's January 4, 2014 declaration (attached to Cohen's January 2014 Opposition doc - declarations were replete with perjured statements).  It appears that Rice, who has made partner targeting and lying about me, informed the Court that I was pro per and advised them to send my mail to Phil Spector.  Rice wanted a California address and I was clear that I resided in Colorado and no longer had a California address.  Phil Spector no longer used that P.O.Box and the Court appears (based on the documents I've downloaded from PACER) to have continued to send my mail to my former Brentwood address.  Who is Rice to advise a court anything about me?  I do not know this woman.  I advised the Colorado Court NOTHING having to do with my self-representation, address, or my email account (that was targeted by Gianelli and Blaine, I might note).  I spoke to Judge Babcock personally.  I advised him that, due to my concerns about obstruction of justice and an attempt to cover up Cohen's criminal tax fraud, I would not participate in this lawsuit.  Furthermore, Boies Schiller was convinced Cohen's position as alter ego would help prove that he personally engaged in criminal tax fraud.

Phil Spector's wife is none of Gianelli's business.  Neither are my contacts with Phil Spector.  Gianelli is clearly moonlighting for Spector's prosecution, aligned with Blaine and others, and assisting with Cohen's defense although he has not entered a formal entry of appearance.  He also engages in criminal witness tampering, witness intimidation, slanders me, offers legal opinions, and is on someone's payroll.

He's obsessed with me, my family and friends, and blog.  All matters he raises relate to Cohen, IRS, and Phil Spector.  Gianelli's not making any points to me so I'm missing no point - including the criminal tactics used against me.

Kelley Lynch

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Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 11:05 AM

As usual you miss the point.

First, it makes absolutely no sense that an attorney for another party would – out of the blue – inform the Colorado district court in the Agile litigation that your mailing address was C/O Phil Spector at his Pasadena office address. And the court would not list you as pro se – at that address – unless you so notified the court.

But more to the point is the fact that your “dear friend” Phil Spector simply sent all of your mail back to the sender as “undeliverable”.

Setting aside the fact that you don’t even have his wife’s contact information, and have not even tried to visit Spector in the last six years of his incarceration.