Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kelley Lynch Email to Cohen Lawyer, Jeffrey Korn, Requesting Clarification on Various Outstanding Legal & Business Matters

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 8:26 AM
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I have received quite a lot of criminally harassing emails from my stalker, Stephen Gianelli, this morning.  They all relate to my motion to vacate Leonard Cohen's lawsuit and judgment.
Gianelli has raised an issue that I find confusing.  First of all, the ledger.  This is not an accounting.  It does not list corporate ownership interests, assets, liabilities, and equity.  Leonard Cohen's loans from Traditional Holdings, LLC (that were to be repaid within three years at 6% interest) are glaringly missing.  Leonard Cohen's loans, transaction fees, and/or advances total more than the annuity itself.  And, his personal tax lawyer (Richard Westin) extinguished that from the federal tax return in 2003.  I am sitting here with TH tax returns.  Your client testified that I handled IRS filings but I did not.  He lied. 
The K-1s from LC Investments, LLC undermine the ledger completely.  While I am not a partner on that entity, K-1s were transmitted to the State of Kentucky and IRS for the years 2003, 2004, and 2005 indicating that I am a 99.5% owner of that entity and had $0.  The ledger contradicts this.  Your client testified that he knows what a K-1 and 1099 are.  Kory testified that I asked that these K-1s be withdrawn.  The State of Kentucky and IRS continue to advise me to contact your client, Leonard Cohen, to ask that he rescind these.  But, the fraudulent restraining (that is being vehemently challenged) prevents that. 
Cohen's legal documents address many of these points.  In fact, they confirm that I was entitled to a fee as Cohen's PERSONAL MANAGER on all gross royalty income.  But, your client and Gianelli appear to be taking the position that I am not entitled to my commissions for royalties deposited into Cohen's personal account.  I would like to direct Cohen to an email I sent him confirming my commission on "Dear Heather" In August 2004.  I have given both the IRS Commissioner's Staff and Phil Spector authority to review all my emails between Cohen and me, his advisers and me, etc.  Record royalties were deposited into his personal account. 

The ledger is garbage.  There's no back-up documentation.  Just a list of numbers and a handful of random deposits.  I have no idea what the totals are.  I know this - Anjani Thomas and Adam Cohen's houses were assigned to my alleged column and millions of dollars in items that were not mine.  I need an accounting - not an expense ledger.  Dale Burgess was clear in the fax attached to Motion to Quash in Boulder (served on Cohen properly);  Prins didn't have the corporate back-up documentation to prepare an accounting.  And yet he did. 
Is Cohen now taking the position that all W-2s and 1099s issued to me over the years, for payments made to me from his personal account, are fraudulent?  I would like to discuss this with Agent Luis Tejeda/IRS.
Kory stated, in his declaration, that I reported Cohen's tax fraud to Agent Sopko in 2007.  But you have attached emails proving that the IRS Commissioner's Staff was copied in on emails in 2005 and 2006.  Agent Betzer/IRS was raised an issue in Greenberg's lawsuit. 
I think someone should clarify these issues for me.  I also paid substantial taxes re. income from Traditional Holdings, LLC and have K-1s prepared by Richard Westin.  Are they fraudulent or did I made a charitable donation to the IRS on Cohen's behalf?
I didn't advise Edelman that I was served and the latest fictional narrative that includes photographs of me from the 1990s and then with His Holiness in 2007 prove NOTHING. 
Do see the email from Sherab Posel/Boies Schiller that confirms as of August11, 2005 that Cohen and Kory planned to destroy me and the children.  I mailed a copy of that to the Denver FBI. 
Any answers you can give me would be appreciated.  For the record, the IRS should have Cohen's email advising me that HE decides when these corporations are created; HE decides what to name them.  Etc.


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While we are on the subject of the Prins Declaration - what is your explanation for the back-up documentation that IS attached thereto, including checks made out to Cohen that you deposited into YOUR account, and account statements showing you transferred $2M from Cohen's personal checking account to your own account? 

It's called THEFT.

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