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Creepy LA Confidential Continues To Monitor My Blog While Lying Through Their Teeth - And The City Attorney Directed Gianelli To Harass Me & Pass Along Messages From Them

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Does Gianelli´s Email To My Prosecutor Present Serious Legal Issues ... He Is Aligned With Leonard Cohen & His Lawyers & Has Relentlessly Targeted Me, My Family, & Many Others 



Kelley Lynch 

Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 2:27 PM
To: "hailey.branson" <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, rbyucaipa <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Dennis <>, *, Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Douglas Penick <>
Cc: "Francisco.A.Suarez" <>, "m.coronado.kelly" <>, NRamnaney <>

This situation with Gianelli writing my prosecutor and lying to her is
outrageous.  He has publicly lied about my owing taxes and does not
have access to my tax returns.  I have indeed contacted Agent
Tejeda-IRS about this situation, brought it to the attention of the
PD´s office, and advised the court yesterday about this situation.  I
would like to subpoena all emails between Gianelli, the prosecutor,
Alan Jackson, the DA´s office, LAPD, and Cohen´s legal
representatives.  I think it´s important to review that information
for my appeal.  I would like to speak to you about this.  I had
approximately forty emails from this lunatic in my trash inbox and
advised him to cease and desist.  I will write Judge Vanderet and
include a copy of my emails to Streeter about this legal outrage.

I have asked the PD office to provide me with all emails from Gianelli
to my lawyers and from them to Gianelli.   I have also asked for a
copy of the jury instruction regarding individuals who lie and
disregarding their testimony.  That would be Leonard Cohen.

All the best,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:10:18 -0800
Subject: Re: FYI
To:, "Francisco.A.Suarez"
<>, Dennis <>,
"*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field
<>, "Kelly.Sopko"
<>, ASKDOJ <>, "Doug.Davis"
<>, Mick Brown <>
Cc: "m.coronado.kelly" <>, NRamnaney

P.S.  One last point.  Neither Captain Bornman nor Doug Davis have
advised me not to contact them.  My public defenders, whose
attorney-client privilege has not been waived, did NOT advise me to
stop emailing the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Dennis Riordan, or the
news media.  They asked me to advise them if anyone asked me to stop
contacting them.  Gianelli cannot stop lying.  I have never said that
my public defenders are in a conspiracy with anyone.  I have
questioned why Gianelli has publicly noted that my public defender
spoke to him about witnesses of mine (including my son, Rutger who
Deputy Calandrino spoke to while I was in jail so she knows we are not
estranged but you advised the bail judge of this outrageous
allegation) and whether or not they corroborated anything.  The lawyer
at the PD office that I am in contact with was SHOCKED by this public

Stephen Gianelli´s ongoing harassment of me is an outrage.  If Doug
Davis or Captain Bornman have something to say to me, I think they are
aware that it is not going to come through Gianelli.  As for Cutler,
I´ve heard from Phil Spector personally.  Cutler, as he noted in his
letter, worked for Spector.  I think the Grand Jury Adviser was
correct when she instructed me to contact Phil Spector´s attorneys re.
the two different versions of Leonard Cohen gun stories before LA
Superior Court in my trial alone.  Mick Brown, who is copied in on
this email, advised me that Cohen´s statements were presented to the
Grand Jury.  There was confusion about testimony vs. statements.

I will address the excessive perjury in my legal filings and on
appeal. This is a final note about the outrageous harassment I have
suffered at the hands of Gianelli and others.  No wonder Investigator
Frayeh-DA´s office told me he is a SHADY CHARACTER and I have notified
Judge Vanderet of that fact and he should feel free to speak to
Investigator Frayeh.  Gianelli doesn´t have access to my tax returns
but is LYING about them publicly and to the IRS.  Lying to the IRS is
criminal.  I will now prepare a letter to Judge Vanderet, the
Commissioner in the probation matter, and others, regarding this
situation.  It is unacceptable that I found approximately 40 emails,
including with legal advice, from Gianelli in my trash.  I directed
them there because I view them as harassing spam.  His slanderous
articles will be presented to the judge as well.  The fact that he has
your email address and emailed you about me is a very serious matter
and I intend to seek legal advice about this situation.  I will obtain
a declaration from my sister´s attorney who also advised him to CEASE
AND DESIST.  The PD office thinks it is outrageous that any court
appointed attorney of mine communicated anything with this dangerously
unstable individual.  I do not live within 30 miles of his office.
He´s a LIAR who appears to be stalking and monitoring my whereabouts.
That may be a violation of Cohen´s fraudulently obtained order
INDIRECTLY.  The man is aligned with Cohen and his lawyers.  People
are in shock by this conduct and I hope that includes Judge Robert
Vanderet.  I would assume he understands the legal concept CEASE AND
DESIST so he will understand why I wrote those words after receiving
approximately 40 emails from Gianelli since my release.

Kelley Lynch

Her court appointed attorneys have advised me that she was warned
about all of the above, but made a conscious decision to disregard
their advice.

In any event, Lynch has now turned on her public defenders, accusing
them of joining her “conspiracy” that Lynch believes to exist by and
between the undersigned, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve
Cooley, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson, the LAPD, entertainer
Leonard Cohen, and many others too numerous to list here.

On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
> Sandra Jo Streeter,
> I am also sending the Commissioner in my probation matter a copy of
> this letter, the forty or so emails I received since my release from
> this man, and an explanation of the outrageous harassment he has
> engaged in since 2009.  The State Bar, as I have stated, advised me to
> contact the judge in my matter and I have done so.  That might explain
> his latest lies about me.  I will copy the City Attorney in on my
> letter to Judge Robert Vanderet.  As he said, no one should be
> targeted.  I filed countless complaints with LAPD about his ongoing
> harassment of me and my children and asked Detective Viramontes-LAPD
> (who has now contacted Agent Tejeda-IRS) whether or not LAPD acted on
> those complaints.  This man might not have a criminal record but a
> police department took a criminal complaint about him and a witness
> gave his statement as well.  The USPS in San Francisco opened a
> criminal investigation into him re. his conduct with respect to me and
> the U.S. mail.
> I have advised him to CEASE AND DESIST and will provide those emails
> to Judge Robert Vanderet that were responses to his continuing
> attempts to communicate with me.
> Kelley Lynch
> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>> To the IRS Commissioner´s Staff,
>> I have left a message for Francisco Suarez about this matter.  I have
>> contacted the lawyer at the Public Defender´s office.  I would like
>> copies of all emails Gianelli has sent my public defenders and any
>> emails whereby they advise him to cease and desist.  I have called
>> Agent Tejeda-IRS and read him this outrageous lie about me.  Corporate
>> books, records, stock shares, notarized documents, and a tremendous
>> amount of evidence was concealed in Cohen´s fraudulent lawsuit against
>> me.  The illegal K-1s he issued, evidence of criminal conduct, totally
>> undermine the fraudulent expense ledger.  I have advised Streeter that
>> Gianelli´s conduct with me has been outrageous.  My sister hired a
>> lawyer to advise this man to cease and desist and he refused to do so
>> and contacted her again.
>> My tax returns for 2008 were filed.  This is a public lie about me re.
>> the IRS.  I owe no taxes for 2004 or any year.  My losses are huge.  I
>> have asked Agent Tejeda-IRS to address the fact that this man, who has
>> no access to my tax records, is publicly lying about me and to the
>> IRS, per this post.  He has removed his slanderous articles.  I have
>> captured them and I have advised Judge Vanderet that I am exposed to
>> dangerously unstable individuals like Gianelli now.  I will attach his
>> approximately 40 harassing emails to me to the letter I mail Judge
>> Vanderet now.  As for Phil Spector, the Grand Jury Adviser told me to
>> contact Phil Spector´s appellate attorney about the various Cohen gun
>> stories before LA Superior court and Judge Larry Fidler´s clerk,
>> Wendy, advised me to write the DA and copy in Judge Larry Fidler.  As
>> I advised Judge Vanderet, these instructions totally impeach the
>> situation with Bruce Cutler.  He had an obligation to notify Phil
>> Spector´s attorneys, as I suspected.
>> All the best,
>> Kelley
>> A note to our readers:
>> Once again, we have decided to delete all posts pertaining to a
>> certain deranged lawbreaker, convicted harasser and drama queen who
>> has commanded far too much of everyone’s attention already.
>> Her many daily emails go directly into an archived file unread.
>> Appropriate authorities have been apprised of documentary evidence of
>> her suspected tax fraud going back to 2008, through the tax year 2004,
>> though appropriate channels.
>> We will publish nothing more on this individual until her inevitable
>> violation of her current probation supervision and return to jail or
>> her federal court prosecution for tax evasion, whichever happens
>> first.
>> We wish all of or readers a Happy Thanksgiving.
>> --Blogonaut Law Blog
>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>> Francisco,
>>> I realize you are working on my appeal but I would like to speak to
>>> you about having a lawyer file a formal complaint with the City
>>> Attorney about this outrageous situation.  I can provide many
>>> declarations about his outrageous conduct and his refusal to cease and
>>> desist.  I am privately speaking to a criminal litigator but would
>>> like your advice as well.
>>> Thank you.
>>> All the best,
>>> Kelley
>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>> Gianelli,
>>>> I am again advising you to cease and desist.  I have already filed one
>>>> criminal complaint against you with a police department and the USPS
>>>> Inspector advised me that they opened a criminal investigation into
>>>> you re. your conduct with respect to me and the U.S. mail.  I just
>>>> phoned Agent Tejeda-IRS about your lies.  I opened my trash file and
>>>> found 40 emails from you since my release.  That is an approximation.
>>>> I have brought your activity to the attention of Judge Robert Vanderet
>>>> and will now send him a letter with those emails enclosed.
>>>> CEASE AND DESIST.  My sister, and others, have hired lawyers to advise
>>>> you to do so as well.
>>>> Kelley Lynch
>>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>> To the IRS and FBI,
>>>>> I would like you to review the email Gianelli sent to Streeter.  I
>>>>> will follow up with a letter to Judge Robert Vanderet and the City
>>>>> Attorney of Los Angeles.  This man is dangerously unstable and
>>>>> completely out of control.
>>>>> I have advised Streeter that I opened my mailbox and found 40 letters
>>>>> from this man.  I will print them out for Judge Robert Vanderet now
>>>>> and absolutely called Captain Bornman.
>>>>> All the best,
>>>>> Kelley
>>>>> On 11/20/12, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>>> Sandra Jo Streeter,
>>>>>> Stephen Gianelli has relentlessly targeted me, members of my family,
>>>>>> and others since 2009 when he aligned himself with Leonard Cohen.  I
>>>>>> opened my trash file and found approximately 40 emails from this man
>>>>>> to me, copying in my lawyers.  I have complained about him to a
>>>>>> lawyer
>>>>>> at the public defenders office.  I have just contacted Agent
>>>>>> Tejeda-IRS about him.  I absolutely contacted Captain Bornman-LASD
>>>>>> about this individual.  He is dangerously unstable.  Investigator
>>>>>> William Frayeh-LA DA´s office advised me that he is a shady character
>>>>>> who may have found a sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson about me.  I
>>>>>> was advised, by the State Bar, to bring his conduct to the attention
>>>>>> of Judge Robert Vanderet as he has publicly stated that one of my
>>>>>> public defenders spoke to him about private witness information.
>>>>>> This man has been advised to CEASE AND DESIST.  That includes with
>>>>>> respect to his slanderous articles that I am now mailing to Judge
>>>>>> Robert Vanderet.  The public defenders´ office was shocked by his
>>>>>> comments.
>>>>>> I have spoken to Doug Davis about Cohen´s criminal tax fraud and, as
>>>>>> you know, Agent Tejeda-IRS intended to take the stand.
>>>>>> I will send a copy of this email from Gianelli to Judge Robert
>>>>>> Vanderet.  The harassment is inconceivable.  As you well know, you do
>>>>>> NOT speak for the IRS and therefore cannot address what they are
>>>>>> doing
>>>>>> with respect to Cohen.  The 2005 refund, based on fraud, did NOT
>>>>>> close
>>>>>> the case.  I met with Agent Spoko in 2007 and was referred to Agent
>>>>>> Tejeda-IRS in 2007.  That related to the allegations that Cohen
>>>>>> committed criminal tax fraud.
>>>>>> It is an outrage that this man, who has forced people I know to hire
>>>>>> lawyers advising him to cease and desist, is now contacting someone
>>>>>> who I feel has lied about me to two judges and my jurors.  I have
>>>>>> brought those lies to the attention of Judge Robert Vanderet.  I will
>>>>>> now write a formal letter to the City Attorney himself about this
>>>>>> unconscionable situation.
>>>>>> Kelley Lynch
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>>>>>> Download the original attachment
>>>>>> Page 1
>>>>>> LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN R. GIANELLI P.O. Box 475013San Francisco, CA
>>>>>> 94147(415) 929-5130 Telecopier: (415) 921-XXXXE-mail:
>>>>>> stephengianelli@gmail.comState Bar Number: 83476 November 20,
>>>>>> 2012SENT
>>>>>> VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL ONLYSandra Jo Streeter, Esq. -
>>>>>> SandraJo.Streeter@lacity.orgDeputy City AttorneyLos Angeles County
>>>>>> City Attorney’s OfficeCriminal DivisionDomestic Violence UnitIn re:
>>>>>> People vs. Kelley A. Lynch, Los Angeles County Superior Court No.
>>>>>> 2CA04539Dear Ms. Streeter:I write concerning Kelley Ann Lynch
>>>>>> (“Lynch”) who was sentenced on April 17, 2012 to summary probation...
Thank you for your time and have a
>>>>>> pleasant Thanksgiving Holliday.Very truly yours, Stephen R. Gianelli
>>>>>> Stephen R. Gianelli
>>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>>> From: Kelley Lynch <>
>>>>>> Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 12:46:14 -0800
>>>>>> Subject: Fwd: FYI
>>>>>> To: Dennis <>, *,
>>>>>> Washington Field <>, "Kelly.Sopko"
>>>>>> <>, ASKDOJ <>,
>>>>>> "Doug.Davis"
>>>>>> <>
>>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>>> From: STEPHEN GIANELLI <>
>>>>>> Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 12:15:23 -0800
>>>>>> Subject: FYI
>>>>>> To: