Sunday, November 19, 2017

Leonard Cohen's Plan to Use Fraud Restraining Orders Against Kelley Lynch & LA Superior Court's Assignment of a Dating Relationship to A Sexual Assault/Harassment Victim

Leonard Cohen's premeditated plan to use fraud restraining orders against Kelley Lynch was raised in Natural Wealth's lawsuit against Cohen/Kory for extortion, witness tampering, etc.

145. When these tactics to draw Lynch into his extortion scheme proved futile, Cohen and Kory – according to Lynch – turned to far more aggressive means to obtain her cooperation.  Indeed, as heard by other witnesses, Cohen and Kory vowed to "crush her," and planned to use restraining orders and other means to prevent her from serving as a credible witness regarding both Cohen's affairs and in regard to the scheme into which they had tried without success to draw her.

Natural Wealth Real Estate, Inc., et al. v. Leonard Cohen, et al. United States District Court, District of Colorado, Civil Case No. 05-cv-01233-LTB-MJW

LA Superior Court issued, without any jurisdiction to do so, a fraud domestic violence order to Cohen.  Lynch was not served and/or notified of same.  The sexual harassment issue was addressed with Robert Kory, Cohen's lawyer, in 2005; has been extensively addressed with numerous courts (including on September 1, 2015 at a hearing on the fraud order), and is now an issue on appeal.  LA Superior Court's argument that an individual should have argued something they were unaware of (the fraud domestic violence order) is preposterous.  However, Lynch is aware that a celebrity with motive and liability on the horizon is a very special type of litigant with LA Superior Court and the government actors who continue to target her.  In fact, Leonard Cohen and his representatives just pick up the phone and summon LAPD's celebrity unit.  They then routinely lie to them.  Sexual assault, sexual harassment, indecent exposure and masturbating in front of one's female personal manager is not "dating."  

Michelle Rice's Scribd account is evidence of the lengths Kory & Rice have gone to target Kelley Lynch for their client, Leonard Cohen.  They have benefited financially from their work.