Thursday, October 12, 2017

National Enquirer Writes Stephen Gianelli About Phil Spector's Alleged Fiance & Prison Romance; KL Responds Directly to National Enquirer About Her Stalker

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National Enquirer,

I am going to post this on my blog.  Stephen Gianelli's communications with National Enquirer about Phil Spector's fiance, his prison romance (that allegedly involved conjugal visits in California),   If you have any questions, give me a call.  I just looked quickly to see what your latest articles on Phil Spector are.  I thought the treatment of Pumpkin Pie was unconscionable.  Her friends were beneath her for the District Attorney's Office?

This article quotes her as confirming that Clarkson was despondent and wanted to blow her brains out.  What right did Alan Jackson, Spector's prosecutor, have to make up stories that she took money from Spector and/or she wanted to write a book?  This is what I have been accused of:  wanting Spector's money.  I never took a dime from Phil Spector apart from work I did or reimbursements.  

I found Paul Huebl's take on the situation with this woman accurate.  What does the National Enquirer think about the fact that Lana Clarkson was served (and ate) her childhood pony on an LSD commune in Napa Valley?  Maybe you should ask Alan Jackson about that issue.


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Actually, I received a tip about woman who was visiting him in prison.
A woman by the name of Julie [REDACTED].
Do you know who she is?
I am told she lives in [REDATATED], CA.

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I don't know what I could add to your Spector story. I followed the retrial, but through legal documents. 

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Hi Stephen!
My name is [REDACTED] and I am a long-time writer for the National Enquirer.
I wanted to speak with you regarding a Phil Spector story that I am working on.
If you have a moment, please call me at (425) [REDACTED].
Or you can call me at (310) [REDACTED].
P.S.—I had been working with [REDACTED] on a story regarding  [REDACTED], and he said he knew you and were a very honorable guy, a real straight shooter! He said to say hi!



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