Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Please Visit Kelley Lynch's New Blog Where She Debunks Leonard Cohen's Defense to Criminal Tax Fraud Allegations, Reviews the Tactics Used Against Her, & Documents the Ongoing Retaliation


This blog was created in response to Leonard Cohen's attempts (including up until the moment of his death) to defend himself regarding allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud and his endless attempts to blame his wrongdoing on others.  Leonard Cohen has hired an army of professionals to relentlessly target and ultimately destroy Kelley Lynch.  The conduct on the part of these lawyers  and other professionals (including Robert Kory, Michelle Rice, and Wendy Lascher) continues to the present even though Cohen is now deceased.  They are benefiting financially from their deviant and malicious conduct.  One fraudulent legal pleading after another has been submitted to numerous courts throughout this country.  The blog will detail the tactics used against Kelley Lynch, members of her family and others, as well as the ongoing criminal conduct on the part of individuals acting as Leonard Cohen's proxies.  That tactics include the outrageous government conduct on the part of many government actors and entities in Los Angeles, California and elsewhere who have joined forces in targeting Kelley Lynch on behalf of Cohen.  Leonard Cohen would like scholars to study his entirely fraudulent and perjured legal documents.  Until the moment of his death, Leonard Cohen was utterly obsessed with Kelley Lynch.  His true nature should be the subject of scholars and others.  Hopefully, tax authorities and other such scholars will closely study Leonard Cohen's tax fraud, so-called brilliant strategies desperation, and unconscionable conduct.