Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS Re. Leonard Cohen's Tax Fraud, Corporate Embezzlement, & Gianelli's Ongoing Legal Arguments on Cohen's Behalf

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 8:53 AM
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Gianelli, who is "Truth Teller" continues to argue Leonard Cohen's unique theory:  he was the alter ego of corporate entities, entitled to raid corporate assets, was permitted to borrow/expend over $7 million (that he understood had to be repaid with interest), and so forth.  Of course, this does not have anything to do with corporate accountings, corporate balance sheets, IRS required forms K-1, and/or the other corporations that own intellectual property.  The intellectual property has not been valued.  Gianelli would like to discuss the "business purpose" of Traditional Holdings, LLC.  Please review the attached Annuity Agreement as well as my Indemnity Agreement that Cohen instructed Westin to prepare.  Leonard Cohen and his representatives willfully elected to disregard the corporate distributions, as set forth in the record records, and have argued that I was entitled to $20,000 per year.  The management agreement is bullshit created later by Westin for "house keeping" tax purposes.  I was, and Cohen confirmed this in his declaration, also entitled to $44,000/year for promissory note repayments.  I wasn't in charge of anything.  When the annuity obligation became payable, in 2011, I would have possibly been involved with making those distributions to Cohen.  Cohen had Neal Greenberg invest these assets and I had nothing whatsoever to do with them.  Cohen hired Greenberg.  These checks don't tell any story whatsoever, they are not authenticated, and have nothing whatsoever to do with tax forms due me for 2004 and 2005.  This narrative may be of interest to LAPD's TMU and the City Attorney but it has nothing to do with corporations, corporate ownership interests, etc.  It is a story concocted by misogynists, sycophants, and liars.  The $7 million Cohen borrowed/caused to be expended has been accounted for and IRS can review the pleadings and add up the numbers.  Leonard Cohen failed to transfer any intellectual property into TH.  The intellectual property was owned by Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc.  Cohen also embezzled royalty income related to assets owned by BMT.  And that doesn't address the other corporation, Old Ideas, LLC.  There are no accountings before LA Superior Court re. their fraud default judgment with millions of dollars in fraudulent financial interest.  Theft of property is not a lawful basis for a default judgment.  

"Rad," who has posted some inane rant, is Gianelli.  He employs fake monikers to have dialogues with himself.  I don't have to go rehab.  I don't have any issues.  Leonard Cohen was the individual with a lifelong history of drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, and has repeatedly falsely accused his representatives of ripping off to breach contracts.  

If David Geffen owned an interest in a corporation would he have to move to Tibet because Leonard Cohen stole from him?  No, he would not.  

Gianellli has posted my email to IRS on Ann Diamond's blog.  He's interested in discussing Phil Spector's case and Bruce Cutler.  Gianelli will have to figure out how to call Bruce Cutler, one of Phil Spector's other attorneys, and figure out how to infiltrate his legal team to determine what Phil Spector may do legally in the future.  Gianelli endlessly attempts to insert Phil Spector into his utterly obscene arguments defending Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, Michelle Rice, etc.  
Please also review the Greenberg letters with the IRS DANGER WARNINGS.  Those warnings related to Leonard Cohen's loans - totaling over $7 million - being viewed by IRS as "disguised income" and the attendant problems re. the transaction, penalties, interest, and so forth.  

As the saying goes, the system works beautifully for criminals especially in Cohen's case because he evidently had a bullshit Phil Spector gun story and ended up aligned with former DA Steve Cooley, the City Attorney of Los Angeles, LAPD, etc.  This is Cohen's defense to criminal tax fraud.  The fraud restraining orders are tactics.  Therefore, the IRS should investigate the LA Superior Court cases, my 2012 trial, and the ongoing interference (on the part of LAPD and the City Attorney) with federal corporate tax and related matters.  Previously, the City Attorney lied to jurors about federal tax and corporate matters and had them VOTE on IRS required tax information and whether or not I have that information.  I do not and people should arrested for those arguments.

See Gianelli posts on Ann Diamond's site, attached hereto.


P.S.  I assume Gianelli would like to discuss Leonard Cohen's statements that he participated in CIA's MK Ultra, was CIA recon during Bay of Pigs, and Sandra Jo Streeter's unique position that she is on the CIA's threat disposition matrix, a terrorist, and enemy to the United States.  I think that sums things up perfectly.