Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS, FBI, & DOJ Re. Retaliatory Proceedings, Fabricated Evidence, Perjuring Witnesses, Attempts to Infiltrate the Defense & Outrageous Governmental Conduct

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 11:30 AM
Subject: Fwd: Talking on cell phone in loud voice in middle of courthouse cafateria full of prosecutors - no expectation privacy
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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

Sandra123, who is most likely either Gianelli or the prosecutor (Sandra Jo Streeter), continues with its attempt to infiltrate my defense.  Gianelli appears to be posting online as "John Law."  In keeping with his MO, Gianelli has removed the post I sent you attempting to elicit information about my investigator.  Here are the facts.  The case is definitely going to trial.  The City Attorney has now submitted fabricated email evidence (an altered version of the email to IRS posted on my blog) to the court.  The email was not generated through my email account.  It is a spoofed email.  That's being investigated.  The prosecutor, and I will submit the transcripts to you once I have them, had a spy prosecutor in the cafeteria listening to my conversations with witnesses.  The prosecutor then informed the court of this and lied about the conversations.  Federal judges are using the word lying when it comes to prosecutors lying.  I am filing motions and a complaint with IRS Criminal Division about the ongoing interference with federal tax matters and the use of fraud domestic violence orders to interfere with them.  "John Law" is referring people to the Fact Check website that I have reviewed with IRS.  It's filled with fraudulent representations, blatant lies, fraud legal pleadings, and perjured declarations.  It's Leonard Cohen's defense to criminal tax fraud and the tactics used.  It raises tax fraud as did Kory's entirely perjured declaration which has been reviewed privately with IRS.  The City Attorney continues to blatantly interfere with federal tax matters, civil litigation, and so forth.  I am now filing State Bar Complaints about this situation.  They blatantly lied to jurors in 2012.  That includes about federal tax matters, IRS reporting and filing requirements, corporate assets, and everything else.


Okay, here is what happened in court on 6/26/2017: 1. Lynch's motion to disqualify the entire City Attorneys office was denied. 2. As to discovery compliance, Lynch denied receiving a discovery package mailed to her 16 days before the hearing even though the City Attorney has proof of mailing. Lynch also denied being served with a notice of motion to amend the complaint to add an additional count 17. But the amended complaint has been filed, the additional count alleging a violation of Penal Code section 166 (c) (1) [willful and knowing violation of a protective order or stay-away court order - pertaining to the order issued in January of 2016 prohibiting Lynch from contacting victim/witness Robert Kory except through an attorney]. This additional count caries with it a potential punishment of 1-year in the county jail. lynch is now looking at 10-years in jail if "maxed out". 3. The City Attorney claims that the violation alleged in new count 17 is a change in circumstances justifying a revocation of Lynch's release pending trial on her promise to appear, and setting bail at $20,000 - which without a cosigner who posts a residence + a $1,500 bail bond premium, would require Lynch to await the remaining period before trial in custody. 4. The court set a hearing on  8/1/2017 to hear the City Attorney's bail motion. 5. The court advised that the investigator it appointed to assist Lynch with pretrial investigation was unable to assist Lynch due to his illness. Another instigator will be appointed.

I spoke to my source who clarified what she meant by "amended complaint" (sometimes done with a plea to lesser charge). Actually more charges against Ms. Lynch are being added. Cases against her is definitely going to trial.
I am hearing rumors about a possible guilty plea by Kelley Lynch to the charges of violating her restraining order and harassing Cohen's attorneys. More to come shortly...

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From: Sandra <>
Date: Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 9:54 AM
Subject: Talking on cell phone in loud voice in middle of courthouse cafateria full of prosecutors - no expectation privacy

You can make your motion based on alleged outragious conduct, but what was they guy supposed to do - not listen? Ha! There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in an open courthouse cafeteria frequented by cops and prosecutors. That is simply a matter of common sense. This sounds like an eposide of World's Dumbest Criminals.