Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS, FBI, and DOJ Re. the Ongoing Harassment Over Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Former DDA Alan Jackson, Michelle Blaine, Sprocket & The Usual Suspects

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2013@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 10:11 AM
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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

Please see the harassing emails I have received from sandra123@gmail.com today.  I would like to go through each one with you.  I have sent you Gianelli’s latest post on Truth Sentinel as well as another party’s attempt to post on my federal evidence blog.  That blog was used to submit evidence to the federal court. 

At 9.49 AM, this individual wrote – copying in Paulette Brandt – about issues related to the Colorado order.  I have asked FBI for a remedy with respect to the fraudulent domestic violence orders that LA Superior Court continues to transmit into local, state, and federal databases.  I am addressing the fraudulent domestic violence orders, and VAWA funding fraud, with the Senate Judiciary, DOJ’s VAWA division, and FBI.  Once FBI provides me with a remedy for the fraud in these databases, I will address the situation more fully in the appropriate venue.  I personally believe Los Angeles Superior Court should have provided me with a remedy for the fraud transmitted into these databases and will raise that issue with the appropriate authorities.

At 8:52 AM, this individual wrote (again copying in Paulette Brandt and some Global Distribution list) about LA Superior Court’s fraudulent trial record that includes sentencing issues related to domestic violence.  I am addressing the fraudulent sentencing with the authorities I’ve mentioned above.  That will include, but is not limited to, the attempts to extort domestic violence fines/fees from me.  The Colorado order, issued without findings, is not a domestic violence order.  I have nothing further to say about Vanderet.  Actually, I violated nothing.  In November 2012, Stephen Gianelli (with Cohen’s fan Susanne Walsh) began writing and harassing me (my sons, family members, Paulette Brandt, and others) by writing Sandra Jo Streeter, lying to her and others, and terrorizing people. 

At 8.14 AM, sandra123 wrote “Michelle Blaine.”  Stephen Gianelli and Michelle Blaine, who evidently stole approximately $1 million from Phil Spector, worked together to target my email accounts and blogs.  I provided that evidence to IRS, FBI, and DOJ.  I will address the ongoing defamation at the appropriate moment in time.

At 6.36 AM, sandra123 wrote to inform me that Sprocket, Blaine, Alan Jackson, and Karina Von Watteville will be in attendance at my so-called hearing.  I think that issue is entirely transparent.  It’s the same crowd, same tactics that have been used since the winter of 2009.  Gianelli, of course, was in touch with Kory & Rice at that time.  This has all been documented.  If the City Attorney of Los Angeles attempts to raise Phil Spector in this matter, I will ask the Court to instruct the prosecutor to notify Phil Spector’s attorneys.  And, I will object.  These hearings/trials are used to elicit illegal discovery about IRS, Phil Spector, etc. and spin Cohen’s own conduct.  Sprocket, of course, may be the mouthpiece for Lana Clarkson’s mother and, according to an investigator I spoke to, Juror #9 in Phil Spector’s first trial was all over her blog before the verdict.  My public defender rightly concluded as follows:  the City Attorney is attempting to sabotage IRS, discredit me, and the DA does not want the Spector case overturned.  For some reason, Gianelli/Sandra is attempting to insert the Spector case into this situation.  It’s not going to happen this time around.  Sandra Jo Streeter elicited perjured testimony from Cohen via the April 18, 2011 email to Dennis Riordan.  Cohen perjured himself when he said he was a recipient on that email and this allowed Streeter to elicit testimony about Phil Spector and a gun.  That issue has been addressed ad nauseum, the record is now permanent, and as Francisco Suarez concluded the 2012 trial was an IRS matter that demands an investigation by IRS.  The jurors actually wanted to hear from IRS but the judge had other plans and refused to permit defense witnesses.

I am asking LA Superior Court to take judicial notice of the fact that Cohen/Kory planned to use restraining orders against me.  I am submitting this evidence with my judicial notice.  It goes to motive and is highly relevant and material.  It also proves that these tactics were pre-meditated.  I think the jurors should understand that Cohen and Kory “vowed to crush” me and planned to use fraud restraining orders to discredit me as a witness in the Natural Wealth case, etc.  I am creating a new private evidence blog where all these harassing emails, etc. will be maintained.

145. When these tactics to draw Lynch into his extortion scheme proved futile, Cohen and Kory – according to Lynch – turned to far more aggressive means to obtain her cooperation.  Indeed, as heard by other witnesses, Cohen and Kory vowed to "crush her," and planned to use restraining orders and other means to prevent her from serving as a credible witness regarding both Cohen's affairs and in regard to the scheme into which they had tried without success to draw her.