Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kelley Lynch Email to Deputy City Attorney Sandra Jo Streeter Re: Leonard Cohen, IRS, Criminal Harassment & Stalking, Domestic Violence Fraud, Christian Slater, Etc.

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Fwd:
To: "SandraJo. Streeter" <>,

Ms. Streeter,

I have been receiving emails (sent to numerous email accounts) from "Sandra123."  I submitted one to Los Angeles Superior Court regarding the proceedings related to my request for federal tax information and Leonard Cohen, the deceased individual with the fraudulent domestic violence order.  I received another email regarding Herb Dodell, an individual who does not represent me.  You questioned me about this individual the other day, with a witness present, and I informed you that I had spoken to a former judge.  That is correct but it is not Herb Dodell.  I spoke to a former federal judge in another state.  There are fraud restraining orders in multiple jurisdictions so obviously that is a federal court issue although it's relevant to the matter at hand.  I did not see Stephen Gianelli present when you, your colleague, and I discussed attorneys I had spoken to.  Nor do I believe it is legally appropriate for anyone to attempt to discern what attorneys I have spoken with, attempt to severe attorney client privilege, or attempt to infiltrate my defense.  

Stephen Gianelli, who I have copied on this email. has used fake email account names to harass, stalk, threaten, intimidate, and slander me, my sons, elderly parents, family members, friends, colleagues, roommate, and witnesses who have submitted declarations to LA Superior Court.  He has created the moniker the 14th Sheepdog and relentlessly harassed me using that account.  I believe he created the 17th Shitzu email address, another reference to a Tibetan Buddhist teacher of mine, and transmitted the "bloody stump" email referencing issues raised during my 2012 trial (regarding my son's horrendous accident), slandering Oliver Stone, and advising me that I should be raped, murdered, or commit suicide.  Gianelli has written me and Paulette Brandt that we should commit suicide.  I would like to advise you that we do not know this man.  You mentioned NAMBLA during my trial.  I will state this once again:  when any adult stranger, such as Gianelli, attempts to lure my then minor son into communicating with him properly, I will view that individual as a potential sexual predator or criminal targeting a child.  Most responsible parents would.  Stephen Gianelli relentlessly targeted my sons for over seven years.  We do not know him at all.  He could be outside with a gun.  He could be a serial murderer.  He could be a common criminal.  He could be a sexual predator.  He could be a dangerous clown with motive.  He could be a co-conspirator.  The bottom line:  I have no idea who this individual is.  He argues Leonard Cohen's legal matters, defends him, attempts to infiltrate matters (such as IRS Chief Trial Counsel's office), and is deranged.  As a witness of mine in Canada noted - he is a psychopath and dangerously unstable individual.  

I believe Gianelli may have created this email account - referencing you - which I will now submit to the Court.  I do not know you.  I do not know what your private email address is.  Therefore, I am asking you to advise me if this is your email account.  If it is not, I will assume it is Gianelli.  I don't see a conspiracy with Gianelli under every rock and behind every tree.  I see an out of control Bay Area lawyer engaging in what appears to be criminal conduct that involves harassing me relentlessly over Leonard Cohen, IRS and federal tax matters, and Phil Spector.  He has worked in tandem with Michelle Blaine (Phil Spector's former assistant), Susanne Walsh (Leonard Cohen's fan), and others.  His obsession with my sons was and remains frightening.  

Do you have an interest in any Christian Slater case?  I have never advised anyone that Stephen Gianelli drafted a complaint in Thomas Slater's defamation case against his father.  I have never advised anyone that Gianelli was in the courthouse hallway.  Stephen Gianelli lies to elicit information.  He is an agent provocateur, infiltrator, and "fixer."  Gianelli is referring to his legal client, Karina Von Watteville, who publicly posted on her Facebook account that she is assisting Thomas Slater with his defamation suit against Christian Slater and his mother.  She posted that she provided legal advisers.  She is also the producer of a film Slater v. Slater about the case.  The statements Gianelli is referring to are Karina Von Watteville's.  Please review her Facebook page so you may make your own determination.  You might begin around February/March 2015.  Thomas Slater also uses the name Michael de Gainsborough.  If you are confused when Von Watteville posts as de Gainsborough that's because, and you can read this in the comments on her page, she helped him create the page and posts as him at times.  

I don't know anything about the legal adviser Karina Von Watteville and/or Thomas Slater had in the courthouse hallway during any proceedings in the defamation case.  I don't know if the individual was white, black, pink, purple, or wore polka dots.  

I also have no idea what Gianelli is talking about re. his ID and Heathrow.  He has previously sent me his Greek residency card, advised me that he is immune from prosecution because he resides in Greece, and he has a residence in Napa Valley evidently.  He has also copied me on an insane series of emails with his travel agent when traveling with his wife to Mexico Christmas a year ago.  Maybe he's creating an alibi.  Who knows?  
I have never said Gianelli set foot in a courtroom in 2017 and have no idea what this criminal is talking about.  One thing the writer appeals to be interested in are the "pending" charges related to a request for federal tax information.  That is a very serious issue that you and/or the court can address with me directly.
If you have any questions about IRS, please raise them in federal court.  That is the appropriate jurisdiction.  The other day you mentioned the IRS blocking someone for harassment.  That was Stephen Gianelli and he sent me the evidence that IRS blocked him.  If you are interested in discussing that, please subpoena the IRS and obtain a name and badge number for that agent.  I have nothing further to say on that topic and will object if you do not provide an agent's name and/or badge number.

Stephen Gianelli mentioned my "defense."  Is that something you are interested in, Ms. Streeter?  Well, read the documents I've submitted to the Court and if you have anything to say to me as opposing counsel, please bring a tape recorder so we all have evidence of our conversations, and/or let's discuss them on the record.
Once again, I am asking you to confirm if you wrote this email, as  If not, I will assume Stephen Gianelli has picked up with his harassment and attempts to infiltrate matters.

Kelley Lynch

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From: Sandra <>
Date: Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 8:01 AM

You apparently see a conspiracy with "Gianelli" under every rock and behind every tree.

You went so far as to write to Christian Slater's attorney claiming that Gianelli drafted the complaint that the actor's son filed against him and was "advising" on the claim in the courthouse hallway.
What you didn't know (apparently) is that the "legal advisor" who drafted the complaint and was in that courthouse hallway was a tall black man and that "Gianelli" was in Healthrow airport at the precise moment of the hearing and had not been to the US that year. "Gianelli's" ID photo cleared the matter up immediately, as did a copy of the relevant airport documentation.

Simularly, "Gianelli" has not set foot in the US (let alone the vicinity of any LA Court) in 2017. (We verified that as well.)

But by all means keep lying. See where it gets you by way of defense to the pending crimial charges against you. SPOILER ALERT: You will be convicted, because you have no defense.
Oh, wait, I forgot. It's an "IRS matter". Never mind. I am sure once the court hears that defense you wil walk!