Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS Re. Leonard Cohen's Ongoing Obstruction of Justice Over Federal Tax Matters

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The harassment over Leonard Cohen, federal tax matters, and so forth continues.  The Central California did not say that all legal theories were legally and factually frivolous.  The federal tax matters have not been litigated but Gianelli explains what he meant by lying further.

I haven't embezzled anything.  That honor goes to Leonard Cohen.  The judgment is not legally binding with respect to federal tax matters.  I did have an ownership interest in these entities and Leonard Cohen and his representatives included on federal tax returns, provided me with K-1s, and Cohen himself entered into many agreements that are no longer convenient for him.  I am filing a complaint in equity re. the fraud default judgment and we shall see what happens.  I am also filing a complaint in equity re. the fraud DMV order.  If the results are adverse, those matters will be appealed.  Were the entities formed to benefit Leonard Cohen?  That's fascinating.

Gianelli is advancing Rice's position that my requests for IRS required tax information are belated.  The longer this goes on, the more confident Leonard Cohen is that he doesn't have to provide me with IRS required tax and corporate information?  

This is a pretext to harass Leonard Cohen?  I intend to discuss that at length with the IRS.  Am I playing a dangerous game because fraud TROs are being used to obstruct justice?  I will also discuss that threat with IRS.  I didn't see an injunction included with the fraud judgment.  A state court judgment has not effect on federal tax matters.  Not when it's based on fraud, perjury, and concealment of evidence.  That includes with respect to the tax returns, etc. transmitted to IRS well in advance of the fraud judgment.

Gianelli is an operative of Cohen's.  I see he's attempting to elicit information re. the actual accountant I am using, lawyers that may be involved here, and my meeting with IRS.  I'm not meeting with an IRS legal aid office.

Will my appeals be dismissed?  Well, they will be appealed further.  It's that simple.

I'm working on my declaration for Judge Babcock re. the U.S. District Court in Colorado matter and the fraud upon that court.


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