Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to IRS Chief Trial Counsel's Office, IRS, FBI, & DOJ Re. Leonard Cohen, Stephen Gianelli, & Status of Various Matters

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2013@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Aug 30, 2010 at 9:10 AM
Subject: Re:
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IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

Since Gianelli continues to raise "Tax Court" as an issue (and is clearly attempting to elicit information from me), I thought I should bring Mr. Fabian up-to-date.  What is crystal clear to me is the fact that Gianelli continues to represent Cohen's legal interests, is attempting to elicit information, and uses monikers (such as Kelly Green, Mongochili, etc.) to communicate with others and engage in dialogues with himself.  Yesterday, I contacted FTB's criminal division about "Susanne Walsh's" slanderous statements and lies transmitted to Doug Davis. I also informed them that "Stephen Gianelli" has engaged in the same type of conduct.  


Stephen Gianelli
What is crystal "clear" is that multiple, different judges of federal state trial and appellate courts as well as the tax court and the highest federal appeals court before you get to the Supreme Court have all considered your various claims and rejected them as not only wrong but "frivolous".
Cohen Interview Section:

On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 9:07 AM, Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com> wrote:

Mr. Fabian,

I forwarded IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, Senate Judiciary, and FTB the attached word doc (Truth Sentinel posts) with Stephen Gianelli's "comments" on the legal issues outstanding between me and Leonard Cohen.  His latest comment involves the "Tax Court" matter and 9th Circuit's decision with respect to the "fraud upon the court" in that matter.  I would therefore like to generally review with you what is going on.  

On October 21, 2004, Leonard Cohen and I parted ways.  He evidently heard that I had (or intended to) report what I felt was tax fraud to IRS.  I had hired an accountant and lawyers who reviewed tax returns and corporate records related to Traditional Holdings, LLC, Blue Mist Touring Company, Inc., etc.  On October 27, 2004, after Cohen and his tax lawyer, Richard Westin, attempted to evade them for a period of time, my lawyers wrote Westin.  He had planned to fly into LA the last weekend of October 2004.  They asked him and his client to meet with them and explain these entities.  Cohen and Westin did attend and had a novel theory by then:  my ownership interest in these entities represented "overpayments" for services rendered as Cohen's personal manager.  My ownership interest in these entities had nothing whatsoever to do with my role as personal manager.  Cohen refused to provide me with corporate accountings and spent approximately seven months or so intermittently threatening me or attempting to coerce me into settlement offers.  Kory himself raised the possibility of my being entitled to 50% community property.  All of this is well documented.  

On or about April 15, 2005, I reported allegations to IRS that Leonard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud.  On June 6, 2005, Neal Greenberg (Cohen's investor and financial consultant) sued Leonard Cohen and Robert Cohen for extortion and raised issues related to witness tampering, bribing a witness, etc.  The pleadings in that case are replete with fraudulent misrepresentations, perjured statements (including in Leonard Cohen's declarations), and reveal the fact that Cohen hired publicists to advance his self-serving, vicious narrative into the public realm.  By this time, Cohen, Kory, and others understood that I reported Cohen's tax fraud to IRS.

I have previously gone into details about the SWAT/King Drew incident, coordinated custody matter, and so forth and have asked IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury to investigate that incident.  The entire King Drew file is fraudulent.  It does not contain my medical data.  It contains another party's social security number, medical number, etc.  

On or around August 15, 2005, Cohen filed a retaliatory lawsuit against me.  He had to publicly confront Greenberg's allegations, understood I had gone to IRS, and used an interview with MacLean's Magazine to spew false statements into the public realm about me.  I was never served that lawsuit and have continuously advised Cohen and his lawyers of that fact.  One lie replaces another with Cohen and his army of lawyers.  Instead of serving me, Cohen took the LA Superior Court complaint (which is nothing other than a fraudulent narrative) and used it to file/amend his tax returns and obtain fraudulent tax refunds.  I discovered those tax refunds in the "IRS Binder" the City Attorney presented to my lawyers.  I have now challenged those refunds (with IRS and FTB) as fraudulent.  By December 2005, it was clear [from the documents in the "IRS Binder'] that Cohen felt ensured of a "default judgment" victory in this case.  A fraudulent default judgment was entered against me, supported by fabricated evidence and perjured declarations, on May 15, 2006.  The judgment was used to tamper with the administration of justice in the Greenberg case before the U.S. District Court in Colorado.  I intend to submit a declaration in that case, now that I have quite a number of the documents, explaining the fraudulent misrepresentations and perjured statements transmitted to that court.  I find it unconscionable that anyone would conclude that it is acceptable (or legal) practice to obtain judgments, verdicts, and orders based on the use of fraud and perjury.  I have a hard time understanding anyone's belief that criminal and/or illicit conduct is "litigation protected."  It's also odd that a U.S. citizen would have no remedy while governments have remedies available to them - perjury and/or fraud prosecutions and so forth. 

On August 9, 2013, after relocating to Los Angeles, I filed a motion to vacate Cohen's fraud default judgment.  LA Superior Court would ultimately deny this motion for procedural issues.  The court also appears to have assigned itself jurisdiction.  I was unaware of the so-called related case until it was brought to my attention in 2010 by Judge Ken Freeman's court reporter.  

On March 17, 2015, I filed a fraud upon the court motion re. Cohen's extensive use of fraud, perjury, and abusive conduct with respect to the January 17, 2014 denial of my motion to vacate and the ongoing misconduct with respect to entry of the original judgment as well.  Of course, at the heart of these matter, is the fact that I was not served.  Cohen and his lawyers also feel comfortable including false statements in their legal pleadings because they have concluded that they are "intrinsic" in nature and I am not entitled to confront or refute them.  

In July 2015, I filed a motion to vacate Cohen's fraudulent domestic violence order.  I was not served or notified of this California order.  LA Superior Court merely assigned me a "dating relationship" with Cohen who routinely sexually harassed and exposed his penis to me.  The City Attorney also believes this is "dating."  In fact, from what I can tell, the City Attorney of Los Angeles believes that Leonard Cohen's conduct annoys him.  The motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order was denied and the judge argued that I should have done something previously although I was unaware of the "domestic violence" order.  

In July 2015, Cohen filed a renewal of his fraud default judgment and added $9 million in fraudulent financial interest to the original fabricated damage amount of $5 million.  The renewal of this judgment, denial of my fraud upon the court motion, denial of my motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order, and Cohen's attempt to conceal/seal evidence are all under appeal.  Cohen believes corporate property, my K-1s, my emails to Cohen, etc. are his personal property.  

I also filed a Petition with Tax Court.  The Court ultimately ruled that it had no jurisdiction over me.  As of the years 2001, 2002, 2003, I was included in TH federal tax returns, issued K-1 partnership documents, and paid taxes.  The $1 million downpayment that was the subject of the Tax Court Petition Cohen filed in 2002 belongs to TH.  That deal closed in 2001.  The $1 million should have then been transferred to BMT as that entity owns all intellectual property assets.  I had a 15% ownership interest in that entity until LA Superior Court provided Cohen with a tool to steal my share of corporate entities, my property, withhhold commissions due me, an d permitted Cohen to transfer the property of suspended corporations to himself.  This has created serious federal tax issues.  Other intellectual property was to be irrevocably assigned to Old Ideas, LLC.  That entity is not named in the judgment.  

During my so-called trial (an opportunity for the City Attorney to sabotage IRS, discredit me, and elicit information from Cohen about Phil Spector and a gun during the LA DA campaign), the City Attorney lied extensively about federal tax and IRS matters.  The prosecutor lied to the jurors and informed them that I am in receipt of the IRS required tax/corporate information.  One juror relied on her statements that Cohen only had $100-150K left in his "retirement account."  A corporate account is not Leonard Cohen's personal account and he was obligated to repay his approximately $7.8 million in loans from that entity with interest - within three years.  I am still not in receipt of this tax/corporate information.  Please see my recent letter to Cohen, attached.  I have spoken recently spoken to IRS about Cohen's ongoing failure to provide me with this information and assured the agent that Cohen could care less if he is "penalized" for the willful failure to provide me with a 1099, etc.  Stephen Gianelli, who continues to harass me, has threatened me over my request for IRS required tax and corporate information vis a vis the fraud "domestic violence" order.  

At this time, four matters are therefore under appeal.  The federal court in California did not approve my fee waiver request so the RICO suit was not filed or served after the merit review. I am able to file a federal suit but, as the court has confirmed, it would have to be a new case. 

Robert Kory spoke to Paulette Brandt's former roommate, Karina Von Watteville, after receiving Ms. Brandt's rental arrears letter some time ago. I have no idea why KVW would phone Cohen's lawyer about that issue because rental amounts due PB are not Leonard Cohen's business.  Kory advised her to sue me, of course.  She then ended up represented by Stephen Gianelli.  She has now filed a baseless lawsuit against me, PB, and another individual, Linda Carol.  She has alleged defamation against me.  We just had a status conference in that case and KVW confirmed that Stephen Gianelli was her legal representative at a certain point in time but she is now pro se.  He continues to harass me over that matter and has recently written some incoherent email about KVW, this suit, and some "wanted poster" that apparently relates to KVW.  KVW has now raised Cohen's fraudulent default judgment, the fraudulent domestic violence order, and "Bruce Cutler" in her Case Management Statement.  She has also informed the court that her business, Cover Girl Studios, LLC has suffered over the alleged defamation.  

Since "Stephen Gianelli" continues to raise "Tax Court" as an issue, I thought I should bring you up-to-date.  I am now going through all legal pleadings Cohen filed with LA Superior Court and then transmitted to IRS.  I am setting forth for IRS the fraudulent misrepresentations and perjured statements contained in those documents.  I will also transmit these documents to other tax authorities and Senator Grassley as I have complained to him about Cohen's fraudulent tax refunds and the use of the fraudulent complaint narrative to obtain those refunds.  I will also ask Senator Grassley to take a look at the fraud domestic violence order, assignment of a dating relationship by LA Superior Court, and VAWA funding fraud and recommend an audit of VAWA funds in California and specifically with respect to the City Attorney of Los Angeles, LA Superior Court, and the CLETS/domestic violence databases.

I trust you're well.

All the best,

Attached:  Tax Request to Leonard Cohen, Word doc with content of Truth Sentinel posts (Spector interview section).

Stephen Gianelli
What is crystal "clear" is that multiple, different judges of federal state trial and appellate courts as well as the tax court and the highest federal appeals court before you get to the Supreme Court have all considered your various claims and rejected them as not only wrong but "frivolous".

Cohen Interview Section: