Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to Dennis Riordan & Bruce Cutler Re. Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector & The Usual Suspects in LA Confidential, the Documentary

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2010@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 6:48 PM
Subject: Re:
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Mr. Riordan and Mr. Cutler,

Gianelli wants to talk about Michelle Blaine, Alan Jackson, and Sandra Jo Streeter.  Let's talk about them:  Streeter elicited information during my trial about Phil Spector.  She used an April 18, 2011 email to the IRS Commissioner's Staff and Cohen's representatives re. requests for tax information but concealed that from the jurors.  In the alternative, she - who noted that she "misspoke" - elicited testimony from Cohen using my alleged email to Dennis Riordan.  No one authenticated my alleged email.  Cohen testified that he couldn't recall how he knew his name which is a dead giveaway.  After concealing the information about IRS and required tax/corporate information, Streeter asked Cohen to confirm that he was a recipient on an email to Dennis Riordan.  Cohen confirmed that he was and proceeded to testify about Phil Spector.  [He was not however copied on the email and perjured himself over this and many issues.]  The DA's so-called "investigator" was in the courtroom.  That was blatant criminal witness tampering.  Horvath blatantly lied to the judge when he said I contacted the DA in 2007.  The DA's investigator rolled by my house about Phillip in 2005.  I met with Phillip's investigator, Dale Kelly, about that interview in 2006.  In 2006, I filed a complaint with the DA's Major Fraud Unit about Cohen's theft, fraud, etc.  Streeter advised the jurors that the DA elected not to prosecute Cohen.  Evidently it was more helpful to have Cohen on the stand testifying about Phillip and a gun which is why there are now three versions of the bullshit Cohen gun story about Phillip before LA Superior Court.  Cohen fantasizes about men - including Castro's forces - holding guns on him.  Streeter also elicited testimony from Cohen about Steve Cooley and Alan Jackson.  Cohen testified that I viewed them - and him - as villains although I've never said that.  He just made stuff up that he felt was salacious.  This is a man who hasn't seen me in over 10 years; failed to provide me with the IRS required tax/corporate information; stole millions from me; slandered me horrendously; and testified that I never stole from him - just his peace of mind and confirmed on the stand that we were in a purely business relationship.  LA Superior Court permits conflicting - perjured - testimony depending upon what courtroom your in.

As for Michelle Blaine:  she worked in tandem with Gianelli in targeting my blog and email accounts.  I have the evidence where she congratulated Gianelli for coming up with the idea.

Investigator Frayeh felt that Gianelli may have found  "sympathetic ear" with Alan Jackson about me.  Do you see where this "story" is headed?


On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 5:10 PM, Kelley Lynch  wrote:


I have advised Gianelli and Cohen's professional army of lawyers that the ongoing harassment, attempts to elicit information, etc. should cease and desist.  Gianelli's subject line references a forwarded email re. "Evidence for IRS meeting" but I didn't write Leonard Cohen's co-conspirator about my personal matters with IRS, FTB, etc.  It seems as though Gianelli is really attempting to elicit information re. my email to Cohen's attorneys of record.  That email addressed the IRS required information (1099, K-1s, corporate accountings) that Cohen willfully and knowingly refuses to provide me.  

Gianelli, who represents Cohen's legal interests, has also attempted to elicit information about FTB.

However, let's look closely at the parties Gianeli named in his email and specifically:  Blaine, Jackson, Streeter, and Von Watteville.  It's quite clear that Leonard Cohen aligned himself with Cooley and Jackson during my trial.  Streeter elicited perjured testimony about Spector, IRS, federal tax matters, etc.  The trial appeared to be an attempt to engage in illegal discovery.  

It is my personal belief that Karina Von Watteville's fraudulent, extortionate lawsuit is also an attempt to engage in illegal discovery.  There is a case status conference on Monday.  Paulette and Linda Carol have not been served the complaint.  I was not notified of the ex parte hearing.  These issues will be addressed with the Court.  And, KVW didn't appear to have a "family emergency" since she was repeatedly in Court with Tom Slater re. his lawsuit against Christian Slater and his mother.  In fact, KVW provided Tom Slater with a legal adviser which is of interest.  We shall see what the Court has to say about KVW's misconduct to date.

In any event, Gianelli is transparent as hell.  I am now filing a motion to dismiss Cohen's wholly owned LLC from the appeal since discovering yesterday that it's status was cancelled.  I also will speak to FTB about the fraudulent LCI K-1s transmitted to IRS since LCI failed to transmit them to FTB.  

For the record, no information conveyed to me by IRS will be publicly discussed.  Who I met with and why will not be publicly discussed.  What I have been advised to do will not be publicly discussed..  If Cohen or his co-conspirators, such as Gianelli, allege otherwise, they are blatantly lying.