Monday, April 4, 2016

Leonard Cohen & Steven Clark Lindsey: Perjuring Misogynists

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 8:20 PM
Subject: The Perjuring Misogynists
To: "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, ": Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, Stan Garnett <>, Mike Feuer <>, "mayor.garcetti" <>, Opla-pd-los-occ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, Whistleblower <>, Attacheottawa <>,, alan hootnick <>, bruce <>

IRS, FBI, and DOJ,

I am reviewing the declarations of Lindsey and Kory submitted to LA Superior Court, following SWAT/Killer King, and used to remove legal custody of Ray from me.  I intend to submit Robert Kory's full declaration but will provide the court with a redacted copy of Lindsey's.  The reason for that is due to the fact that Ray was a minor and his fathers lies and perjured statements are utterly and thoroughly humiliating and disgraceful - towards his son.

In any event, it is quite clear that Cohen and Lindsey have developed their views on statutory required "dating" and "engagement" in similar manners.  They are both aggressive misogynists.  They use children as weapons to target mothers.  The comments about who I will "sleep" with in this town relate to Kory & Rice's repeated communications to Lindsey that I had sex with Oliver Stone and others.  I most certainly did not but Cohen/Kory were determined to stir up a custody matter.  At no time did I advise anyone that I was going to jail.  Why?  Because Cohen is the individual who stole from me and the corporations.  He obviously views this conduct as acceptable because he has a team of lawyers willing to defraud and slander me.  The news media has been too happy to assist with this conduct.  And then there are Cohen's co-conspirators.

Lindsey confirmed that he phoned LAPD.  My neighbors and I did not.  I never told LAPD that I had a gun to my head.  I have asked IRS, FBI, and DOJ to investigate this situation which continues to be used against me - including in the latest "article" Gianelli posted online and has sent to third parties slandering me.

Cohen's co-conspirator continues to harass and target my sons, sister, and Paulette Brandt.  The situation remains unconscionable.

My review of the evidence - for my RICO suit - continues.


P.S.  Please study this video carefully.  It reminds me of Cohen and Kory and their views on women.  That might shock the uninformed but this is an accurate depiction of their misogynistic habits.

Hitler finds out that Eva Braun is a slut

Steven Lindsey Declaration dated May 26, 2005

5.         Approximately five or six years ago [1997], Respondent and I ceased living together.  We established a custodial schedule without the necessity of court intervention, by which we had abided until Respondent lost her job in October 2004.  I would visit with Ray every day after school for a few hours and on Saturdays, and he would sleep at my residence on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

6.         Until approximately October 2004, Respondent worked as a manager for singer/songwriter/poet Leonard Cohen.  However, she was terminated due to suspicion that she stole over $8 million from Mr. Cohen.  It is my understanding that over approximately the past seven months, Mr. Cohen and his attorney, Robert Kory, have been attempting to negotiate with Respond to avoid filing a lawsuit against her.

7.         Mr. Kory’s attempts at negotiation have been without success, and he is on the verge of filing a complaint against Respondent.  A criminal action may also be brought against Respondent, and she has told me sever times that she may face time in jail.  I have noted, and as further discussed below, Respondent seems desperate.

8.         The more Respondent has dealt with the potential lawsuit and the consequences of her illegal actions, as well as the reality that she owes I believe over REDACTED HEARSAY on three of her credit cards, the more mentally unstable Respondent has become.  Her thoughts and behaviors have now reached a point where I believe our son is in danger while in our care, partially because of the following incident that took place on May 25, 2005:  FRAUDULENT SWAT INCIDENT NARRATIVE.

“I then called the police, and the policeman with whom I spoke informed me that they had already received many telephone calls regarding Respondent’s behavior (presumably from her neighbors) and that the police were already on their way.  The policeman also informed me that Respondent had now locked herself inside her residence and that she told the police she had a gun to her head and was going to kill herself.  He asked me to come to the house to describe the layout to the police officers there.”

“I went to the house and described the layout.  To the best of my recollection, there were approximately 20 police officers surrounding the house.  One policeman asked me whether there were any guns in the house, and Rutger responded that he owned a shotgun, which he kep in the guesthouse.” 

“After my conversation with the police, I picked up Ray from the bottom of Respondent’s street, and he went home with Dinah.  He was very shook up.”  [Ray was at the bottom of the hill with Cloris Leachman]

9.         … I am also very concerned that she is going to run away to Tibet with Ray as soon as she is released from the psychiatric hospital without telling anybody they are leaving.  I have a bad feeling that, because things are quickly closing in with Mr. Cohen, Respondent is about to run from the law.”

“b.  Approximately three weeks ago, when I approached Respondent and told her to contact Mr. Cohen to negotiate a deal, she responded that maybe she should just go and live in Tibet.”

“d.  On or about May 23, 2005, I received an email from Respondent stating, ‘If you ever attack me the way you did the other day, I will call the police and have you arrested.  I am going to explain this to Ray today.  Beyond that, if I go to Tibet – he is coming with me …” 

“10.  On or about May 3, 2005, I received an email from Respondent stating that she will ‘sleep with everyone in the DA’s office, every judge in town, every fucking lousy lawyer and somehow after I’ve cast this spell, I will manage to tell my story … I’m also going to be having sex with probation officers, wardens, Criminal Investigators at the DA’s office, inmates, and anyone I can think of … Love, Mata Hari (tell Kory my real name also).’”

“iv.  On or about May 3, 2005, I received another email from Respondent stating, ‘Also tell Kory I plan to sleep with his father and ex-wife.  If they’re not careful, I’ll have sex with Leonard & Adam.  Before you know it – all of LA will be under my spell.  I’m going to sleep with movie producers, agents, and hair dressers.  Authors.  I’ll be busy – you might have to pick Ray up at school more often.” 

“v.  On or about May 3, 2005, Respondent sent me another email, stating ‘Tell Kory this:  I’m going to call the Child Protection agency myself.  Very soon now.  They are threatening Ray’s mother with jail and this information was also told to Ray’s grandparents.  I really don’t like this story.  I will take Ray right into that agency and have him tell this story.  It’s downright abusive – of Robert Kory and Leonard Cohen.  Read these words:  they are deadly serious.  No one – including you – will put my children in any type of problematic situation.  Child Protection Agency to me is a much better place than John Grenner or a therapist.  Why – look at the name of the Agency:  Child Protection … Do you see where we are going?  Get a lawyer and get out of my story.  Kelley Protection Agency.”

“h.  Respondent told me during our telephone conversation on or about May 19, 2005 that she was so desperate for a job that she was thinking about becoming a hooker.”   OUTRAGEOUS LIE.

“16.     I am concerned about giving Respondent notice of my ex parte request … Moreover, I am unable to give Respondent notice because she was arrested on May 25, 2005 and placed in a psychiatric hospital for 72 hours.  I therefore request that this order by issued without notice.”

Dated May 26, 2005

Robert Kory Declaration dated May 26, 2005

3.  Mr. Cohen and I have evidence demonstrating that Ms. Lynch stole over $8 million from Mr. Cohen over a period of approximately six to seven years.  Because of same, Mr. Cohen terminated Ms. Lynch’s employment in or about late October, 2004.  Since that time, we have attempted to negotiate with Ms. Lynch to resolve the matter without the necessity of court intervention. 

4.         Approximately three weeks ago, Ms. Lynch appeared at my office with her son, Ray, without an appointment and demanded to see me.  When I walked into the lobby, she demanded that I listen to what she had to say.  Then she began interrogating Ray, asking him leading questions and waiting for what appeared to be his rehearsed answers, such as:

Ms. Lynch’s question:  Who is the victim in this case?
Ray’s response:  You are, mom.
Ms. Lynch’s question:  Who is the evil person in this case?
Ray’s response:  Leonard Cohen.
Ms. Lynch’s question:  Are you afraid that your mother is going to go to jail?
Ray’s response:  Yes.

6.         When she finished questioning Ray, she turned to me and stated, “Ray is going to be my witness when you try to destroy me” and then she left.