Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kelley Lynch's Email to Alan Hootnick Re. Leonard Cohen, Steve Lindsey, Jennifer Lindsey, Stephen Gianelli & Their Alleged Book/Movie Project

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 7:35 AM
To: alan hootnick <>, Stephen Gianelli <>,, "" <>, "" <>

Alan Hootnick,

I have ten or more emails from the criminal stalker, Gianelli, this morning.  He wants to discuss Paulette Brandt (an individual he doesn't know but defrauded with Karina Von Watteville after she phoned Leonard Cohen's lawyers), my email to you about the "book" or "movie" project that may involve Jennifer Lindsey and Gianelli, self-represented litigants, RICO, etc.

Did you know that Gianelli has information that a criminal attorney evidently resides in the guest room and therefore he has written that Paulette and I are a "couple."

Gianelli and Jennifer Lindsey have been advised to cease and desist.  If you want to discuss their "project" with them, please do so privately.  Gianelli's harassing emails made my younger son physically ill.

Does Gianelli want to discuss SWAT/Killer King?  Well, who is representing there?  His pals on the Spector prosecution or his client, Leonard Cohen?  Have you seen Gianelli and Kory/Rice's squabble on Scribd?  It's fascinating.

If you have any comments on this email from Gianelli, let me know.

Kelley Lynch

--- On Mon, 3/7/16,
 Kelley Lynch <>

  From: Kelley
 Lynch <>
  To:  "alan hootnick" <>
  Date: Monday, March 7, 2016, 8:59 PM
  Alan Hootnick,

 I'm wondering if you would answer a
 question.  I received a call yesterday about my former
 stepdaughter, a  deeply troubled  individual who assaulted me, from a friend of mine who
 knows Lorca Cohen and the Cohen, Lindsey
 families.  He also happens to be a  lawyer.
She's evidently writing a  book about me.  The person said that
 Gianelli is involved with her.
  I assumed he was based on
 his emails  to me.  This is a young
 woman whose school advised me that if they
 woke up and read that she murdered us they
 wouldn't be surprised. 

 That was  a Catholic High School.  Many of her teachers were in my
  house half the day every day.
 Because my sons have been relentlessly
 targeted by Gianelli, who appears to be involved with
 Jennifer  Lindsey,
 I thought perhaps
 you would have the balls to respond.

 You're Gianelli's friend, right?  If Jennifer
 Lindsey wants to
blackmail me, she
 should consult an attorney.  Her father was an
abusive man and I have plenty of
 witnesses, a report from Child
 Services, and other evidence.  Let me put it this way - he
 his son and aligned with
 himself with Leonard Cohen.
  I found the
 call I received yesterday bizarre but the person assured
 me that they know Lorca Cohen and I know
 they do for a fact.

  Kelley Lynch