Friday, September 11, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email To IRS Chief Trial Counsel's Office Re. Leonard Cohen & Her Cease & Desist Letters To Criminal Stalker Stephen Gianelli

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: Cease & Desist, Gianelli
To: STEPHEN GIANELLI <>, "*IRS.Commisioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, Opla-pd-los-occ <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, Mike Feuer <>, "mayor.garcetti" <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, Whistleblower <>, Attacheottawa <>,,, Dennis <>

Hi Mr. Fabian,

Please review Ann Diamond's short piece on the criminal known as Gianelli.  By the way, she finds this transcript INFORMATIVE AND REVEALING.  

As you know, retaliation over reports to law enforcement, etc. (including re.the allegations that Cohen committed criminal tax fraud) is illegal.  Gianelli has written me that the IRS denied a reward claim relating to me.  I have never heard anything so INSANE in my life.  I have advised IRS that I wouldn't take a reward if I was required to live in a cave.  I personally believe Gianelli's moonlighting for someone.  He also, as someone just wrote me, gets off on his conduct and appears to be amused. 

Hopefully, you can see that I've advised him to CEASE AND DESIST.  If Robert Kory, or any of Cohen's representatives, contact you about my Petition, please maintain copies.  I don't need the further annoyance right now.  I'll address this issue, the fraud upon the District Court in Colorado, District Court in the Central Division, Tax Court, and with respect to the fraud Cohen used to defend himself with IRS and obtain illegal tax [refunds] in my federal RICO suit.

I do believe this Criminal should immediately stop harassing me.  One detail I am interested in is Gianelli's position that Pat Dixon - who fears Eminem's lyric to the song "PUKE" (including the reference to "dry humping") - was behind some of the Boulder PD activity I was in constant contact with FBI in Denver about.  They didn't think the cops were behind it.  They were involved.  The State of Kentucky felt the IRS should audit Cohen from 1970 onwards.

That's when he obtained his green card.  Gianelli cannot address any of this.  He doesn't know me and didn't know Cohen the entire time I worked with him - for 20 years.  Gianelli has been criminally harassing me since he heard from Kory's partner, Michelle Rice, in May or June 2009.  Keep that in mind.  The man lies as easily as he breaths.  Ann Diamond nailed him.  And he is falsely accusing her also.  That works for Cohen as well.


On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 1:55 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


Cease and desist.  What does Boulder have to do with it?  It just explains the Ramsey case and the fact that Boulder has a serious problem with pedophiles.  The police are well aware of that fact.  The manager was a liar who lied to the Sheriff's Department who served my subpoena and didn't act properly (according to the owner).

In any event, I won a jury trial on the ONLY ISSUE I was arrested over.  I understand that prosecutors falsely stack charges when they don't have a case.

Study Ann Diamond's piece on you.  Mr. Fabian should as well.  I think you wrote the bloody stump email and there's probable cause to believe that because you create  these types of monikers and are a dangerously unstable, obsessed psychopath.

You didn't contact Mr. Fabian over my motions with respect to your wrongful communications with his office.  You simply cannot stop lying.  Your a perfect Leonard Cohen operative:  A DANGEROUS CLOWN.

Kelley Lynch

When Stephen Gianelli’s emails land in my inbox, mostly out of the blue and unsolicited, they are so overflowing with repetitive accusations, misinformation, threats, self-aggrandizing boasts, undiluted rage, and general nastiness that it's next to impossible to read to the end of one of them. My impulse is always to ignore them and tell him to stop sending them. That he seems to have unlimited energy  and endless time to go over all these details with someone he does not know in an attempt to win me over, while at the same time he constantly accuses me of having an ancient axe to grind with Cohen (i.e. I'm a hopeless case, as far as he's concerned, so he's barking furiously up the wrong tree), would under normal circumstances be a sign of mental imbalance.

He always throws in plenty of insults, false statements and fanciful deductions. His tone is that of a pitbull straining at the leash and gives me flashbacks of a courtroom where I’m being cross-examined by a vicious criminal lawyer whose whole strategy is to exhaust and terrorize the witness. Gianelli’s game is to complicate and obfuscate, mixing legal arguments with irrelevant nonsense. He seems to assume his opponent is stupid and weak and can be overwhelmed by a word-salad. I think some of this could be caused by his overuse of "copy and paste" --  he's in a hurry and not really writing "to me" or trying to make a persuasive argument. He doesnt reread his emails to see what kind of message they actuall convey: that the writer is standing on some soapbox in his mind, shouting at the world, like certain mental patients you see walking the streets who seem to be mad at the air, the cars, the sidewalk.

He's obviously not interested in holding a discussion, getting to the truth, or looking beyond the various documents he "downloaded at his own expense"  -- and as anyone with common sense knows, legal documents don't prove what really happened in 2004-5.  They convey some of the evidence, all of it coming from one side.

Gianelli's explanation as to why he's been out to get Kelley Lynch since 2008, does not make sense either. He claims she slandered him and called him names on the internet, and in revenge he has totally immersed himself in her legal case. To the point of contacting her relatives and friends, spreading false stories about her, making up quotes, “writing her in jail”, posting photos of her residence and roommates on his blog – for the past seven years. Nobody in their right mind, let alone a 'successful trial lawyer' -- who has no material interest in this case, and is not a paid shill -- behaves like this. It's not just extremely unprofessional, it would land him on 'stress leave' or in serious trouble with his colleagues and peers if he were still practicing. Hiding behind the handle Blogonaut would not conceal his identity for long, especially not on the porous internet. His badly written and often illogical, emotional rants would embarrass and bring him close to  professional suicide.

But apparently since he's retired, and apparently well-off, and lives in a comfortable tax haven on Crete, he doesn't seem to care and just indulges his childish fantasies and catty remarks with his tiny circle of  cronies. It’s fairly obvious he uses alternate accounts and different IDs, e.g. “Mongochili,” to make it appear others read his blog and share his ‘obcession’ with Lynch. His sheer extremism indicates he is either a “rogue criminal lawyer” gone slightly postal, or a paid agent of Leonard Cohen and/or his legal team.  I think the latter.

I think his over-the-top campaign will have the opposite effect than the one intended: it can only make people suspicious of the case against Kelley Lynch. Otherwise, why not let justice take its course? Why subject her to endless attacks over the internet if she has already been declared guilty? This kind of harassment resembles 'gang stalking' -- except that Gianelli seems to be both the leader and most of the membership of his own gang.

Gianelli is like no other email correspondent I have ever had. A single-paragraph response from my end always leads to a flood from his. Each exchange is like a trip down a rabbithole of  irrational rage. Here and there he mixes in details and facts which might be worth discussing, if they weren’t drowned by high-volume invective. Of course this could be a tactic:  if he really was ever a successful trial lawyer, it may have been by being an insufferable bully. Or maybe most of his cases involved low-life criminals or people with little or no education. 
He claims to have accurately predicted the outcome of every Lynch hearing -- but then so could I. As we all know, cases are won on technicalities. That's one of the reasons, including the 10-year series of precedents, that I am not surprised the judge dismissed Kelley's motion.

If Gianelli were truly a respectable lawyer, he would restrict his comments to these legal matters, and not engage in bizarre slander and speculation. He would have no need to bring up my "past" - or a wacked version of it that sounds like it came from someone on Cohen's   dis-info team. He draws from a psychological profile that is easily recognizable because I have heard it from other Cohen groupies. As someone who saw a bit too much when I knew Cohen, I’m no stranger to slander, I've written out my story on a public blog etc. where anyone can read what I have to say. Much of what I have written on Cohen was initially to defend myself against gossip and rumours that were circulated (and believed) by some of his friends. My side is completely different, much more detailed and accurate. It's also quite revealing of the life of a clever pop idol in our celebrity-worshiping culture. There's no point in my arguing with people who base their opinions on ridiculous myths, like the 'restraining order' that never was. Cohen's deceptive tactics have not really evolved in the past twenty years, since he used them on me.

I really don't care if Gianelli thinks I am a star-struck 'scorned woman' who never got over her passing encounter with greatness. This Mafia-style lawyer's fixed opinions, based on trashy clichés say much more about him than they do about me or my writing, or why I became interested in what really happened to Kelley Lynch.

And of course, no one would ever suspect Leonard Cohen of encouraging Gianelli. But in my experience, Gianelli is exactly the kind of human megaphone Cohen places in charge of his 'secret business.' Like other clowns from Cohen's private entourage that I have met over the years, he may not even realize he's being used because he is ridiculous and therefore disposable. It's a fascinating system that owes much to the criminal underworld that Leonard Cohen skirts with all the skill of someone born into it. I'm sure Gianelli feels at home, and knows his place, in that world where he acts the part of a useful idiot whose job is to create a circus atmosphere and put the audience into a deeper state of trance.

I am by now firmly convinced Lynch is a patsy/victim of a weird consortium of Cohen associates, clueless supporters, and Cohen himself. If I hadn't lived next door to Leonard Cohen, and witnessed similar dynamics twenty years ago, I might believe differently. But the essence of what happened to Kelley also happened to me, two decades ago, on a lesser scale with lower stakes. It was relatively easy for me to walk away from it back then – my reputation was damaged but my life was not utterly destroyed by my association with Leonard Cohen, as Kelley's was.

I empathize with her situation, and see it as just one more story of the corruption that is sinking the whole world. I know Leonard Cohen would agree with that. He would only disagree with the idea that we all have an obligation to oppose injustice, rather than 'let it go by' and even profit from it. 

Ann D.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Stephen R. Gianelli <>
Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 12:29 PM
Subject: RE: Cease & Desist, Gianelli
To: Kelley Lynch <>


From: Kelley Lynch []
Sent: Friday, September 11, 2015 9:30 PM
To: STEPHEN GIANELLI; *IRS.Commisioner; Washington Field; ASKDOJ; Division, Criminal; Doug.Davis; Dennis; MollyHale; nsapao; fsb; rbyucaipa; khuvane; blourd; Robert MacMillan; a; wennermedia; Mick Brown; glenn.greenwald; Harriet Ryan; hailey.branson; Stan Garnett; Mike Feuer; mayor.garcetti; Opla-pd-los-occ; Kelly.Sopko; Whistleblower; Attacheottawa;
Subject: Cease & Desist, Gianelli

Stephen Gianelli,

I am addressing your ongoing harassment over Leonard Cohen legal matters, my countless cease and desist letters, your false and slanderous accusations (made to government agencies and others), the harassment of my sons and others, your attempts to threaten and intimidate witnesses, your attempts to infiltrate matters and elicit information, your provocations, and your communication with Mr. Fabian of the IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office.  Given the fact that you have repeatedly harassed me with docket information from the Tax Court and actually emailed me documents you downloaded from Tax Court (re. my Petition), it is obvious that you did not actually contact Mr. Fabian for copies of documents which would be an inappropriate request in any event.  I have addressed this situation with Tax Court, Mr. Fabian, and advised you to cease and desist.

As for vile and obscene emails, I remain convinced that you sent the “bloody stump” email and other emails using the moniker 14th Sheepdog which you created and used on your entirely slanderous blog.
I, and others, have maintained the harassing emails you have sent since hearing from Cohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice, in May 2009.  You are a chronic pathological liar so your self-serving characterizations will not replace the actual evidence.  That evidence has been submitted to IRS, FBI, and DOJ. 

I have not accused you of being a pedophile.  You attempted to (and did) lure my then minor son into privately communicating with you.  I have stated – very clearly – that any adult stranger who attempts to communicate with a minor should be viewed as a potential sexual predator.  I have no idea who you are and neither do either of my sons who have addressed this ongoing criminal harassment (and other issues) in their declarations submitted to numerous courts.  Ray was quite clear when he informed you, Walsh, and Lawrence that your emails made him physically ill (and noted that Michelle Rice had been copied in) and Rutger was equally clear when he advised you to “shut up” and then addressed your copying him in on an email to the City Attorney by noting that you and Walsh appear to be two “fruitcakes” who stay up all night conjuring up insane accusations.

On Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 7:35 AM, Rutger Penick  wrote [in response to Gianelli/Walsh’s communications with the City Attorney – copying him in]:

Wow, you guys are ridiculous. What did you do last night? Thinking of things to write? Bravo fruitcakes. Suzanne [Walsh]and Gianelli are meant for each other, thunder buddies?

Rutger Penick
IT Support Specialist

I have never accused Leonard Cohen or ripping Rutger’s fingers off.  He and the City Attorney, who elicited that obscene and vile testimony, are the individuals that made this false statement.  I am well aware of the criminal negligence in the Whole Foods matter and repeatedly contacted the District Attorney’s office requesting that they investigate and prosecute the responsible parties.  This is also a very serious public health issue. 
Actually, Leonard Cohen is the individual who sexually harassed me, forced me to read business/legal documents to him while he soaked in bubble baths, and exposed his penis to me.

I have stated that you appear amused by your repulsive conduct and seem to get off on it.  I am aware that Pat Dixon views Eminem’s song “Puke” and his statements about “dry humping” as a threat to him.  I am also aware that Alan Jackson views Eminem’s song “Love the Way You Lie” as being about him.   I am a friend of Phil Spector’s and remain utterly loyal to him.  I have made that abundantly clear since the incident at his home whereby Clarkson shot herself and endangered his life.

I have no idea if Judge Ken Freeman is corrupt or not.  LA Superior Court entered a judgment against me, wrongfully converted my property to Cohen, and failed to obtain jurisdiction over me.  I know a judge in the Bay Area asked if Freeman was senile or old and his clerk simply had him sign a highly questionable judgment that inserted corporations – not named as parties to the suit – into it.

A jury heard the Boulder PD matter and did not believe Boulder PD.  I’m not certain why anyone involved in the matter would brag about that fact.  I have stated, and Rutger’s declaration confirms this, that LAPD informed my son that they would shoot me and my dog.  They also informed my son that they were there because my dog was my alleged hostage and they were taking precautions.  I don’t believe LAPD was at my house for a friendly visit.  I can assure you of that and believe they endangered the life of my son who they willfully disregarded.

My letters, including this one, have advised you to cease and desist and addressed your ongoing criminal harassment, stalking, threats, false accusations, slanderous and defamatory statements, blatant lies, witness intimidation, and so forth.  You most certainly appear to be an unofficial member of Leonard Cohen’s legal team. 
Kelley Lynch

P.S.  Leonard Cohen retaliated against me after hearing that I intended to report his tax fraud to IRS.  I was advised that the “informant” actually advised Cohen that I wrote the IRS Chief Trial Counsel’s office on July 25, 2004.  Cohen personally addressed these matters with me in the fall of 2004.  Given the fact that you were not involved with either Cohen or myself for the 20 years I worked with him, you are not in a position to address his retaliation, theft, tax fraud, or conduct with respect to me.  Cohen has a pattern of falsely accusing others, using operatives, and lying.