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Leonard Cohen's Latest Sophomoric Narrative

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 9:27 AM
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Jarkko Arjatsalo,

I see that your site continues to slander me with yet another inane Leonard Cohen narrative.  It's right up there with his stories about Phil Spector, Janis Joplin, Bay of Pigs, Yom Kippur War, and his participation in CIA's MKULTRA.

Leonard Cohen feels harassed because he failed to serve me, refuses to provide me with IRS required tax information, and I (as well as my sons and others) have been relentlessly targeted by the criminal stalker, Stephen Gianelli.  That's fascinating.  

I have a right to seek legal remedies.  Cohen, on the other hand, has no right to slander and defame me.  Why don't you take a look at my son's declaration.  He hasn't been in touch with Cohen but has been relentlessly targeted by Gianelli and other psychopaths.  That would include, but is not limited to, Phil Spector's former assistant Michelle Blaine and Cohen's fan Susanne Walsh.

There has been no psychological evaluation.  Cohen is the individual with the long and publicly documented history of drugs and alcohol abuse and psychiatric problems.  He has now decided that we were "lovers" and the City Attorney was only too happy to work with a "domestic violence" quack although there was and remains no "domestic violence."  I have, of course, filed a motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order and do intend to pursue these matters to the U.S. Supreme Court.  I also plan to file a federal RICO suit against Cohen since LA Superior Court seems to think that failure to serve someone together with fraud and perjury are perfectly acceptable.

I am well aware that your site is approved by Cohen and his representatives.  I am also aware of the fact that Stephen Gianelli is a criminal proxy.

Kelley Lynch


Postby stephengianelli on Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:40 am
On June 23, 2015 Los Angeles judge, Robert L. Hess, denied Kelley Lynch’s second motion to vacate Leonard Cohen’s 9-year old $7M default judgement based on, among other allegations, Ms. Lynch’s claim that she was never served with the suit. (The same judge had already ruled on January 17, 2014 that the suit was properly served on her and that she had actual notice of it.)

If you are interested in reading further, Kelley Lynch posted Leonard Cohen’s opposition to the motion here: ... -15#scribd 
Some highlights:

Lynch’s motion exceeded 1,100 pages in length and attached hundreds of written communications between Leonard Cohen’s former and present attorneys.

On April 29, 2015 Judge Hess granted Cohen’s motion to seal that attorney-client privileged correspondence that Lynch obtained while Cohen’s manager.

As Lynch later admitted, she supported her motion with a number of declarations that Lynch (and not the witnesses) signed the declarant’s names to (referenced in Cohen’s opposition as “fabricated”).

As a result of what Cohen believes to be the frivolous and harassing nature of Lynch’s motion, he has filed a motion for “non-monetary” court sanctions (including ordering the return of attorney-client privileged documents and barring Lynch from further filings in the case) which Lynch posted here: ... -15#scribd 

Lynch has stated in mass emails and on her blog that she will now take the following actions:

1. Appeal Judge Hess’ ruling “to the United States supreme Court if necessary”;

2. Sue Cohen + his attorneys for damages in federal district court, attaching the same correspondence that Judge Hess sealed;

3. File a petition in United States Tax Court, attaching the entire 2005 file resulting in the loss of custody of her son (that she blames on Cohen) as well as Cohen’s sanctions motion, thereby bringing to the attention of the Tax Court alleged tax improprieties by Cohen dating back to 2001; 

4. File a “motion to vacate” the 2008 Colorado restraining order registered in California that Lynch was convicted of violating in 2012.


Postby 199Dan on Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:29 am
How sad............................for all involved !
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Postby stephengianelli on Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:53 am
You are compassionate beyond words.

Of course it is a little harder to feel compassion for a person who embezzled YOUR entire retirement account just months before you planned on retiring, and instead of expressing remorse dedicated the next decade of her life to trying to destroy your peace of mind and reputation through 24/7 harassment – recently taking the form of 1,000 page, frivolous court filings that cost you tens of thousands of dollars in attorney time to respond to every time a new “motion” is filed – with no end in sight.

Nor do I believe that there is any parity involved between the parties. Of course that is just my personal opinion. You are certainly entitled to your views.


Postby Patrycja on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:53 am
Hi Stephen - thanks for the info, once again. I'm of two minds about this: on one side, any info written in any public outlet only fuels the fire - it's what she wants; on the other, fans care about Leonard and want to know how things are progressing, hoping that this longstanding legal battle very finally comes to a positive end for him. 

It seems that LC is more than capable of dealing with the ongoing attacks, though her persistence is at the very least disturbing. What is good, if I can put it that way, is that his people know the kind of person they're dealing with. She has not made, to my knowledge, threats of violence towards Leonard or whoever else she's after, and has not acted on them. Hardly a silver lining, I know, with the ongoing financial and psychological strain that this must be putting those involved through. She just can't seem to accept the truth, the court loss and the lack of attention; seems it's never enough. 

I very much hope that she gets put in some mental facility that limits her contact with Leonard et al, including the Supreme Court, good grief (watch her then try to sue it when she doesn't get her way lol), putting an end to this histrionic, misguided crusade once and for all. I do also hope that she is graced with some measure of peace; this is a hard way to go through life.

Blessings and protection to all involved at the receiving end of all of this.
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Postby stephengianelli on Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:22 pm

Thank you for the kind words.

You should be aware that there are responsible people who believe that Kelley Lynch is capable of violence.

This belief finds support in some of the answering machine that Lynch left on Leonard Cohen's home answering machine. The emotional content of these messages, which have persisted since Cohen fired then sued her in 2005, has been described as "chilling". In some of the messages Lynch says point blank in a very angry voice that Cohen "needs to be taken out and shot". 

Kelley Lynch has also written emails and left voice messages threatening the "execution" of Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and in 2014 Kelley Lynch was returned to jail for 6-months after she threatened to kill her trial prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter.

According to a psychological evaluation made public at Kelley Lynch's April, 2012 sentencing hearing, there is a substantial risk of violence on Lynch's part. I am aware of a second expert risk assessment that concludes the same thing.

I believed for a long time that Kelley Lynch was mentally ill and simply could not help herself. Lynch has disproven that hypothesis by showing that she is capable of obeying court orders when she fears incarceration. She obeyed temporary protection orders issued at her criminal sentencing prohibiting further contact with two of Cohen's lawyers and with NYC attorney Bruce Cutler, but pretty much to the day that these orders expired and she go out of jail following her probation violation, Lynch resumed contacting all of these persons.

The fear is that once Lynch is cut off from all avenue to continue to harass Leonard Cohen in court, that the frustration will build until she acts out violently.

I am still on her mailing list and I can assure you that she is an extremely angry person - as one would expect, since she blames Cohen for the loss of custody of her son, the loss of her job, the foreclosure of and eviction from her home, and what she continually refers to as "the destruction of my life".

Unfortunately, she is quite bright and high functioning and not mentally ill in any traditional sense.