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Kelley Lynch's Email To DOJ's Office On Violence Against Women & Leonard Cohen's Fraudulent Domestic Violence Order

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 12:48 PM
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Hello Office on Violence Against Women,

I am dealing with a situation in Los Angeles and would like to file a formal complaint with your office and request an investigation into VAWA funds.  

I am in an ongoing dispute with singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.  This has been ongoing for approximately 10 years.  Cohen failed to serve me the summons and complaint in his lawsuit (Case No. BC338322 LA Superior Court) that was essentially his defense to my reporting allegations that he committed criminal tax fraud to IRS and other tax authorities.  You can read further details about this ongoing situation in this article:

Leonard Cohen has used fraudulent restraining orders to discredit me, prevent me from serving as a credible witness, and to silence me.  He has also used them to prevent me from requesting (and his providing me with) IRS required tax and corporate information.  To make a long story short, Leonard Cohen - in the midst of a European tour - flew into Boulder, Colorado (where I was staying at the time) and obtained a restraining order when his Los Angeles Superior Court order was expiring.  I have no details about the LA Superior Court order.  The Colorado order was issued without any findings whatsoever.  I simply advised the Court that I thought the proceedings were insane and asked her to enter the order.  I later discovered that Cohen filed an entirely perjured and fraudulent declaration and most certainly did not agree to any order based on fraud or perjury.  I filed a Motion to Quash.  Leonard Cohen then took that order, which I believe was used to set me up, and registered it in California using domestic violence form DV-600.  This wrongfully converted the Boulder order into a domestic violence order in California.  I have spoken with the Judicial Council and they disagree with Cohen's legal theory that the use of domestic violence form DV-600 is mandatory when filing an out-of-state non-domestic violence order.  There were no findings of domestic violence anywhere.  There were no findings.

The City Attorney, who lied about many federal tax issues and me personally, then decided that I was in a "dating relationship" with Leonard Cohen.  I was arrested for violating the domestic violence order.  The jurors wanted to hear from the IRS because the City Attorney argued that my requests for tax information were a "ruse."  They were not. A tremendous amount of evidence was concealed and the same email was basically printed out over and over.  The IRS was meeting about their potential testimony but the judge refused to permit the IRS agent to take the stand.  In any event, I am filing a federal RICO suit and this entire matter is retaliation over the fact that I reported Cohen's criminal tax fraud allegations to IRS.

My question for you is this:  how do I file a formal complaint with your office requesting an investigation into VAWA funding fraud and LA Superior Court's attempt to extort domestic violence fines/fees from me and require me to attend domestic violence classes?  This is all based on the fraudulent domestic violence form registration.  There are more details that I don't have time to get into right now.  And, I can assure you that I am not the only person in LA who has been assigned a "dating relationship."  Something is wrong.

I also believe there should be an investigation into the placement of this non-domestic violence order - fraudulent or otherwise - into a domestic violence database in California.  There are already serious problems with fraud and restraining orders.  That's a known fact.  However, what is going on here is out of control.

I look forward to hearing from you and enclosed the Boulder Combined Court's email confirming that the order is not domestic violence.  Gabrielle Selden, Judicial Council, advised me that Cohen was not permitted to use form DV-600 to register the Colorado order and there is no mandatory form re. the non-domestic violence civil harassment orders.  Cohen and his lawyers are now embellishing their insane story.  The involvement of half the local government in LA here makes this particularly disturbing.

Leonard Cohen and I were never in a dating relationship.  He did sexually harass me and expose himself to me.  The City Attorney thinks that annoyed him.  I am also attaching a declaration from someone who did date Leonard Cohen and seems to see right through him.  She also knows that when confronted with his lies - he will never back down.  His response to my Motion to Vacate the fraud domestic violence order in California is evidence of that.  He also has a history of fabricating and embellishing stories.  And, based on his fantasies about me, I do believe his long publicly documented history of psychiatric problems, drug and alcohol abuse should be taken into consideration.  I've also enclosed my son's declaration.  Both of my sons have been criminally harassed over this situation for over six straight years now.

I would like to send you a package and want to know if you have a formal complaint process re. VAWA fraud.  

All the best,
Kelley Lynch

From: Selden, Gabrielle <>
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 1:25 PM
Subject: RE: Information and resources for your family law case
To: Kelley Lynch <>


I see that you have also been researching.

First, I want to answer your question about CLETS-001. This form is not relevant to your issue. It is required to be filed by a party seeking a temporary domestic violence restraining order in family court.

I have confirmed with my colleagues who specialize in civil court matters and forms that the Judicial Council has not adopted a mandatory form equivalent to DV-600 for the registration of an out-of-state civil harassment order. This does not mean that the out-of-state order cannot be entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS). It just means that the method of achieving entry of the order into CLETS is a matter of judicial discretion.

I regret that I am not able to refer you to the correct form, but I hope this information will be helpful to you in deciding your course of action.


Gabrielle D. Selden, Attorney                                                                                                                                      
Center for Families, Children & the Courts
 |  Operations and Programs Division
Judicial Council of California
455 Golden Gate Avenue,  San Francisco, CA 94102-3688
415-865-8085 | |
 From: "xiefeng" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 14:32:19 -0600
Subject: RE: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Thank you,

You may refer to the attachment (ICON) and Motion for Civil Protection Order I have sent you to verify my answers. I will not charge you for this document.

1. The Order regarding the motion to dismiss PPO was denied on 1/12/09.

2. The temporary restraining order expired on that date (2/15/09) and the PPO was granted on 9/2/08.

3. This case is not a domestic violence case which can be verified on the top right of the first page of the ICON;  noted as "Type:
Protection Order". On the motion for civil protection order, the Petitioner only checked off Stalking and Physical Assault, Threat, or Other Situation but not Domestic Abuse.

4. I cannot verify when the PPO was received from any other agencies besides the Court. Again the court granted the PPO on 9/2/08.

5. The PPO hearing was held on 9/2/08 and will cost $35 for an audio recording. If you require a written transcript you will need to go through Tami with CTS West and her contact number is 720-922-3581.

6. If the PPO has restricted you from filing your taxes then you would need to motion the court to request specifically what you need or require to complete your taxes. The motion will then be determined by the Judge to either grant or dismiss the motion.

I will waive the request fee as this was completed in November of 2013. If you require anymore documents from this case I will need to charge you  a $5 research fee and $.25 per copy.

Thank you,

Feng Xie
Judicial Assistant - Research
20th Judicial District

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Cc: Paulette Brandt
Subject: Re: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request

Hello Feng,

There are several pieces of information I need.  My friend, Paulette Brandt, and I have been told (on approximately six occasions) that Leonard Cohen's restraining order expired on February 15, 2009.  We were also advised that a Motion to Dismiss was entered on January 12, 2009.  I was not a resident of Boulder, Colorado when this restraining order was granted and left shortly after the hearing.  I may not have received certain documents.  I am requesting the following:

1.  Information regarding the Motion to Dismiss that was entered (and appears in the computer database) on January 12, 2009.

2.  Information regarding the expired restraining order (and appears in the computer database) on February 15, 2009.

3.  Any and all information that would establish that this order (originally granted based on a business relationship) was modified and re-issued as a domestic violence order.

4.  The date this order was entered into any federal, state, or local database.

5.  The amount it would cost to acquire a copy of the "secret" hearing Leonard Cohen attended that led to the judge issuing a temporary restraining order.

6.  Any information that would support Leonard Cohen's legal position and testimony that Judge Enichen had jurisdiction to prevent me from requesting information needed to file my federal and state tax returns.  That is how this order has been used and there is testimony to support this.  I am unclear how a local order can override IRS rules and requirements.

What I would like to know is how much it will cost to obtain this information and hearing CD.

Thank you,

Kelley Lynch