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The Moonlighting Stalker, Stephen Gianelli, Argues Phil Spector Prosecution Theories Online & Leonard Cohen Legal Matters

From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch.2013@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 4:06 PM
Subject: Re:
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Dallas FBI,

One last point.  Do listen to Paulette Brandt and my Truth Sentinel interviews.  You will see Gianelli's attacks on me and Ann Diamond.  That's part of his M.O. - slandering me online.  He is an agent provocateur/infiltrator who has relentlessly targeted and harassed me for years.  He used me as a pretext to contact Bruce Cutler.  My three emails to Cutler, entered into evidence by Cutler, are now a huge legal issue.  Phil Spector had a right to know about Cooley aligning himself with Cohen.  My public defender did later google Phil Spector and Dennis Riordan's addresses for me.  I didn't have my address book in jail.  I then wrote them and heard back directly from Phil Spector himself.  Paulette and I know his handwriting and it's definitely his writing.  In any event, if you look at his comments about Clarkson's DNA on the ammunition (page 18 of the appeal brief I sent you), you will see that he is arguing the prosecution theory.  Investigator Frayeh, who the Criminal Stalker copies in on his harassing emails to me, thought he may have found a sympathetic ear with Alan Jackson about me.  Do read my letter to Alan Jackson from September 2009.  

The Criminal Stalker is now harassing Kevin Huvane and Bryan Lourd of CAA.  I am convinced he wrote the "bloody stump" email slandering Oliver Stone and falsely accusing him of criminal conduct.  Clearly, Oliver Stone's attorneys should be involved in this situation.  The City Attorney was also focused on Oliver Stone.  He and I never had sex.  I have never seen Mr. Stone do any type of drugs.  He was used to stir up a custody matter when Cohen and his evil lawyer, Robert Kory, went into my younger son's office and falsely accused Oliver Stone and I of having sex.  Read my mother's declaration also.  She has had a stroke since providing that declaration and her memory at the time was clear as a bell.  Paulette Brandt reviewed the content of that declaration with her.  I have one other she provided me re. the fraud domestic violence order.

Stephen Gianelli has now attempted to intimidate almost every witness who provided me with a declaration now submitted to Judge Hess. He's moonlighting - probably for the Spector prosecution and Leonard Cohen.  He argues Leonard Cohen's legal issues.  You can read some of the evidence I've posted online.  LAPD's report says the emails were generally requests for tax information.  Cohen can now argue that LAPD's TMU detectives are liars.  The City Attorney argued the tax matters are a ruse.  They are not a ruse.  The judge prevented Agent Tejeda from taking the stand.  It's LA Confidential and there is a reason people view it as corrupt.  In fact, people literally think I'm in the movie of the same title.  That's my name for the Criminal Enterprise - per RICO.  I was clear with Cutler about that fact.  Gianelli evidently wants to marry Bruce Cutler.  He should.  I'm not interested.  I can assure you of that.  The man is a coward.  That's abundantly clear from his conduct.  But, the City Attorney provided Cutler (who didn't ask for one) with a domestic violence related order so that's about to become a huge issue - in my RICO suit (predicate act of mail fraud probably) and in the Motion to Vacate the fraud domestic violence order.  

If you can figure out what their goals are here, hit reply all and give us all a hint.  Maybe they would all like to go to prison.  It seems that way.  But Gianelli's clear - he can threaten me (not so veiled) with his mafia connections and nothing will happen.  That's why he sent the extradition information re. Greece.  I'll tell you one thing - LA Confidential deserves this lunatic.

All the best,

Scott, if - as Kelley Lynch now claims in her second post of today - "Clarkson's fingerprints were on the bullets" found in the gun that killed her, Phil Spector would never have been convicted and his lawyers would certainly have introduced it and his wife would certainly be mentioning it and his many post conviction appeals would certainly mention it. But none of the above happened, because LANA CLARKSON'S FINGERPRINTS ARE NOT ON ANY BULLETTS, and I challenge Kelley Lynch to post a link her that says they are. I followed both trials, I spoke frequently with Spector's defense attorney for the retrial, and I have read every post conviction brief filed on Phil Spector's behalf - and this is simply another one of Lynch's MANY lies. Should Mr. Spector receive a fair trial? I have been answering that question yes ever since I started reporting about the case in 2008. But if you start misrepresenting the trial evidence you lose all credibility as an advocate for a retrial at all.

Scott, excuse me.  Clarkson's DNA was on the bullets.  You can read through Dennis Riordan's brief to the District Court that I sent you.  That evidence is critical because it means she loaded the gun, it was her gun (Cutler - who Gianelli appears extremely interested in although I'm not - told Mick Brown the gun was not Spector's), and she fired the gun.  I did read somewhere that someone said her fingerprints were on the bullet but for now I can only correct this and confirm that her DNA was.  Gianelli is evidently moonlighting for the prosecutor.  As I noted, he sets up reasonable doubt theories that can be attacked and/or refuted.  Your classic amateur agent provocateur/infiltrator.  Not bright - but extremely aggressive and vile.  He engages in criminal witness tampering as well.  Every witness who has provided me with a declaration has been criminally harassed by Gianelli, Cohen's fan Walsh, and others.  It is highly coordinated.  In any event, Scott, thank you for your fair reporting on the Spector case.  I would assume some other cyber terrorists will show up as well.  Perhaps Kelly Green, Gianelli's vulgar posting pal who HATES Spector and Cutler, will.  I usually assume IT is Alan Jackson.  Hard to say without a proper investigation.  Gianelli has relentlessly targeted me and others for five years.  My sister's attorney advised him to cease and desist years ago.  He continues, right through today. to criminally harass her.  Kelley

+Kelley Lynch Lana Clarkson's DNA was not found on the bullets either. Lana Clarkson's saliva was found in a swab taken of Mr. Spector's genital area - suggesting that Mr. Clarkson may have performed a sexual act on Mr. Spector prior to her death. In addition, the bullets in the gun that killed Clarkson matched .38 caliber bullets of a distinctive type ("P+ loads") found in a partially empty package of bullets found elsewhere in Spector's home by police and the gun itself matched the empty holster found in the entry table drawer near Clarkson's body. THERE WAS NO DISPUTE AT TRIAL that it was Mr. Spector's gun  that killed Clarkson. The only dispute centered around WHO WAS HOLDING the gun when it discharged and killed her. The defense never claimed it was not Clarkson's gun in either trial or in ANY of Spector's post conviction appellate briefs. My theory of how Clarkson got the gun (if she shot herself) is that Spector - who never left the house unarmed - was wearing the gun on his person at the House of Blues, and Clarkson saw Spector doff the gun and return the gun (still in the holster) to the drawer when they arrived. Clarkson then returned to the entry, and removed the gun from the drawer where she saw Spector place it leaving the holster where it was. KELLEY LYNCH IS SIMPLPY MAKING THIS DNA "EVIDENCE" UP AS SHE GOES ALONG. Which is par for the course, because she lies about everything.

+Stephen Gianelli I meant of course "Ms. Clarkson's saliva" (not "Mr.") which was a typo. 

+Stephen Gianelli On page 18, line 4 of Dennis Riordan's Legal Brief (in pdf): "Clarkson's DNA was found on the gun and ammunition". I have not seen the original lab report. Granted, forensic evidence could sometimes be open to conflicting interpretations, but it would require a great leap of imagination to claim that in a "struggle", Clarkson's DNA could have ended up on the bullets INSIDE THE CHAMBER. The most logical explanation is that Clarkson loaded the gun

+Alan Hootnick To the contrary, Alan - I carried a similar gun concealed for several years and all chambers of the cylinder  are open facing forward (with the bullets exposed) with the exception of the cylinder being fired. Basically it is five or six (depending on the model) open tubes with bullets in them with the tips exposed. The fatal shot was fired with the very short (2-1/2" barrel) inside of Lana Clarkson's mouth - both sides agreed at trial. All experts also agreed that the bullet would penetrate the soft palette with great force creating high pressure inside Clarkson's head, which was then violently expelled in a "blow-back" action together with Clarkson's blood, brain matter and other tissue at high velocity back outside the mouth toward the gun and in the general direction that Clarkson was facing. The barrel of the revolver was in the center of this blow-back cloud of expelled  gas, blood and tissue, with the open, loaded cylinders surrounding the barrel obstructing the mouth and receiving the center of the blast. Indeed, a primary defense argument was that given the force of this explosion of expelled gas, blood, and tissue from the wound, one would have expected Spector's white blazer to have been literally spray painted with blood if he was the shooter, and the relatively pristine condition of the jacket (with just a small pin sized drop of blood on it) proved Spector was neither in close proximity to Clarkson when the fatal shot was fired nor was he holding the gun. If the gun used was an automatic weapon I would tend to agree with you. If the DNA consisted of only epithelial DNA from skin tissue (transferred from fingers upon handling) I might agree with you. Additionally, given Spector's paranoia, the location of the matching "P+" bullets in another part of the home, the empty concealed carry holster in the entry table  drawer, and Spector's habit of carrying concealed when he left the house, it is more likely that Spector doffed the gun and placed it, still in the holster, in the drawer when he walked in with Clarkson - thus accounting for how she knew where the gun was. I don't think it likely that Spector would keep a gun that was obviously designed for concealed carry, in a concealed carry holster, in the entry table drawer for ready access whenever he stepped out of the mansion, in an unloaded condition, nor do I think it likely that Clarkson took Spector's gun out of the drawer and then loaded it with bullets stored in another room. And as I said previously, IT WAS UNDISPUTED that Clarkson was shot with Spector's gun, the only dispute centering on who was holding the gun when it killed Clarkson.

+Alan Hootnick   This is a close up of front end of a short barreled revolver similar to the gun that fired a round into Lana Clarkson's mouth. One can easily see that the tips of the  bullets are exposed in the cylinder chambers, and that any blow-back of blood and tissue would contact gun and bullets as well. 

Phil Spector - Paulette Brandt/Kelley Lynch Truth Sentinel Interviews:

Leonard Cohen - Kelley Lynch/Ann Diamond Truth Sentinel Interviews:

On Tue, Apr 28, 2015, Kelley Lynch wrote:

Hello Dallas FBI,

How are you?  I've now filed a Motion for Terminating sanctions addressing Cohen's extensive fraud upon the court.  I wasn't served his lawsuit and the perjured statements are mounting.  We'll see what the Court does at our hearing on June 23, 2015.

I am about to file a motion to vacate the fraud domestic violence order that I was prosecuted for violating.  The way I know I was prosecuted for that is because the case number was raised in the bail hearing on March 23, 2012 and I was sentenced using domestic violence statutes.  The Colorado order, I requested, is not a domestic violence order.  After the hearing, I discovered Cohen's perjury filled declaration and filed a Motion to Quash.  Additionally, the Boulder Combined Court told me and others since 2009 that the permanent Colorado order expired on February 15, 2009.  Paulette Brandt testified about that months before the Court send me their data which explains this date as it relates to an expired order.  

My Motion to Quash addressed some of the issues Cohen raised in his declaration.  Those issues include the FBI, Aryan Nation, and meth.  These same issues were used against me during my trial.  Some of the issues raised in Cohen's declaration supporting the order involve the FBI.  I am very clear that my emails are documenting everything for IRS.  That has been true since I reported Cohen's tax fraud (and before actually) on April 15, 2005.  Obviously, the stakes are high and Leonard Cohen argued his defense, using the Complaint in the suit against me, with Agent Tejeda, head of fraud for IRS in Los Angeles and I suppose the Western Division of the United States.  I wasn't served that lawsuit.  I intend to file a RICO suit in the near future.  Numerous RICO suits.  I have put the City and County of Los Angeles on notice that I will be litigating these issues.  Steve Cooley, the former District Attorney of Los Angeles, publicly joined forces with Leonard Cohen to target me.  My trial was about Phil Spector, Cohen's tax fraud, IRS, etc.  I thought they might forget to argue the material issues.  Cooley had an investigator in the courtroom and I contacted Bruce Cutler.  I didn't have my address book.  Feel free to read the letters.  Cross out Cutler's and insert your own.  This is the evidence he provided the Court during my trial.  I maintain that Phil Spector had a right to know about these issues.  Leonard Cohen was testifying about Spector and a gun incident.  The DA re-election campaign was in full swing and Alan Jackson and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich were candidates.  David Mamet had publicly stated that, after paying attention to the forensic evidence, he understood Spector was railroaded.

If you are interested in forensic science, and political corruption, do read his brief.  This case is now before a federal judge and the decision is forthcoming.  My Stalker, Gianelli, is out of control right now.  He's harassing me over Spector, Cutler, IRS, Cohen, my motion, slandering Paulette Brandt, etc.  The man is moonlighting.

One of the issues in my trial (alleged trial) involves the Dallas FBI.  I was homeless for approximately six months over this matter.  Cohen owes me millions and has stolen from me, Machat & Machat, Phil Spector, defrauded his former lawyer (Peter Lopex) who evidently shot himself in his yard (although he was happy), etc.  My contacting the DOJ and FBI regarding information I heard and conveyed to them (related to your investigation) was an implied threat against Leonard Cohen.  Why?  He's evidently Jewish.  He wasn't when I knew him.  His lies are so extensive that he lied and said he sat Sabbath every week for something like 15 years.  This man took Buddhist monk's vows and had a guest cabin (complete with recording unit, computer, fax, etc) at a Buddhist monastery.  He's now evidently joined a Temple.  He probably thinks judges and lawyers from LA Confidential are there.

Leonard Cohen has a long and publicly documented history of drug and alcohol abuse.  That includes, as he discussed with the biographer groupie Sylvie Simms, LSD and meth.  His nickname was Captain Mandrax.  He tried to start a riot in Israel on his 1972 concert.  Marty Machat always addressed that with me and appeared furious that Cohen was high and walked off-stage forcing Marty and the promoters to be forced into possibly telling the concert goers that the concert was being cancelled and the money refunded.  

Leonard Cohen has told people (including me) that he was in the CIA MKULTRA program.  He has told countless versions of his role int eh Bay of Pigs.  The same is true for his plan to join the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War.  Ask the CIA if Leonard Cohen was in their MKULTRA program.  They would know better than I.

I now intend to address everything Cohen testified that he found threatening and the fact that all of these issues are based on his lies and fabrications.  He thinks of me (including in Europe evidently) when cars drive by but was not concerned when Phil Spector allegedly held a gun to his head.  Of course, he now has three versions of his Spector gun story before LA Superior Court so it might have been his head, neck or chest and it may have been an automatic, semi-automatic, or cross-bow.  There may have been a bottle of wine.  

I personally believe that the Denver and Dallas FBI are aware that there are meth labs affiliated with the Aryan Nation.  I researched the Dallas FBI and Aryan Nation when I was provided with the information I passed onto DOJ and FBI about your investigation.  The Dallas FBI was concerned about these issues and potential retaliation.  I don't know anyone at the FBI so I wouldn't be able to say that the FBI lies.  I did research the Aryan Nation and was vaguely amused to find dating sights with poems about "white" things.  I thought perhaps the Aryan Nation themselves might want to help me prove that FBI doesn't believe they have meth labs by coming forward and publicly stating that they don't have meth labs.  Streeter mentioned "meth labs."  The judge, who refused to permit Agent Tejeda to take the stand, thinks the Aryan Nation issues and Cohen's drug use goes to the statute somehow.  I think it's interference with an investigation and goes to motive.  Do you remember that Gianelli wrote an article about this?  He's now sending information about the fact he cannot be extradicted.  He has issued not so veiled threats about his family connections with the mafia.  I've asked if that's Arthur Gianelli or Marianne Gianelli (Boston - Whitey Bulger matter) and he has not denied that.  I've suggested that he threaten Cutler with his mob ties. He is also threatening me with LAPD's celebrity unit.  I received a vile and vulgar email that slandered and accused Oliver Stone of criminal conduct.  I think Gianelli sent it.  He creates these types of monikers - ie., 14th Sheepdog and 17th Shitzu.  

Your Duty Agent didn't believe that LAPD was behind the Deneuve Construction incident with Boulder PD.  Gianelli has written me that Pat Dixon was behind that incident.  Pat Dixon was Spector's prosecutor.  Pat Dixon may be criminally insane.  He fears for his life over Eminem's song "PUKE" and evidently thinks Eminem wants to dry hump him.  Listen to Eminem's song "PUKE."  He's talking about Mariah Carey - NOT Pat Dixon.  I addressed this in my letter to Alan Jackson. This letter was delivered to Steve Cooley, Alan Jackson, and Truc Do by Investigator William Frayeh.  He's an investigator on the Phil Spector matter.  Gianelli now copies Frayeh and Swanigan (of City Attorney fame) on his harassing emails to me.  

"Mariah Carey ... Remember the time we were drying humping"

Kelley Lynch letter to Alan Jackson (hand delivered September 2009; emailed January 2010 revised)

I do think the Dallas FBI should address this issue re. your investigation.  I thought it was incredibly serious.  It wasn't raised inadvertently.  This is how these criminals think.  That's fine.  I know what I heard and I reported it.  My young friend confirmed the email I sent to IRS/DOJ recounting the incident with him copied in.

I am dealing with the Insane Clown Posse.  Here's one of the more insane moments from my trial related to your investigation.

Streeter:  Do you recall if in the voice mail message that was just played for you if she mentioned meth, the use of meth?  The voice mail message, Mr. Cohen, not the email?  Do you recall hearing that?  Cohen:  I think she mentioned in that voice mail that the Aryan Nation was involved in running meth labs. 

All the best,

18. Defendant has no idea how many emails she has sent documenting the destruction of her life but given the fact that the IRS Commissioner's Staff has been copied in on most, if not all, of them she feels they can have the final say. Defendant said Cohen used prescription meth.

This is a story that Cohen himself loved to tell. Cohen also has told the press over the years that he did drugs so she does not understand why he is now complaining about this. Defendant believes Cohen has committed egregious perjury and fraud.

19. Defendant maintains that Plaintiff and his advisers have used Nazi-esque tactics against her – and her parents and children.  Defendant does not know what Plaintiff is attempting to prove here but feels he is merely trying to gain the sympathy of the FBI in Denver.

Defendant feels that the FBI in Denver is aware that the Aryan Nation
exists and they have connections to meth labs. Defendant brought this up for personal reasons that she has brought to the attention of the IRS Commissioner's Staff, the Department of Justice, and others because she felt certain information endangered her life. Having said this, Defendant was amused to note that there is an Aryan Nation
dating website. Defendant has no idea if the FBI in Denver lies because she doesn't know them. What Defendant does know is that she and a Duty Agent at the Denver FBI do not necessarily see eye to eye on why Officer Storbeck rolled into Deneuve Construction with the Police Chief's secretary. The Duty Agent did not seem to feel that LAPD was behind this but Defendant feels they were involved.


Streeter:  Your testimony was when you heard these messages it didn’t seem that Ms. Lynch wanted to have a conversation with you.  Do you recall testifying to that, Sir?  Cohen:  That’s right.  RT 127  Streeter:  Did you use the same procedure that you did in the past, that you would download it and save it to an MP3 player or some other disk?  Cohen:  That’s correct.  Streeter;:  Did you also forward that voice mail message to your attorney?  That’s correct.  Yes, Ma’am.  Streeter:  Is that a true and accurate recordation of the voice mail message that you heard in July of 2001 from Ms. Lynch.  Cohen:  Yes, it is.  PD:  Objection; foundation as to last question.  Court:  Overruled.  RT 127-128  Streeter:  Did Ms. Lynch also mention drug usage on your part in the email messages that she would send you?  Cohen:  Yes, frequently.  Streeter:  Okay.  Now, you heard – do you recall hearing mention of the Aryan Nation in that voice mail message?  Yes, I heard the mention of the Aryan Nation.  Streeter:  What is your faith, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  I’m Jewish.  RT 131  PD: Objection; relevance.  Cohen:  I’m a Jew.  RT 131-132 

Sidebar:  Court:  I don’t think I need to hear argument.  The element of the crime under 653 says the communications be sent with a specific intent to annoy and harass.  This aspect of the call is a critical element of the crime.  I mean the questioning is critical to the element of the crime.  PD:  I have a good faith belief based on what Ms. Streeter showed me beforehand the email that she’s referring to right now was made in 2008 which was not part of the crime.  Court:  But it still goes to the intent.  It still reflects on the intent of the person in making this reference in this email, in this voice mail.  RT 131  PD:  And Your Honor, on that note, the voice mail says that Aryan Nation is after her son.  Court:  You can argue that.  Thank you.  RT 132

Streeter:  I’m showing you an exhibit, People’s exhibit.  Just take a look at it, Mr. Cohen.  Let me know when you’re done.  Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am.  Streeter:  Looking at People’s 14, was there any mention of the Aryan Nation or Brotherhood in that email, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  In this email, yes, Ma’am, there is.  Streeter:  And who was the sender of that email, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  Kelley Lynch.  PD:  As per the Rule of Completeness, I ask that the context be stated.  Court:  I’m not sure I understand.  PD:  Counsel just picked and chose one word from an email without any context.  I think per the Rule of Completeness – Court:  On cross-examination you can bring out whatever you wish.  RT 133-134

Streeter:  Now, when Ms. Lynch was in your employ, did you – did you ever celebrate any Jewish holy day and invite Ms. Lynch to those celebrations?  Cohen:  Yes.  Our family celebrates the Sabbath on Friday night, and Ms. Lynch was often invited to that evening.  Streeter:  Ms. Lynch was in your employ for about 15 years more or less; is that correct?  Cohen:  Yes, Ma’am.  Streeter:  And are you saying that for the entire 15 years – you would celebrate every Sabbath?  Cohen:  We occasionally missed, some of us were out of town.  More or less is the custom of the family. 

Streeter:  And did you ever express to Ms. Lynch how important your Jewish faith was to her?  Cohen:  I think she was well aware of that.  Streeter:  … Mr. Cohen, how did it feel to get an email from Ms. Lynch that mentioned the Aryan Nation sent to you?  Cohen:  Well, I understood the implied threat.  PD:  Objection; speculation.  Court:  It’s – the witness is testifying as to his own objective feeling in that.  RT 134  Streeter:  How did that feel to have her mention the Aryan Nation in the voicemail message?  Cohen:  I felt the same way.  I felt whenever the Aryan Nation entered into her discourse, it was – it was a sense of menace.  PD:  Objection.  Court:  Overruled.  PD:  Calls for speculation.  It goes to the ultimate issue.  Court:  Overruled.  RT 135

Streeter:  Do you recall any mention by Ms. Lynch of drugs, the drug usage on your part?  Cohen:  In this message?  Streeter:  No, not in that message, but in the voice mail message the People just played for you.  Cohen:  Yes, she mentioned something about drugs.  Streeter:  Is that another subject that Ms. Lynch raises, tends to raise, in her voicemail messages to you?  Cohen:  Yes, she – yes, it is.  RT 135  Streeter:  Do you recall if in the voice mail message that was just played for you if she mentioned meth, the use of meth?  The voice mail message, Mr. Cohen, not the email?  Do you recall hearing that?  Cohen:  I think she mentioned in that voice mail that the Aryan Nation was involved in running meth labs.   Streeter:  Is there any mention – in looking at the email from 2008 … is there any mention of meth in that email [People’s 14], Mr. Cohen?  … No, I don’t believe so.  Streeter;  Is there any mention of drug use in that email, Mr. Cohen?  Cohen:  I can’t see any mention.  RT 136-137  Streeter:  Did she also mention the use of meth in any of her emails that she sent you?  Cohen:  That I use meth?  Streeter:  Yes, the use of meth.  Cohen:  She was accusing me of using legal meth.  RT 137

PD:  This is something that we had a 402 on.  Court:  Well, let’s go out.  We don’t need the report.  Sidebar conference was held and not reported.  RT 138

PD:  Okay.  You also mentioned that you were threatened with an email that referenced the Aryan Nation.  Do you remember that?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  I’m going to go ahead and show you that email, which has been marked as People’s 14.  Now, you just read that part that said Aryan Nation when you were asked about it, correct?  Cohen:  Right.  PD:  Now, the actual sentence says, P.S. more than one member of the Aryan Nation, so to speak, ended up protecting me on the streets of Santa Monica.”  That’s what the whole sentences says, correct?  And you’re aware that Ms. Lynch was actually homeless in Santa Monica?  Cohen:  Correct.  PD:  Nowhere does that sentence say anything about you, correct?  Cohen:  There are other emails.  PD:  I’m asking about this sentence.  Cohen:  This particular sentence has no reference to me, no – PD:  Okay.  And – Cohen:  -- Although there was an implied menace there.  PD:  Objection; speculation.  Court:  Overruled.  PD:  So that was an implied menace to you?  Cohen:  Yes, Sir.  When an enemy tells you that the Aryan Nation is protecting her, you would be concerned.  PD:  So you consider Ms. Lynch an enemy?  Cohen:  She considers me an enemy.  She mentions the fact that she’s my enemy forever in email after email.  RT 309-310