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Kelley Lynch's Email To DOJ Re. The Moonlighting Stalker

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 1:35 PM
Subject: Fwd: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request
To: "irs.commissioner" <>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,

Hello DOJ,

Please see the latest criminally harassing email from the Criminal Stalker (Gianelli).  Is he defending the City Attorney?  I did not willfully or knowingly violate any Boulder, Colorado order or the newly created California "domestic violence" order.  See Boulder Combined Court's email to me with attachments.  The Boulder Combined Court advised me, and others, that their order expired on February 15, 2009.  There was confusion with the temporary order and the fact that the computer system noted that it was vacated in September 2008.  I have had numerous people phone the Boulder Combined Court and everyone was told the same thing:  the Colorado order expired on February 15, 2009 and my Motion to Dismiss was entered on January 12, 2009.  Paulette Brandt already testified about this fact before LA Superior Court.  Please review Streeter's Sentencing Memorandum where she advises the Court that Cohen and I were in a dating or engagement relationship.  She also used a "domestic violence" counselor although Cohen and I were never in a dating/engagement relationship.  Sexual harassment and indecent exposure is not a dating relationship.  Cohen confessed to perjury over this matter and, like Perrette, was not prosecuted.

As for the DV-600 form, that does not explain why the City Attorney's Domestic Violence Unit prosecuted me or why Cohen and his lawyers were dealing with that unit.  It also does not explain the domestic violence related orders to Kory and Rice (that expired with probation) or Bruce Cutler.  The Court had no jurisdiction over Cutler and Cutler did not request a restraining order.  I have recently advised Cutler to maintain evidence related to all communications with the City Attorney's office regarding this matter as it will be material to my federal lawsuits.  

But why is this Gianelli's business?  And, do note, Gianelli copied in Frayeh, Swanigan, an Oliver Stone's agents at CAA.  Gianelli does not know Oliver Stone but I am convinced he sent the horrifying email that slandered me and Oliver.  Leonard Cohen went into Steve Lindsey's office, with Kory, and advised him that Oliver and I had sex.  We did not and that was clearly meant to stir up a custody matter.  I have this in writing from Lindsey.  I provided Judge Hess with evidence that Cohen and Kory were trying to force me into a settlement for 7 straight months and failed.  However, Kory wrote Agent Tejeda that I was attempting to use Agent Sopko's email to extort a civil settlement from Cohen.  That was and remains criminal conduct.

In the Spring of 2013, LA Superior Court advised me that this was a domestic violence order.  They have since confirmed this for me and others numerous times.

The Moonlighting Stalker is out of control.  He is also slandering Ann Diamond on the Truth Sentinel site.  Gianelli has falsely accused Ann Diamond of stalking Leonard Cohen.  This never happened.  He also falsely stated publicly that the Rolling Stones obtained a restraining order against Ann Diamond.  Cohen told me that as well.  It is not true.

And, please check out the Truth Sentinel Phil Spector interview section.

Truth Sentinel Episode 39 (Leonard Cohen, truth, lies, guilt, innocence, law, MK Ultra)

Ann Diamond

To my knowledge, Scott, this is the first time anyone (other than myself) has bothered to interviewed Kelley Lynch or tried to present her side of the story. Back in 2005, our controlled and spineless media swallowed Leonard Cohen's version whole, portraying him as a harmless, frugal soul who could not possibly have raided his own retirement fund or later have turned on his personal manager to head off a lawsuit against him by his own financial advisers. I think in the end, Kelley Lynch will be exonerated, and a lot of loyal fans will be disappointed.

We traded approximately 60 (+/-) emails around June of 2009
when you (among other things) told me that Ms. Lynch was probably in love with
Leonard Cohen, that Cohen probably took advantage of her, and that she “was mentally
ill.” In the oft touted (by Ms. Lynch) “Ann Diamond article” (a piece that you
wrote that was rejected for publication by Rolling Stone) entitled “Whatever
happened to Kelley Lynch” you state, in part:

“The meltdown was real, however. By late December, 2005,
Lynch had lost custody of one son and was homeless and living on the streets
with her older son, Rutger, who witnessed the chain of bizarre events that had
begun a year earlier.”

More recently, you stated to me in emails that the Kelley
Lynch that has emerged since 2009 is so “mentally impaired” that that it is
hard to imagine her functioning as Cohen’s manager in that condition.
In an email dated Mon 2/17/2014 11:56 PM you stated: “These emails were all
written after her hospitalisation (sic.). Various drugs can do this to a
person. I never believed she was "never served" so this does nothing
to change my thinking.”
 On Feb 15, 2014 9:39 AM you emailed
me stating” Thank you, Stephen. Crete must be beautiful.”
On 12/24/14 you emailed me stating “Happy Holidays from Lemnos.”

The very day that you were interviewed with Kelley Lynch for THIS VERY internet radio show wherein I was heavily disparaged you added yourself to my twitter account as follower. That same day you added Susanne Walsh (who you befriended on Facebook) as a connection to Walsh’s LinkedIn account. And you started sending me emails signed “your friend, Ann Diamond”.

I can see why the Rolling Stones had to get a restraining order against you and why you stalked Lenonard Cohen; you and Kelley Lynch are cut from the same cloth.
Show less

Truth Sentinel Episode 40 (Phil Spector, truth, lies, guilt and innocence, murder trial)

The Criminal Stalker has slandered me all over that Blog and is arguing the Spector prosecution case re. Lana Clarkson, DNA, gun, and ammunition.  This Criminal works in tandem with Cohen's fan, Susanne Walsh, and targeted my blogs and email accounts with Spector's former assistant, Michelle Blaine, who stole $1 million from Spector.  She's the female Leonard Cohen.  Fortunately, her vile and vulgar Blog (where Gianelli/Blogonaut) posted is now private.  She and Cohen obviously have revenge fantasies.  Walsh just wrote and lied to the City Attorney.  She has harassed Paulette Brandt since 2013 and Paulette Brandt submitted a declaration to more than one Court confirming that fact.  Here is one of her declarations together with the declaration of my son, Ray Charles Lindsey.  Ray was very clear with Gianelli, Walsh, and Lawrence that these emails made him physically ill.  Rutger has been clear and recently addressed one of Gianelli/Walsh's emails to the City Attorney.  Criminal fruitcakes who have relentlessly targeted and harassed, stalked, etc. me and my sons, and others, for almost six years now.

From: Rutger Penick <>
Date: Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 7:35 AM
Subject: Re: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request
To: susanne walsh <>
Cc: "STEPHEN R. GIANELLI" <>, "<>" <>, Karen Lynch, "Vivienne A. Swanigan" <>

Wow, you guys are ridiculous. What did you do last night? Thinking of things to write? Bravo fruitcakes. Suzanne and Gianelli are meant for each other, thunder buddies?


Rutger Penick
IT Support Specialist

On Nov 1, 2014, at 4:56 AM, susanne walsh <> wrote:
Mr. Gianelli.
I was very tempted to write exactly this to Ms. Lynch, but not in the mood to once again, be accused of "criminal harassment", but Ms. Lynch, as long as you, on a regular basis mention my my name in your public blog, I will continue to monitor it, as I am confident everybody else you slander and accuse of a variety of crimes, will.
Furthermore, instead of screaming "criminal harassment" to and about Mr. Gianelli, you ought to thank him for all the free and valuable legal advise he is giving to you. It seems like no practicing attorney wish to have anything to do with you and your many "cases and suits",.
Susanne Walsh

Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2014 12:42 PM
Cc: Karen Lynch ; ; Rutger Penick ; Ray Lindsey ; Vivienne A. Swanigan
Subject: FW: Re: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request

Ms. Lynch,

If you habitually author emails expressly accusing named persons of criminal conduct (e.g., employees of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, Susanne Walsh, the undersigned, a public relations firm that has done work for Leonard Cohen) and then post them on your Google indexed blog,  it is neither surprising nor sinister when the persons you are slandering on the World Wide Web show an interest in your blog.

Indeed, if it weren’t for the people you are slandering reading your blog, you would have virtually no blog visitors at all.

So please, don’t pretend that you are not getting exactly the attention you wanted or that visits to your blog by persons expressly mentioned therein evinces anything illegal or improper.  

Your assumption that the IRS is interested in your blog readership is another issue altogether. Suffice it to say that that it is emblematic of your mental illness and evidence that you are not taking your medication – as is your email reference that is (typical for you) wholly unrelated to the subject matter of  your email (below).

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece

-----------------------Forwarded email-------------------------
From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 7:04 PM
Subject: Re: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request
To: ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "irs.commissioner" <>, Washington Field <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, police <>


The criminal stalker has been on my blog quite a lot today.  So has Cohen fan, Susanne Walsh.  What is Gianelli at?  It seems as though he is focused on the IRS and federal tax matters.  In any event, you might want to review these posts and emails.  I'm sure the next round of lies will be fascinating.  And, there are the liars at the City Attorney's office.  Their lies and responses to my federal lawsuit should prove fascinating.  

All the best,

All the best,

February 6, 2007 10:56

Phil Spector to receive $900,000 settlement

Legendary producer’s former assistant has to pay up

Read more at 

mControl Blogs

Something kinda interesting... Henry Lee does NOT list the Spector case in his 'Famous Cases' listing.

Updated! Kelley Lynch Blog Is GONE! Blogger finally listened and has pulled the flagged blog. Thanks to all who flagged and especially to Blogonaut for initiating the pull.

Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.
June 21, 2009 3:16 PM

Blogonaut said...

We have confirmed that the spam/hate blog of the person currently living in Boulder, Colorado, has been removed by Google.

We consider this the end of the matter, and unless and until there are actual additional criminal or civil court filings related to this matter, we will not be reporting further on this sadly demented person.
June 22, 2009 3:05 PM

mControl said...
Well I am pleased that this saga is finally put to bed. Now we can all get a bit of rest from her constant diatribes and rants.

Peace be with her...
June 22, 2009 5:29 PM

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From: STEPHEN R. GIANELLI <>Date: Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 11:25 AM
Subject: Kelley Lynch's email to the Depart of Justice, Criminal division dated Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 7:30 AM
Cc:, "Vivienne A. Swanigan" <>,

Ms. Lynch,
You were not charged in Los Angeles case no. BX001309 with violating a “domestic violence restraining order”. Rather, you were charged with five counts of violating Penal Code section 273.6, subd, (a) [willful violation of a protective order, defined to include a civil harassment restraining order] and two counts of violating Penal Code section 653m, subd. (b) [repeated telephone calls or emails made with the intent to annoy or harass].
The Colorado civil harassment protective order issued against you on September 2,  2008 was not transformed into a “domestic violence” restraining order when it was registered in California  on May 27, 2011 through Family Law case no. BQ033717. California’s statutory provisions respecting the enforcement of out-of-state restraining orders (called “foreign protective orders”) are, for reason’s only know by the California Legislature, housed in the Family Code in sections 6400 and following. Those provisions provide for the mandatory registration in California of a “foreign protection order” at the request of the protected person and define “foreign protection order” to include civil harassment restraining orders issued under the anti-stalking laws of the foreign state, and NOT only domestic violence restraining orders. (See Family Code section 6401, par. (1) and (5).)
Moreover, Family Code section 6404, subd. (a) (1) requires the California Judicial Council to adopt procedures for the registration of out-of-state protection orders by entry into the  CLETS computer registration system. The Judicial Council responded by adopting California Judicial Council Form DV600, pursuant to its authority to “prescribe” certain forms pursuant to Government Code section 68511. Under California Rules of Court, rule 1.31, each Judicial Council Form prescribed for MANDATORY use is  identified as mandatory by an asterisk (*)on the list of Judicial Council legal forms published in Exhibit A to the California Rules of Court. (CRC, Ex. A.). Form DV600 is listed on California Rules of Court Exhibit A, page 15 as the form for the registration of an “out of state protection order” and it is marked with an asterisk (*), indicating that it’s use is MANDATORY for the registration of ALL “out-of-state” protection orders – NOT just “domestic violence” protection orders:
“DV-600* 1/1/2012 Order to Register Out-of-State or Tribal Court
Protective/Restraining Order”

(See CRC, Appendix, A, at p. 15 linked here:
Therefore, you were charged with, and convicted of,  the appropriate Penal Code sections – including five counts of willfully violating a civil harassment restraining order under Penal Code section 273.6, subdivision (a).
Moreover, neither decision of the California legislature to make the statutory provisions for the mandatory registration (as in your case) of out-of-state civil harassment orders in the same Family Code sections as those for the registration of domestic violence restraining orders  nor the decision of the California Judicial Council to adopt the same mandatory court form (DV600) for the registration of out-of-state civil harassment orders, out-of-state domestic violence orders, and Indian tribal protection orders of both kinds, in no way “transformed” or converted the September 2,  2008 protection order into a “domestic violence” order – any more than the use of form DV600 “transformed” the Colorado protection order into an Indian tribal protection order.
If you are still unclear on the reasons why this is so –and apparently you are, since you have been harping on this NON-ISSUE since your April, 2012 criminal conviction NOTWITHSTANDING the review of your conviction on direct appeal and the denial of your application for writ of habeas corpus by a three judge panel of  the Los Angeles County Superior Court Appellate Department – I would urge you to rent an experienced Family Law attorney for just one hour of his or her time to explain it to you. Show him or her this email; they will confirm that every word is accurate.
Unless of course, you do not want the legal truth explained to you, and are simply trying to convince everyone on your spam list that you fell victim to some sinister conspiracy in Los Angeles relating to celebrities.
Very truly yours,

Stephen R. Gianelli
Attorney-at-Law (ret.)
Crete, Greece

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 7:30 AM
To: ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "irs.commissioner" <>, Washington Field <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>,, Feedback <>

Hello DOJ,

Here's another celebrity perjury matter.  Leonard Cohen literally confessed to changing his testimony from one hearing to another.  What happened?  Streeter attempted to rehabilitate Cohen through one of the most ridiculous excuses I've ever heard in my life.  Cohen evidently committed perjury because I deny that we were "lovers."  Well, we weren't "lovers" and the Colorado order was NOT a "domestic violence" order.  How did it transform into a "domestic violence" order in California and why was I prosecuted by the Domestic Violence Unit in the City Attorney's office.  How was it assigned to that division?  It does appear that celebrity perjury is completely acceptable with the City Attorney and LA Superior Court.  In any event, Coyote Shivers asked DOJ to audit and so have I.  I have also brought to DOJ's attention a domestic violence a celebrity received against a woman she does not know.  That is beyond bizarre so what's going on in Los Angeles?

All the best,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Boulder Combined Court
Date: Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 1:32 PM
Subject: RE: Boulder Combined Courts - Records Request
To: Kelley Lynch <>

Thank you,

You may refer to the attachment (ICON) and Motion for Civil Protection Order I have sent you to verify my answers. I will not charge you for this document.

1. The Order regarding the motion to dismiss PPO was denied on 1/12/09.

2. The temporary restraining order expired on that date (2/15/09) and the PPO was granted on 9/2/08.

3. This case is not a domestic violence case which can be verified on the top right of the first page of the ICON;  noted as "Type: Protection Order". On the motion for civil protection order, the Petitioner only checked off Stalking and Physical Assault, Threat, or Other Situation but not Domestic Abuse.

4. I cannot verify when the PPO was received from any other agencies besides the Court. Again the court granted the PPO on 9/2/08.

5. The PPO hearing was held on 9/2/08 and will cost $35 for an audio recording. If you require a written transcript you will need to go through Tami with CTS West and her contact number is 720-922-3581.

6. If the PPO has restricted you from filing your taxes then you would need to motion the court to request specifically what you need or require to complete your taxes. The motion will then be determined by the Judge to either grant or dismiss the motion.

I will waive the request fee as this was completed in November of 2013. If you require anymore documents from this case I will need to charge you  a $5 research fee and $.25 per copy.

Thank you,

-----Original Message-----
From: Kelley Lynch []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 12:20 PM

There are several pieces of information I need.  My friend, Paulette Brandt, and I have been told (on approximately six occasions) that Leonard Cohen's restraining order expired on February 15, 2009.  We were also advised that a Motion to Dismiss was entered on January 12, 2009.  I was not a resident of Boulder, Colorado when this restraining order was granted and left shortly after the hearing.  I may not have received certain documents.  I am requesting the following:

1.  Information regarding the Motion to Dismiss that was entered (and appears in the computer database) on January 12, 2009.

2.  Information regarding the expired restraining order (and appears in the computer database) on February 15, 2009.

3.  Any and all information that would establish that this order (originally granted based on a business relationship) was modified and re-issued as a domestic violence order.

4.  The date this order was entered into any federal, state, or local database.

5.  The amount it would cost to acquire a copy of the "secret" hearing Leonard Cohen attended that led to the judge issuing a temporary restraining order.

6.  Any information that would support Leonard Cohen's legal position and testimony that Judge Enichen had jurisdiction to prevent me from requesting information needed to file my federal and state tax returns.  That is how this order has been used and there is testimony to support this.  I am unclear how a local order can override IRS rules and requirements.

What I would like to know is how much it will cost to obtain this information and hearing CD.

Thank you,

Kelley Lynch