Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kelley Lynch's Email To Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer Re. Walsh & Gianelli's Ongoing Criminal Harassment

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: Eminem
To: "*IRS.Commisioner" <*>
Cc: Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Division, Criminal" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, MollyHale <>, nsapao <>, fsb <>, rbyucaipa <>, khuvane <>, blourd <>, Robert MacMillan <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, "stan.garnett" <>, sedelman <>, JFeuer <>, "" <>, Feedback <>,, Jeffrey Korn <>

Mike Feuer,

I just wrote my brother-in-law.  He's an excellent attorney in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Canada Revenue asked me for his phone number and wanted to know details about Cohen's income for past 30 or 40 years.  This is a serious matter.  There are no statutes of limitations in Canada.  I am sitting here with Van's letters confirming that Cohen advised that Freda Gutmann repeated the statements her child heard Lorca Cohen advise her classmates. Your prosecutor lied when she said I accused Cohen of that.  I did not.  I have no idea.  I know he sexually harassed me and exposed himself to me for years.  That is not an intimate dating or engagement relationship.

I am also sitting here with a letter from Van advising me that there are residence and tax problems for Cohen in Canada.  

Susanne Walsh is psychopath.  I explained to LAPD's TMU that she copies in Michelle Rice.  Cohen clearly condones this conduct and that is how he operates.  Listen to Ann Diamond's interview.  For the record, I doubt he was in MKULTRA and I doubt he was captured by Castro's forces before the Bay of Pigs.

I am filing my motion today.  I will email you a courtesy copy as it addresses a great deal of the perjury of Leonard Cohen, Robert Kory, and Michelle Rice.  I wasn't served that lawsuit and Cohen doesn't want it heard on the merits.  Many lies were presented to Judge Hess.  The perjury statute is a 3 year statute.  The documents were presented to Judge Hess within the past year.  I also have new evidence.  I have a right to pursue legal remedies and if there are none before LA Superior Court, I believe there may be in federal court.  Many federal tax matters have been implicated.  That includes the use of a restraining order to prevent me from requesting IRS required tax and corporate information.

Kelley Lynch

On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 6:35 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:


I don't think my brother-in-law, Van Penick, needs to be harassed.  He's Rutger's uncle and Canada Revenue asked me for his number.  There's no statutes re. tax fraud in Canada.

The situation is unconscionable.  Hopefully, a federal judge understands this criminal activity.

Kelley Lynch

On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 6:34 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:

Hi Van,

Sorry about this.  I have no idea why Gianelli contacted you.  The man is a criminal and is clearly moonlighting.  Walsh is Cohen's fan who copies in his lawyers occasionally.  Rutger and Ray were very clear with these criminals.  

Have a great day.


On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 6:33 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello IRS,

These people are criminals and dangerously unstable.  They will NOT hear from me again unless I deem it necessary and they belong in prison.

Do listen to Paulette Brandt and my interviews with Truth Sentinel.  Check out Gianelli's comments re. Leonard Cohen and the forensic science in Phil Spector's case.

Episode 39 - Leonard Cohen - Interviews with Kelley Lynch and Ann Diamond

Episode 40 - Phil Spector - Interviews with Paulette Brandt and Kelley Lynch

I will drop my motion off with Agent Tejeda today.


On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 6:28 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Susanne Walsh,

I have removed Gianelli from this email.  I don't want to hear from you.  I do not know you.  You do not know my children.  My son, Ray, advised you (Gianelli and Lawrence) that your harassing emails made him physically ill.  My son Rutger wrote and told you to SHUT UP and recently wrote when he was copied in on an email to Vivienne Swanigan of the City Attorney's Office.  He thinks it sounds like you and Gianelli stay up all night making up insane and inane allegations about me.  I have filed formal claims against the City of Los Angeles.  They have confirmed that.  I intend to file a federal lawsuit against them.  Every word in my 2012 trial is a lie.  That includes words spoken by the prosecutor.  I was told that the Boulder order expired in February 2009.  The Boulder Combined Court has now provided me evidence explaining why they continued to advise me (and others) of that fact.  The Boulder order is NOT a domestic violence order but I was sentenced using domestic violence statutes.  Kory and Rice (who you frequently copied in on emails) have domestic violence related orders.  They were granted to them without hearings or evidence.  

I am not intoxicated and you do not know me.  The prosecutor was clear - I was stone cold sober when I sent the alleged emails that LAPD views as general requests for tax information.  That's in their report and Leonard Cohen may now argue that they are lying.  I was falsely arrested on two occasions, Gianelli advised me that he assisted the City Attorney both times to have me falsely arrested.  Beyond that it's none of your business.  I don't know you.  I know you wrote that you've met Robert Kory but I don't know you.  I think you're dangerously unstable. I don't believe you are representing the City Attorney in these matters.

You have targeted and harassed my family relentlessly.  You are also a liar.  Stephen Gianelli has sent me emails for over a year and I only responded a handful of times to advise him to cease and desist.  I've maintained, pursuant to what LAPD advised me, all the emails and can prove in federal court that he is harassing me over Leonard Cohen and federal tax matters.  When Paulette Brandt and I gave interviews to Truth Sentinel, Gianelli flipped out.  He also started arguing the prosecution's case re. Phil Spector and the gun Clarkson used to shoot herself.  I believe he's moonlighting and may be affiliated with the Spector prosecution.  He's aligned with Cohen and sends me legal opinions.  I do not know him and, for all I know, he could be a sexual predator.

I didn't write anything personal.  My son, Rutger, was threatened over evidence he stored and Ray posted online.  You then attempted to lure him into privately communicating with you.  He was a minor and the situation remains unconscionable.  I've addressed this situation with the FBI.  You are not in a position to ask me anything with respect to my children.  My son told you personally that your emails made him sick.  Do you have trouble comprehending plain english?  I doubt Ray thinks Leonard Cohen's a nice man and you don't know my son who advised you personally that your emails made him physically ill.  Steve Lindsey coordinated a custody matter with Cohen and Kory.  It's none of your business.  Lindsey takes children away from their mothers and destroys their lives.

I see that you are a real liar.

Phil Spector authorized me to create the Facebook page in his honor.  I'm sure Cohen doesn't maintain his own public FB page.  It's none of your business.  Every word I've said about Cohen is the truth.  I'm sitting here with a letter from my brother-in-law, Van Penick, addressing the fact that Freda Gutmann talked to Ann Diamond about Lorca Cohen's allegations that her father molested her.  These are not my accusations and I have Cohen's emails to me about the situation.  You had this Spector FB page taken down.  And, Gianelli and Michelle Blaine (who stole $1 million from Spector) had my other blogs and email accounts shut down.  This is a highly coordinated campaign of cyber-terrorism, harassment, criminal witness tampering, criminal witness intimidation, etc.

Leonard Cohen is not innocent.  He has now stolen from me, Machat & Machat, and Phil Spector.  His tax fraud appears egregious, may date back 40 years in the U.S., and extends to Canada from what I can tell.  I'm dropping the motion I'm filing today off with IRS Agent Luis Tejeda.  My emails address with specificity all that has unfolded.  Agent Tejeda asked for specificity.  These are are a legal record for Internal Revenue Service since reporting Cohen's criminal tax fraud allegations to IRS on April 15, 2005.  

Do NOT contact me again, Walsh.  

Kelley Lynch 

On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 6:03 AM, susanne walsh <> wrote:
Ms. Lynch
Sending hundreds of vile, obscene, slandering, threatening and intoxicated  E-mails to people you do, or do not know, leaving as many and as foul messages on peoples voice mail, for several years, that Ms. Lynch, is criminal harassment, you should know that, since that is exactly what you have been, not falsly, but very real, arrested, convicted and spent time in prison for, not once, but several times.
I have never tageted or harassed your children or other famly members. During a debate on a public blog, several years ago, you were writing some very personal stuff about your children, I asked you to please consider their feelings and not embarass them in public, I then received a personal mail from one of your sons where he thanked me for the support, he also wrote that Leonard Cohen was a very nice man who had always treated him, his brother and his mother very well, but that his mother had caused him much pain, that she was a very sick woman with a servere alcohol problem, but refused treatment, and that he and his brother wanted nothing to do with her. Years later, I responded to yet another nasty mail from you Ms.Lynch and I hit "reply all". Unfortunately I did not notice that your sons mail addresses were among the many you had sent this mail to. I apologized to Ray and Rutger and they have NOT received any kind of communication from me since then.
When you, Ms. Lynch, created a Facebook page to "honor Phil Spector", it consisted of about 1% of praise for Phil Spector and 99% vile, slanderous lies, gossip, and accusations of Leonard Cohen. Therefore I asked the Facebook people to take a look at it, they did and they took it down, not because you wrote about Spector, but because what you wrote about Leonard Cohen.
When you make it a careere to harass and slander innocent people, you have to expect some payback, 
Susanne Walsh

Walsh and Gianelli,

Do review my son's declaration that was submitted to a Court and will be submitted to Judge Hess today.
I think Rutger really drove the point home with his rock solid SHUT UP.

Kelley Lynch


I, Ray Charles Lindsey, declare as follows:

1.    I am over the age of eighteen.  The following facts are within my personal knowledge and, if called and sworn as a witness, I could and would testify competently thereto.

2.    I am a resident of California.

3.    Since approximately 2009, I have been receiving emails from Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh (Leonard Cohen’s fan), and others.  Leonard Cohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice, was copied in on some of these emails..  Apart from Leonard Cohen, I do not know these people and have never met them.  These individuals were also posting on the internet about my mother.  Most of the emails related to matters involving Leonard Cohen, IRS, and Phil Spector. 
4.    My mother was Leonard Cohen’s personal manager for approximately 17 years.  They had a falling out in the fall of 2004 to my knowledge. My mother is also a friend of Phil Spector. 

5.    On or around May 6, 2013, Ray Lawrence began privately emailing me.  I don’t not know him and have never met him.  He made serious accusations about my mother and was angry with my Aunt Karen.  Karen is my mother’s sister.

6.    While Ray Lawrence was in Minnesota, my mother lived with his roommate, Michael Ingrassia.  My mother moved out of their house on June 4, 2013 and shortly thereafter I began receiving an onslaught of emails from him, Stephen Gianelli, and Susanne Walsh.  My mother was the target of those emails.  Ray Lawrence accused my mother of many things, including stealing Michael Ingrassia’s computer.  My mother then sent out an email from Michael Ingrassia confirming that he had given her the computer. 
The accusations were confusing and disturbing.  Whenever one of these individuals accused my mother of something in their mass emails, she would refute them, asked Gianelli, Walsh, Lawrence, and others, to stop emailing her, asked them to stop contacting her sons, family members, and friends, and/or advised them to cease and desist.

7.    On or around June 18, 2013, I wrote Stephen Gianelli, Susanne Walsh, and Ray Lawrence advising them to stop contacting me and my immediate family because their emails were making me ill.  See Exhibit A.

8.    On June 21, 2013, my brother, Rutger Penick, responded to these emails and addressed the fact that he felt Stephen Gianelli was picking on my mother because she is poor.  He sent a copy of that email to Ray Lawrence and Susanne Walsh.  My mother and I were copied in as well.  See Exhibit B.

9.    At some point, Ray Lawrence’s emails made demands on my mother about property and evidence she left at his house with his permission.. He began threatening to destroy them, sell them, or provide her documents to Leonard Çohen’s lawyer, Michelle Rice.  Gianelli and Walsh also sent emails advising Lawrence to send my mother’s evidence and paperwork to Michelle Rice.  This was upsetting to my mother and she emailed the recipients of the emails the agreement she and Lawrence had entered into permitting her to store her belongings at his house.

9.    The emails from Ray Lawrence were extremely slanderous and accusatory with respect to my mother and were upsetting and confusing.  For the time being, they seem to have stopped.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on July 17, 2013 at Los Angeles, California.

Ray Charles Lindsey 


From: Ray Lindsey
Date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 9:50 PM
Subject: I'm getting physically ill
To: Susanne Walsh <>
Cc: Ray Lawrence <>, "STEPHEN R. GIANELLI" <>

Please discontinue contacting anyone in my immediate family. This is causing me to become ill as a result of the consistent bullshit. I just want everything to stop. I know I've added my share to the pool, but this is getting too much for me. I'm getting in over my head and it's hurting my heart to have to see my mother go through as a result of her own actions and the actions of others.

Can't we all just practice compassion for one moment, please.

From: Rutger Penick
Date: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 5:48 AM
Subject: Re: I'm getting physically ill
Cc: Kelley Lynch <>, Ray Lawrence <>, Susanne Walsh <>

Stephen shut up already. Live the rest of your worthless life without picking on the poor. I am sure that makes you feel superior.