Sunday, March 22, 2015

Folk Singer Leonard Cohen Planned To Crush Kelley Lynch?

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 7:14 AM
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Norman Posel,

I have recently filed a motion against Cohen re. his excessive use of perjury and fraud in connection with his "default judgment."  That judgment has been used to argue his criminal tax fraud defense and the complaint has been used to obtain fraudulent tax refunds which have been challenged as such.  I am about to file a motion with respect to the fraud "domestic violence" foreign order.  Sexual harassment and indecent exposure are not a dating relationship and my alleged government will not be assigning me any such relationship.  As of June 2005, your client had information (from independent witnesses) that Cohen and Kory planned to crush me and use "restraining orders" to prevent me from serving as a credible witness.  It was very nice of LA Superior Court to engage in criminal witness tampering.  From what I can tell the City Attorney, District Attorney, and other government actors, have participated in this unconscionable scheme as well.  Would it be possible to share this information more fully with all parties copied on this email at this time?  Clearly, this is not a game although various parties seem to think it is.

Kelley Lynch

Natural Wealth Lawsuit Clause 145:  “When these tactics to draw Lynch into his extortion scheme proved futile, Cohen and Kory turned to far more aggressive means to obtain her cooperation.  Indeed, as heard by other witnesses, Cohen and Kory vowed to “crush her,” and planned to use restraining orders and other means to prevent her from serving as a credible witness regarding both Cohen’s affairs and in regard to the scheme into which they had tried without success to draw her.”