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Kelley Lynch Email To IRS & FBI Re. Leonard Cohen, Motions & Federal Lawsuit

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 7:28 PM
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Hello IRS and FBI,

I will continue to privately forward you Gianelli's criminally harassing emails.  Other people are copied in as well and I will continue to send you evidence of that.  The Proxy Stalker, Gianelli, is writing about the motions I intend to file in the fraudulent default judgment matter and fraudulent registration of Cohen's restraining order.  Leonard Cohen and his lawyers continue to lie about serving me the lawsuit.  I don't know Gianelli and he hasn't entered a formal appearance as Cohen's attorney of record so I cannot imagine why this man has criminally harassed me, my sons, and others, since May 2009.  As someone noted today, he appears to be a dangerous psychopath.  That's what I have concluded - a dangerous lunatic.  Would you like to have a dangerous lunatic criminally harassing your sons for approximately 5 years or more?  

I've sent you drafts of the motions.  The perjury referral motion is complete and you have that.  I am working on the evidence and schedules.  I have declarations.  When I file my federal lawsuit is none of Gianellli's business.  Cohen's lawyers can formally answer the motions and respond to the federal lawsuit.  That federal lawsuit will address the federal tax returns where I am a partner; the use of fraud restraining orders to prevent me from transmitting and receiving tax information; the use of the default judgment to willfully withhold IRS required tax information for 2004 and 2005; the illegal K-1s transmitted to IRS for 2004 and 2005 by LCI indicating that I am partner with $0 income (the ledger says there was income so the federal court should be able to immediately determine that one is evidence of perjury); the fraudulent federal refund Cohen received approximately six months prior to the default being entered; the lies about me and IRS matters in the 2012 trial; etc.  Those are all federal matters, correct?  They have no been litigated.  

Let me explain something to you:  Steve Cooley himself can climb out of the guttter where I think he resides and threaten me personally.  In fact, I believe he did when he aligned himself publicly against me with Leonard Cohen.  What do we know about Leonard Cohen?  He has a very very long history (publicly documented in his own interviews) of drug and alcohol abuse.  He has a long and public history of psychiatric problems.  He is a thief who has now stolen from me, Machat & Machat, and Phil Spector.  He falsely accuses people of ripping him off to breach contracts.  He uses corporations to evade paying taxes.  He cannot live in Canada due to residence and tax problems.  He seems to use operatives to target people.  That now includes lawyers like Robert Kory who are willing to lie and threaten people.  Or, serve as paid witnesses.  Gianelli was in touch with Cohen's lawyers in May 2009 according to what he has publicly alleged.  Cohen continues to lie in legal documents.  I have provided IRS with an abundance of evidence.  

You will not have to keep your eye on Pacer.  I will privately email you my federal complaint.  I'm also going to attach the article in the LA Times about prosecutorial misconduct because I want this federal court to know precisely what is going on here.  If Hess doesn't vacate this motion, that's just fine.  It will help me prove there's no way in hell you can get a fair trial in LA when there's a fraud celebrity involved.

All the best,

U.S. judges see 'epidemic' of prosecutorial misconduct in state

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Date: Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 11:16 PM

Kelley Lynch writes: “I was not served Cohen's lawsuit and am filing a motion asking the judge to refer this for a perjury prosecution including as it relates to the lies about service.  There will be a federal lawsuit filed against Cohen re. the federal tax returns, etc.”

But as of February 5, no motion and no lawsuit has been filed. REDACTED LIES.

Case Number:  BC338322ß
Filing Date:  08/15/2005
Case Type:  Fraud (no contract) (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Default Judgment Pursuant to Decl. 05/09/2006
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