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Kelley Lynch Addresses Some Of The Fraud, Etc. In Leonard Cohen's Response To Her Motion To Vacate

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Date: Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 9:13 AM
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Because the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, and others, have been copied in on my emails since 2005,  I think it is best to address certain issues in Leonard Cohen's response to my motion to vacate 

I misappropriated nothing.  Leonard Cohen has intentionally and willfully disregarded all corporate books and records.  Corporate bank accounts are not Leonard Cohen's  He is arguing alter ego. 
I was not served the summons and complaint.  My hair was not blonde.  My eyes are not black.  I had no reason to evade service.  I didn't fail to answer.  It would be impossible without knowing what was alleged.  I don't think the Constitution says I should guess about the allegations raised in a complaint.  The default judgment wrongfully altered previously filed federal tax returns.  That would include with respect to substantial taxes paid with respect to Traditional Holdings, LLC pursuant to K-1s issued by your client's personal tax lawyer. 

That's correct.  My son and I provided declarations.  We had no female co-occupant.  There are so many default judgments, and news media accounts of default judgments, that I have no idea how many there are.  I received notice about the November 2005 default and thought that was final.  I was home everyday.  My car was destroyed.  Greenberg's lawsuit wasn't served.  It was left outside of my door and I didn't pretend otherwise.  That has nothing to do with the LA Case.

No Jane Doe was served because she doesn't exist. 

I don't claim to have reported the allegations of Leonard Cohen's tax fraud.  I reported it on April 15, 2005 and thereafter.  That's correct. The only evidence re. an IRS response is Agent Sopko's email advising me to report Cohen's tax fraud to Agnt Tejeda.  I don't have substantiate the tax fraud.  I'm not the IRS.  I am explaining that the lawsuit is retaliation. 

I don't recall saying that the corporations were created for an improper tax purpose  I've said they are sham/shell corporations with no business purpose, no offices, no phone number, and two of them were inserted into the default judgment but were not named as parties to the lawsuit.  It sounds like Cohen, Greenberg, and Westin came up with some unbridled control theory while intentionally disregarding my ownership interest in, among other things, all Cohen intellectual property dating back to 1967.  I had the same deal Steven Machat had.  He's been clear:  Cohen stole from him and withheld commissions.  Steven and I are in agreement:  Cohen falsely accuses his representatives of ripping him off to breach contracts.  Now he has taken the position that I was not entitled to my commissioner on "Dear Heather" because he deposited those royalties into his personal account?  Please see the emails between us confirming that commission.  However, as I explained to Doug Davis - Cohen is saying this is not a commission.  He refuses to provide me with a 1099 for the year 2004.  The K-1s from LCI state that 1) I own 99.5% of LCI and 2) there was $0 income for 2003, 2004, and 2005.  That proves that the ledger is fraudulent and incoherent.  It is NOT an accounting.  It is a meaningless ledger with numbers and a handful of random items attached.
My fee for services as Cohen's personal manager was 15%.  I held that position since Marty Machat's death.  I didn't receive overpayments or misappropriate anything.  Cohen has made fraudulent misrepresentations to the court while willfully disregarding corporate books and records.  On March 23, 2012 he testified that I never stole from him.  He must not have been prepped. He also truthfully testified that we only had a business relationship.

Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory went into Steve Lindsey's office and advised him that Oliver Stone and I had sex.  We did not and one safely assume that Oliver is aware of that.  I believe this was meant to stir up a custody matter.  I also think my public defenders should have contacted Oliver Stone who has now been viciously slandered in a horrifying email about Rutger's "bloody stump."  I never said Cohen caused his accident and I cannot imagine why he was testifying about that.  By the way, Steve Lindsey asserted (in a declaration I have from the custody matter) that he called 911 so Cohen lied on the stand.  I never said I called.

I have a meritorious case and I want Agent Tejeda/IRS to take the witness stand.  He was going to take the stand in the 2012 show trial but Judge Vanderet wouldn't permit it.  He wouldn't permit me to have any witnesses including Rutger who is being relentlessly harassed/ 

Chad Knaak was correct:  I intend to hold Scott Edelman accountable.  I will address Kory's declaration privately with the IRS.  I will point out that GIanelli has now lied to the CIA about me.    He seems to be enjoying himself.  He has relentlessly targeted me, my sons, sister, elderly parents, and others since hearing from Michelle Rice in 2009.  He even approached me pretending to be a journalist and then began posting slanderous articles about me on his alleged blog.

I'm not interested in Leonard Cohen and have no interest in speaking to this man.  I am addressing fraud, perjury, concealment, misappropriation, and other criminal matters.  I was not in an intimate dating relationship with Cohen and the Boulder order was fraudulently registered in Los Angeles.  Furthermore, when a Colorado order is modified, the party has to be served.  I also happen to think I should have been served the May 25, 2011 fraud restraining order.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kelley Lynch

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 7:34 AM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello IRS and FBI,

I have contacted Korn with respect to a number of issues Cohen's latest legal documents raise.  The IRS does not have a holding regarding the default judgment.  The default judgment wrongfully altered my previously filed federal tax returns.  Cohen refuses to rescind the illegal K-1s from LCI.  I am not a partner.  I am not arguing federal tax matters.  I explained the retaliation and Kory has now, once again, lied about the IRS.  I reported the tax fraud on April 15, 2005 after being offered various deals - including 50% community property.  See my lawyers' memo on that issue.  I did not start contacting Cohen after he heard I was reporting the tax fraud to the IRS.  I hired lawyers  I didn't fire my accountant, as Cohen testified.  After DiMascio & Berardo, I was represented by Mike Taitelman and Bert Deixler.

Cohen was advised to make arrangements to pick up his property on or around October 27, 2004.  He and/or Lorca Cohen were given permission to go into my office and take all his property.  My mother was present.  Nothing was moved to Santa Monica or my home.  I stored boxes and property for years, as a courtesy.  He never made arrangements to pick anything up. 

What color was my hair in August 2005?  What neighbor did the process server talk to? 

For the record, my family continues to be criminally harassed and stalked over this situation.  There is witness tampering with respect to Rutger, Ray, Karen, Paulette Brandt, and others, and my appellate attorney has been relentlessly targeted.  Gianelli works in tandem with Cohen's fan Walsh (who copied in Michelle Rice), Michelle Blaine, Kelly Green (of the Darwin Exception who HATES Bruce Cutler), and others.  The probation matter was clearly coordinated with this motion to vacate and the basis for it are Gianelil's emails to the prosecutor and Swanigan.  It demands an investigation.

Cohen testified that I never stole from him at the March 23, 2012 hearing.  He willfully disregarded corporate books and records and came up with some insane fictional narrative.  I believe that he coordinated the lawsuits with Westin and Greenberg.  Why wasn't Greenberg a party to the LA lawsuit? 
LA Superior Court has no jurisdiction over me in this matter, the 2012 trial, or the probation matter.
In any event, I want Korn to be clear about the fraud contained in the latest legal filings. 


From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 7:23 AM
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To: Jeffrey Korn <>, "*irs. commissioner" <*>, Washington Field <>, ASKDOJ <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, wfrayeh <>, OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL <>, MEDIA RELATIONS PIO <>, chaleffg <>, rbyucaipa <>,,, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, lrohter <>, Harriet Ryan <>, "hailey.branson" <>, info <>, "" <>, MollyHale <>,,


Gianelli continues to harass and stalk me over Leonard Cohen.  Leonard Cohen has argued federal tax matters.  I brought them to the court's attention because, regardless of Kory's declaration, Cohen retaliated against me for reporting the allegations of criminal tax fraud to the IRS on April 15, 2005.  Agent Sopko flew into meet with me in March 2007 and, after that meeting, advised me to contact Agent Luis Tejeda. 

I would like to clarify this.  Robert Kory's letters defending his client are not official IRS positions.  There is no IRS holding re. LA Superior Court's default judgment although this was the manner in which this was presented to the jury at my 2012 show trial. 

The 2005 refund, that I discovered at my trial, has now been formally challenged with the IRS.  The same is true for the illegal LCI K-1s.  I am not a partner on LCI and Leonard Cohen is very clear in his declaration (supporting the default) that he is the sole owner.  When LCI sued me, I was the registered agent and the business address was my former PO Box in Los Angeles.  That is extremely problematic.
Leonard Cohen has taken the position that he would be prejudiced, should the default be vacated, because he amended his tax returns.  The default wrongfully alters my federal tax returns.  I would like to refer you to the corporate books and records of LCI, Blue Mist Touring, and Traditional Holdings.  I would also like to refer you to my Indemnity Agreement from Traditional Holdings.

The only legal argument I see on Cohen's part here has to do with my hair color.  This man had not seen me in nearly a year.  A photograph from the 1990s doesn't seem relevant.  The photograph of His Holiness and I, from 2007, also seems highly irrelevant.  I do think that Judge Hess, who evidently doesn't tolerate insanity, should speak to witnesses who saw me in the summer and fall of 2005 rather than guessing about what color my hair was.  He should be able to discern my eye color:  my eyes are blue; NOT black.  I don't wear contacts. 

No one at my house attempted to evade service.  However, Rutger, Ray, and my sister continue to be stalked and criminally harassed over Leonard Cohen and other matters.  The same is true for Paulette Brandt. 

Leonard Cohen's legal team has a tactic:  stone walling.  That permits lying lawyers to go into court and claim they are being harassed.  My family and I are the parties being criminally harassed.  In fact, the City Attorney instructed Gianelli to email me, communicate a message from them, and appeared to encourage this insanity.  That's a very serious matter since Gianelli appears to be engaged in a proxy war that involves Leonard Cohen, his fan Susanne Walsh, and Michelle Rice.  I have asked for your assistance with this matter. 

What I do in federal court is not Judge Hess' business.  That includes with respect to the fraud Boulder restraining order that I have repeatedly been told expired.  There was and is no domestic violence.  Judge Mayerson, who I was just in front of, should explain why Cohen testified that I never stole from him and we were in a purely business relationship.  The situation, with respect to Cohen's testimony, is farcical.  I have no idea why anyone would lie about IRS matters.  In any event, LA Superior Court has no jurisdiction over federal tax matters and yet they altered my previously filed federal tax returns. 

I am interested, of course, to know why the DA elected not to charge Leonard Cohen.  I think that is highly material and relevant. 

Kelley Lynch

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Be sure and inform Judge Hess that if he does not hear from your witnesses that you intend to have with you at the hearing that you intend to sue the Los Angeles Court in a “federal lawsuit”. Ha!

Bye for now, I just got a boarding call.