Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kelley's Email To Various Individuals Addressed In The 14th Sheepdog's Latest Email Re. Leonard Cohen & Phil Spector

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, May 16, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Subject: Fwd: Your post of today


You were each raised in this email.  I want to remind you that my lawyer had me provide these individuals with a cease and desist letter and instructed me not to communicate with them further.  I have not and am simply maintaining the evidence.  I have no idea why this lunatic is lying about my mental health and I have no substance abuse issues.
I have a legitimate appeal.  I have filed a writ of habeas corpus that the court accepted.  And I have legal issues my lawyer and I are addressing with respect to Leonard Cohen.  In other words, I am exercising my legal rights.

Leonard Cohen's lies about Phil Spector are his problem and, as the Grand Jury Legal Adviser of LA instructed me, I brought his three versions of his Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court to the attention of his appellate attorney, Dennis Riordan.  I spoke to the judges clerk - in the Phil Spector matter - and was advised to write the DA about this situation and copy in the judge.  Instead, it has been addressed in my legal filings.  Leonard Cohen's tax fraud and theft have been addressed there - as well as his perjury, fraud, concealment, etc.

I would advise each of you to ignore these lunatics with motive.  This is one way Leonard Cohen operates and his fan, Susanne Walsh, has no right to contact me or my family members.

I have written to each of you because the 14th Sheepdog (who recently wrote me that he is Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson) has mentioned each of you.  This individual is dangerously unstable.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The-14th Sheepdog <>
Date: Thu, May 16, 2013 at 10:43 AM
Subject: Your post of today
To: Kelley Lynch <>
Cc: Susanne Walsh <>,

Kelley Lynch writes:

"I have received yet another email from Cohen fan, Susanne Walsh. The utterly deranged Sheepdog is copied in - as is my sister. I would like you to note that Walsh has frequently cop8ed Cohen lawyer, Michelle Rice, in on this email. These people do not know my family members, roommates, or anyone else in my life. I would assume Leonard Cohen and his lawyers condone (if not encourage) this conduct."
Susanne Walsh is not on probation nor subject to protective and restraining orders as you are. She is therefore free to write whomever she wishes. You do not include her allegedly "criminally harassing" email in your post. That is no doubt because Suzanne is always respectful in her tone and there is nothing harassing about her emails, let alone criminal.

Susanne Walsh has been formally advised to cease and desist.  She has no right to contact me or members of my family.

We do indeed know your son Ray, your son Rutger, and your current (at least until last week) roommate Ray Lawrence. All of these people have written us emails clarifying that you have a substance abuse problem, that you are mentally ill, that you are out of control and that you need psychiatric treatment.

Actually, these people do not know my family, roommate, or friends.  I have no substance abuse issues and am not mentally ill but I see Leonard Cohen thinks slandering me is a defense to criminal tax fraud, theft, etc.

As for your sister Karen, she had direct dealings with Ray Lawrence wherein she (according to Lawrence) agreed to guarantee your share of the monthly rent until you got back on your feet emotionally. Apparently, you failed to comply with promises made to your sister about changing your ways, because (according to Lawrence) Karen cut you off. In our opinion, Karen, by supporting you without seeing to it that you first entered a long term locked psychiatric treatment facility to get a handle on your mental illness and other issues was only enabling your sickness anyway.

Karen Lynch will have to speak for herself.  I made no promises to my sister and this was never discussed.  The opinion of a stark raving lunatic with motive is utterly outrageous.  These people are not mentally ill however.  They are clearly engaged in criminal conduct and Leonard Cohen absolutely uses slander to discredit people. How do these lunatics know what type of finances my sister has available?  Gianelli lied and said she started her business with Cohen's cash which is an outrage.  In any event, they're making it up as they go along.

As for Leonard Cohen your speculation and assumptions are just that, and could not be more wrong. Michelle Rice asked both Suzanne and The Dogster to stop writing you on the theory that the attention and drama is what you live for and that it is counter productive because Cohen has moved on and no longer cares what you say because you have zero public credibility.
Did Michelle Rice, who feels comfortable lying on the stand, ask that?  Well, it must be a cover-your-ass letter (since Walsh recently copied her in and Gianelli felt comfortable copying her in with my alleged prosecutor).  Who cares about Cohen?  There are still outstanding issues and his tax fraud, theft, perjury, etc. have been addressed in my appeal, writ (that the court accepted), and will be addressed in other legal filings.  Leonard Cohen is the party without credibility.  His perjury and fraud is unbelievably excessive.  He simply lies to the news media and his adoring fans like journalist Brian Johnson/MacLean's.
But I am a free agent and so is Susanne, and as I said, we (unlike you) are not on probation, are not subject to court orders, and may do as we please and will.
These individuals have been formally advised to cease and desist.

"This is ongoing criminal harassment and, I personally believe, witness tampering and witness intimidation."
That is nonsense.
You are not a "witness" in any proceeding or potential proceeding and no one has suggested that you not testify in any such proceeding.

I am most certainly involved in legal proceedings and they involve Leonard Cohen.  He should know - he took the stand and lied through is teeth, including with respect to the IRS.

You have simply tried to place yourself (and Leonard Cohen) at the center of the Phil Spector murder case transparently in aid of turning Spector (who has bigger fish to fry, believe me) against Cohen to serve your own ridiculous agenda.

Leonard Cohen is the individual who took the stand and testified about Phil Spector in my Stalinesque Show Trial.  Unfortunately, his story differs from what he wrote the prosecutor and from what Phil Spector's prosecutors used against him - see the motions at LA Superior Court's website; contact Mick Brown/UK Telegraph re. Cohen's statements presented to the Phil Spector Grand Jury.  He's reviewed the transcripts of Phil Spector's Grand Jury testimony.  The DA dragged me into the Phil Spector matter - after receiving an anonymous tip (allegedly - although Cohen was represented by former DA Ira Reiner) about my friendship with Phil Spector.

Not only are NEITHER you nor Cohen in the middle of the Phil Spector case, neither of you are even on its fringes.

This individual doesn't speak for Phil Spector.  Phil Spector and his attorneys speak for Phil Spector.  In fact, this individual emailed me that it/he is Spector prosecutor Alan Jackson.

Neither of you testified at - or even attended as spectators - any of the criminal or civil proceedings related to Phil Spector and any relation of you or Cohen to Phil Spector's murder conviction exists, if at all, in you mind only.

I was advised that I was probably a witness in the Phil Spector matter.  

So take your phony drama elsewhere because it does not ring true on any level.
No one cares about your ridiculous so called "writ" or your failed and pathetic direct appeal.

I think the activity and conduct here proves otherwise.  Anyway, slander is not a defense to criminal fraud so Cohen should rethink his legal strategy since my lawyer and I are now reviewing all the evidence he concealed in his retaliatory lawsuit against me.  LA Superior Court has exposed me to this insanity - as has the Los Angeles DA and City Attorney who have attempted to cover for a fraud celebrity.